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The Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Myths

May 16, 2016

The Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Myths

Laser hair removal has been available as a FDA approved treatment for nearly 20 years. Even though it’s a relatively old and well-known procedure, some people might have misconceptions about it which scare them off from making an appointment for themselves. However, with better technology and advancements in lasers today, the procedure and the results it delivers have improved overall. Not everyone knows that—so below, we address some of the most common myths and misconceptions about this treatment.

All of my hair will be gone

It’d be great if all your unwanted hair could be removed after laser hair removal treatments, but the reality is, not every hair and follicle will be eliminated. Laser hair removal typically removes about 50-80% of your unwanted hair, and you’ll need to come in for a few rounds of treatment to achieve this. Six treatments are usually recommended for these results. Once you’ve completed your package, depending where you go, you’ll also have the option to come in a couple of times a year for maintenance treatments.

It’s won’t work for people with dark skin

Years ago, there was a limited selection of lasers that were able to target hairs on people with dark skin types. But now there’s a wide variety of lasers that can safely and effectively target the hairs on dark skin. When picking a medspa or laser hair removal centre, find out if the centre has access to multiple lasers (not just one laser) that addresses different hair and skin types. The best wavelengths for a dark skin individual would be a neodymium YAG 1064 nm laser combined with a long pulse extremely cooled 810 diode such as the Diolaze.

Laser hair removal should be avoided if you have a tan

I can do it anytime of the year

Summer is quickly coming up and maybe you want to be hair-free for the beach and vacations. From a safety standpoint, you can’t just start hair removal treatments if you’ve got a fresh tan. Hair removal targets the dark pigment of the hair follicles and avoids the pigment of your skin. There’s a higher risk of burning or scarring if you’re tanned. That’s why it’s best to avoid undergoing the treatment if you know you’ll be sporting a tan. For those of us in Canada, getting a natural tan usually happens in the summer months; it might be best to start treatments in the winter when your skin doesn’t receive as much sun exposure.

Laser hair removal is popular with men

Only women remove their hair

It’s not only women who seek laser hair removal. Men are major consumers of this treatment, too. Some men may experience excessive hair growth in different body regions like the back, chest and arms. This may all lead to excessive sweat and odour, or it could be a matter of simply not liking the overall appearance of the hair in these areas. According to ASAPS statistics, laser hair removal was the 3rd most performed non-invasive treatment and 11.4% of those procedures were performed on men last year.

I can remove all of my hair in one session

Run far, far away if you’re told that you can remove all of your unwanted hair in just one treatment. As hair grows in different cycles and times, it’s not possible to target all your hairs in one visit. The best method for efficient hair removal is to wait for the different hairs to grow in and then zap them with the appropriate lasers.

Before you book an appointment, consult and discuss with your laser technician if certain medications may affect the treatment process and results. Some medications as well as health conditions may affect your eligibility for laser hair removal.

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