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This New Year, start fresh: finally get rid of regrettable tattoos!

January 3, 2019

It’s happened to the best of us. One too many drinks, or a bad break-up, often in combination with being young and inexperienced, and voila: a questionable tattoo. Or maybe you made an informed adult decision but have since changed your mind—that’s allowed, after all. No matter what the reason, if you have a tattoo on your body you wish wasn’t there; it may be time to pay a visit to SpaMedica in Toronto.


Despite what some may say, tattoo removal techniques have come a very long way over the years. Dr. Mulholland has assembled a highly effective selection of only the most advanced laser tattoo removal procedures for patients of the clinic. While tattoos were once composed largely of black ink and could be removed with nanosecond pulsed technology, today’s tattoos are often made up of multiple colours, making them harder to erase.


Top laser tattoo removal options at SpaMedica in Toronto


Nowadays, more than 90% of tattoos are successfully removed using PicoSure laser tattoo removal in as few as four treatments. Unlike previous technologies, there is no thermal effect, which means very little risk of hypopigmentation (loss of skin colour), and any ink colour can be removed. Additionally, patients with darker skin tones can be treated more safely and effectively than ever before—with a slightly higher risk of hypopigmentation. SpaMedica additionally offers  treatments with the PicoWay—each has the necessary picosecond pulse duration along with different strengths to address different aspects of each unique tattoo. BY offering both the PicoSure and PicoWay, we ensure the most effective possible removal of ink and the lowest risk of hypopigmenation or “ghosting.”


Laser tattoo removal: how it works


Unlike some lasers that rely on heat, the PicoSure has a shorter pulse duration, and relies more on photomechanical acoustic injury than heat to shatter pigment. Ultra-short wavelengths create a shockwave in the ink particles, breaking them apart. The shattered particles then flake off. Once approximately 10% of those ink particles remain, Dr. Mulholland may deploy other lasers to ensure the best possible results. The RevLite laser tattoo removal, for example, offers four laser wavelengths for advanced removal of multi-colour tattoos, and its delay between pulses allows your skin to cool, minimizing hypopigmentation. Meanwhile, the Accolade and Affinity are adjunctive lasers that can get rid of black and dark green ink. Finally, fractional CO2, or fractional radio frequency (RF) ablation is used to do away with tattoos that have been treated previously and are faded but not gone.


The laser tattoo removal procedure: what to expect


Most pain associated with tattoo removal can be avoided with a topical anesthetic and an air chilling system. Treatment takes just 15 to 30 minutes. Post-session, the treated area results in a small, white frosting that turns mildly red and swollen before turning into a crust within two days. You can wash your tattoo the day after treatment. An anesthetic ointment is applied for about five days, and you’ll have a protective dressing. Once the crusting has fallen off, your tattoo continues to fade. Typically, tattoos are reduced by 15% to 25% with each treatment. In preparation for your laser tattoo removal, avoid sun exposure as it can make your skin more sensitive.


Laser tattoo removal: what it costs


The price of a PicoSure treatment depends on the size of your tattoo, but generally runs you between $480 and $1440 per session, while RevLite, Affinity, and Accolade cost between $250 and $750 per treatment. Packages range from $1199 to $3599 and typically include three combination treatments.


To schedule a laser tattoo removal consultation with Dr. Mulholland at SpaMedica in Toronto, contact us today!


Wishing you a happy and unforgettable 2019!


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