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Top 3 Beauty Questions And Answers of 2016

December 23, 2016

2016 has been a great year for beauty and aesthetics with a growing popularity in cosmetic enhancements. Although the aesthetic industry continues to incline, with over 115% increase in procedures since 2000, each year unfolds different favourites. In the last year the top 5 non-invasive procedures were Botox Injectable, Fillers, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, and Microdermabrasion, and with more than 40% of breast reduction surgeries accounted by men. Vendors like Cynosure, Allergan, Galderma, and Syneron are making their way to the top of the industry, having doctors all over the world integrate their innovative technologies and products into their practice.

Within the aesthetic clusters, we’ve found the top 10 most Googled beauty questions of 2016, and picked our top 3 and answered them for you!


  • How to lose wrinkles

Some people are lucky enough to not need a beauty regimen as they have genetically beautiful skin. If you’re one of those people, you can stop reading this because the rest won’t apply to you and your flawless face.

Most men and women start in their early 20’s, but it’s never too early to start the anti-ageing process. Regardless of your age, you need to make sure you’re using the right products. If you walk into our clinic at SpaMedica, one of the first things you will notice when you meet our staff is that they all have glowing, plumpy, ageless skin. Drugstore brands can work wonders, but it does make a huge difference to lather on quality products targeting specific needs, such as this anti-ageing line.

If you want instant results, you can depend on Botox Injectable. This popular treatment used to be solely used for managing wrinkles for men and women over the age of 40. Nowadays the age starts as young as 20 years of age to use as a preventative measure, and it’s been recently found that this protein used to temporarily relax muscles may be able to temporarily relieve depression.


  • How to make hair grow faster

No surprise, your diet is a key factor for hair growth. If you’re not consuming enough water, iron, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and magnesium, you’ll be left with a dry scalp, and fragile locks (did you know your hair can absorb almost 50% of its weight in water??).

As for products, consider letting your hair breathe by ditching the dry shampoo and hair spray. If your hair is lacking hydration do a DIY hair mask sans chemicals, or if you’re lazy try one of these affordable hydrating products.

For more permanent and prominent results, try a PRP treatment. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and is the go-to cosmetic treatment for hair – especially for hair loss. Read more on how it works here.


  • How to get bigger lips

The craving for bigger lips sparked after the internet exploded the Kardasian’s pouty lips in 2015, with the spotlight on Kylie Jenner. From then on, people have been coming up with interesting (and some over the top – aka the wasabi lip plump) ways to achieve plump, luscious lips.

Exfoliate your lips every morning with a soft toothbrush, or if you have cinnamon and vaseline around your house mix a small batch together to create an exfoliating paste to massage on your lips.

Other tricks you can do on the daily is to slightly over line your lips. With a shade darker than your natural lip colour, outline your lips just right outside your natural lines, and then use a matte lipstick to colour in and blend with your finger.

Lip injections with Juvederm is the recommended method for semi-permanent results (can last up to 2 years). The product injected is hyaluronic acid, which is well-tolerated because it naturally occurs in your skin. There are other options than Juvederm, and more permanent procedures as well, but ensure you have a thorough consultation with your doction before making your decision.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. He is one of Canada’s most renowned and best plastic surgeons in Toronto with his wealth of experience, artistry, and humbleness towards his patients.

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