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This Trend for 2017 is Unlike Any Other Procedure You’ve Seen

January 6, 2017

Latest Industry Trend – Topical PRP

Or the “Vampire Facial”

Back in 2013 Kim Kardashian made popular the “vampire facial”. This term was coined due to the nature of the procedure, which involves using a patient’s own blood to be applied topically during the facial treatment. Since then the vampire facial has picked up in popularity as it has many benefits beyond being just a fad treatment.

The vampire facial’s technical term is topical PRP. PRP refers to platelet rich plasma, which is spun and separated from your blood as it contains body regenerating properties such as stem cells. With PRP you are using your body’s own natural restorative defenses to rejuvenate and revitalize targeted areas of the body. PRP is not only used for facials, but for hair restoration, vaginal rejuvenation and even for curing bodily injuries. PRP’s positive effects continue to defy industry standards and create new effective methods for handling issues where the body cannot repair itself on its own.

Topical PRP Application to Face



PRP Fact Sheet

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelets and plasma are separated from your own blood during the procedure and are used topically

For skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, and increasing hair density and thickness

PRP has been found to treat injuries in cases where improvement was slow or not guaranteed

PRP for Hair Restoration is one of the most popular trends for 2017



What Do Vampire Facials Treat?

vampire facial information


PRP is especially effective on frown lines, scars and wrinkles. With regular treatments (about 3 to 6 treatments spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart) you can begin to see results in under a month. By using your body’s own restorative properties there aren’t many other treatments like it. Natural and effective, it is worth the pain of admission, and will have lasting effects as it naturally heals your body. And because it is being sourced from your own body, there is no risk of infection, nor allergic reaction.


The Latest Industry Trend – PRP for Hair Growth

PRP for hair growth and density is beginning to see a surge in popularity as it is a great compliment to other hair restoration procedures. Used in conjunction with them, it can help to improve hair proteins and thickness, providing lasting results you wouldn’t typically find with a hair treatment all on its own. PRP for hair restoration is on track to be one of the biggest plastic surgery trends of 2017, as hair restoration in Toronto is one of the most requested procedures in the city for both men and women.


prp for hair thinning in women

Use PRP preventatively to reduce signs of hair thinning

So why the increase in popularity? Simply put, PRP is an up-and-coming highly effective treatment. The PRP can be applied proactively to combat early stages of hair loss, but is also effective for those who have lost a considerable amount of hair (used in conjunction with a restorative hair procedure). Within 6 to 8 months patients can begin to see results, with a density and thickness between 60 to 90 percent.

Posted by Jenn Horowitz