Labial Augmentation
Labial Augmentation

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Toronto Labial Augmentation at SpaMedica


What are the Labia

Before your labial augmentation, it is important to get a brief understanding of the procedure. The labia are the outer (Labia Majora) and inner (Labia Minora) lips or folds that envelop the entrance (introitus) to the Vaginal Canal and enclose the clitoral hood and clitoris at the top, followed by the urethra (urinary tract opening and then the entrance to the vaginal canal itself.

Labial Augmentation diagram

Figure 1.The location and anatomy of the Labia Major and Labia Minora are shown in relation to the rest of the vaginal and vulvar anatomy.

What is labial augmentation?

Labial augmentation is the procedure of adding to the form, structure and substance of the Labia Minora and/or Labia Majora.  The Labia Majora are the outer lips that encircle the Labia Minora and the introitus and entrance to the vaginal canal. The augmentation process involves the injection of a soft tissue filler. The soft tissue filler selected for the augmentation of the Labia can be natural, like fat grafting or m

Who is a candidate for labial augmentation?

Good Toronto Labial Augmentation candidates are those individuals, either young or old, that feel their Labia Majora and/or Labia Minora are undersized, under-projected and with decreased volume.  Some of the causes of loss of labia volume loss include age-related diminishment of estrogen with loss of cellular structure, leading to vulvovaginal atrophy, atrophy or shrinkage and withering of the Labia Majora and Labia Minora and vaginal relaxation syndrome.  There can also be also hereditary or genetic lack of volume and substance in the Labia Majora and Labia Minora, and the aesthetic desire to have fuller Labial Minora and Labia Majora even in the presence of normal volume.

How is labial augmentation performed?

Labia Augmentation Toronto patients who present to the SpaMedica Vaginal Rejuvenation program will first be assessed by the SpaMedica Director of the Female Health and Vaginal Wellness program Dr. Sasha Syvtonyuk (“Dr. Sasha), a nationally recognized Gynaecologist and expert in minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery. After a thorough examination of the labia, vulva and endo-vaginal canal and cervix has been performed by Dr Sasha, a discussion of the injectable options and Labia Augmentation procedure can be carried out.

Figure 2.  Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk, SpaMedica’s Head of the Female Health and Vaginal Wellness program performs a full assessment and examination to ensure you are a Labial Augmentation injection candidate and then preforms the Juvederm injection himself. If Fat grafting is selected for your Labial Augmentation, generally Dr. Mulholland will perform the procedure.

Once the soft tissue filler type has been decided upon, the Labial augmentation is performed under local anaesthesia. The Labial augmentation can be performed with fat grafting, where the fat cells are harvested from a selected donor site, purified into its stem cells and fat cells and injected under local anaesthesia into the Labia Majora and/or Labia Minora.  Generally, 50% of the fat-grafted cells will survive and the bond will last for many years.

A simpler non-surgical Labia Augmentation technique can be performed using the soft tissue filler Juvederm Voluma, where the Voluma is used to augment the Labia Minora and/or Labia Majora.

Does Labial Augmentation hurt?

Labial augmentation is performed under local anaesthesia and as such, following the administration of the local freezing agent, the treatment is painless.  The postoperative course is generally unremarkable.  There is very little pain, bruising or discomfort following the procedure and Labia Augmentation Toronto patients can return to activities almost immediately.

What kind of results can I expect from my Labia Augmentation?

Labia Augmentation Toronto patients who present to SpaMedica can expect an extremely professional and confidential consultation and labial augmentation results with are natural and appealing.

Figure 3. Fat Grafting, Labial Majora augmentation combined with Labiaplasty, Labial Minora Reduction and fractional CO2 resurfacing.

Figure 3. Fat Grafting, Labial Majora augmentation combined with Labiaplasty, Labial Minora Reduction and fractional CO2 resurfacing.

When may I resume sexual intimacy following a Labial Augmentation?

If a labial augmentation has been performed using fat grafting, the fat cells need time to recover a blood supply and survive, and as such, aggressive vaginal stimulation or intercourse should wait four to six weeks.

If the Labial Augmentation is performed with Juvederm Voluma, almost immediate resumption of sexual intimacy can be anticipated.

Is there any maintenance required following Labial Augmentation?

Patients with labial atrophy, or under developed Labia Minora or Majora, who undergo a Labial Augmentation procedure require no post procedure maintenance.  When and if the fat graft subsides or Juvederm Voluma dissipates and disappears, then additional augmentation procedures may be required.

How much does Labial Augmentation cost?

The cost of Labial augmentation generally depends on the specific technique performed.  Fat grafting to the Labia Majora or Minora may cost $3,500-$5,000, whereas Juvederm Voluma is generally per syringe cost. Juvederm Labial Augmentation costs may range between $2,500 and $3,000.  The advantage of Juvederm Voluma is there is no additional donor site required, as is required in  fat grafting. The disadvantage is that generally, Juvederm Voluma will not last as long as fat grafting.

Fat graft Labial Augmentation can potentially last for many years and, at the time of harvesting the fat graft cells, additional liposuction could be performed on the donor site leading to adjunctive enhancement in shape and form.

Can other Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures be scheduled at the time of My Labial Augmentation procedure?

It is common for Toronto Labial Augmentation patients to undergo additional procedures at the time of the labial augment, including Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labial Reduction, laser resurfacing and rejuvenation of the labial and vulva and Mons Pubis liposuction and reduction.

Who will see me during my Labial Augmentation consultation and who will perform the Labial Augmentation treatment?

The director of the SpaMedica Female Health and Vaginal Wellness program is Dr. Sasha Svystonyuk, a well known Canadian gynaecologist, who specializes in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. Dr. Sasha (as he is known affectionately by his SpaMedica patients) sees every SpaMedica Vaginal Tightening and rejuvenation patient and performs a comprehensive pelvic and vaginal exam to determine if you are a Labial Augmentation candidate. Depending upon the procedure selected (fat or Juvederm) and the size of the augmentation, either Dr. Sasha or Dr. Mulholland would perform the labial augmentation procedure.

How do I schedule a consultation for labial augmentation?

To schedule a consultation for your Toronto Labial augmentation, simply call the SpaMedica website contact number listed on the content page above.  Or fill out the Request for Consult form and a SpaMedica customer service representative will be with your promptly.

The SpaMedica Female Health and Wellness Team looks forward to helping you achieve total vaginal aesthetic form and function wellness.


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