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Forma V Procedure in Toronto

Forma V Summary

The Forma V non-ablative radiofrequency (RF) vaginal tightening, Labia Minora and Majora rejuvenation and tightening device.

Recovery Time:
No Downtime
SpaMedica, Toronto, ON
Medical Aesthetician
Length of Proedure:
30-40 minutes
From $999 for a single treatment From $2,699 for a package of 3 sessions

Are You Forma V Candidate?

You may want to consider the nonsurgical Forma V procedure if your
vagina and the surrounding muscles have altered and stretched due to
aging, pregnancy, or weight loss.

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Forma V Toronto Procedure Details

What is the FORMA V?


The FORMA V is a non-ablative radiofrequency energy which gently heats the internal vaginal canal (vaginal mucosa) and external labial tissues to 43 degrees and sustains this for up to 30 minutes per session.  The Forma V is the only device that monitors the vaginal lining temperatures and cuts off the temperature and sustains the end point automatically during the treatment, preventing over-heating and burns, but also ensuring the best possible tightening .The sustained, gentle, non-painful heat results in remodeling of the vaginal mucosa and sub-mucosal tissues with increased tightening and mucosal secretions.  The Forma V can be used to tighten and rejuvenate the vaginal canal itself or the external genitalia, such as the Labia Minora and Labia Major.

Figure 1. The Forma V non invasive, no downtime vaginal and labial rejuvenation device.

Figure 2. Anatomy of the Female perineum with the Labia externally

Is the FORMA V painful?

The FORMA V is a non-ablative radio frequency heating device and is completely non-painful.  For vaginal and labial tightening and rejuvenation that produces the best results a package of 3 treatments, performed once a month over the three months. Can be used without ablative technology.  Without fractional CO2 such as the Mona Lisa Touch or the CORE Intimathe Fractora V or the V-Tite, to provide vaginal rejuvenation for mild cases of vaginovulvar atrophy or genitourinary symptoms of menopause.  The FORMA V can also be used to maintain and “protect” the benefits of a laser vaginal and radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation and the VTite.  For vagina and labial tightening and rejuvenation maintenance after the MonaLisa Touch, Core Intima, Fractora V or V-Tite procedures, the FORMA V can be used following these treatments once every three to four months to protect the benefits and best-achieved from the SpaMedica Female Vaginal Wellness and Health Treatments.

Is there any downtime following FORMA V?

Because of the gentle, non-ablative nature of the radiofrequency energy, the RF current heats the molecules and tissue of the vaginal mucosa and lining and labia, creates a non-ablative, gentle rejuvenation very similar to that what would be achieved with tightening the skin with the FORMA, Thermage, or the Venus Freeze.  The Forma V is a non-painful treatment, there is no postoperative care required and patients can return to normal activities immediately, including sexual intimacy, coitus, vaginal stimulation, as well as athletic activities and normal activities of daily living.

Figure 3.  The Forma V sends gentle Radiofrequency waves from the positively charged smooth electrodes in the center the negatively charged large bar electrodes on the side. The Flow of RF current along and through the walls of the vaginal canal result in new collagen and elastin and tightening and rejuvenation of the lax vaginal and rejuvenation of the labia minora.

Maintenance Required

Are there any maintenance treatments following the FORMA V?

After the series of three treatments once a month for three months, maintenance treatment is recommended once every three to four months to maintain and protect your investment achieved.  Forma V Maintenance treatments can be purchased, or a package of one year can be purchased up front for an additional client-value pricing.

Risks/Is It Safe/Side Effects

Forma V treatments are essentially painless and have no downtime. Toronto patients can resume normal activities including sexual intimacy, coitus, vaginal stimulation. Some patients compare the feeling during the treatment to a hot stone massage. The most reported side effects from some patients are that they may see slight redness in the treated area, which will subside within a few hours.

Benefits of Forma V

The Forma V procedure can restore your vagina and surrounding muscles to nearly the same tightness you had in your youth or before pregnancies.

The versatility of the FormaV device allows the operator to provide a customized solution to address the variety of vaginal concerns that occur.

Results can be immediate, with continued results over the following weeks.

How do I schedule a FORMA V consultation and treatment?

To schedule a comprehensive consultation with the SpaMedica gynecologist and Female Vaginal Wellness team in Toronto, including a thorough examination, speculum examination of cervix and vagina and a treatment, simply call 877-712-8367. Or fill out the online request for consultation form and a SpaMedica client service representative will be with you promptly.

About Us

Who do I see at SpaMedica for my Forma V assessment?

SpaMedica offers the finest in aesthetic treatments and treatment professionals.  Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica also offers a nationally recognized minimally-invasive gynecologist, Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk  (Dr. “Sasha”), who is the head of the SpaMedica Female Wellness and Vaginal Health Team.  You will have a labial, vaginal and vulvar examination by Dr. “Sasha”, who will then discuss with you the treatment programs that are available for you Vaginal Laxity Syndrome, Labia and Vulvar Aging and Gentiourinary symptoms of menopause or post cancer estrogen blockade treatment.   Comprehensive treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome, atrophic vulvovaginal atrophy, symptoms of urinary incontinence and external labia minora and majora rejuvenation can all be discussed and a customized treatment program devised.