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Laser Vaginoplasty Procedure

Opting to undergo laser vaginal rejuvenation or laser vaginal tightening is an ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of your life, in both form and function. SpaMedica offers Canada’s most comprehensive female wellness, vulvo-vaginal health, laser vaginal tightening and laser rejuvenation programs in Toronto. Our goals are to relieve, improve, or even eliminate the ill effects of genitourinary symptoms of menopause, post Tamoxefen side effects of breast cancer survivors, vulvo-vaginal atrophy, and vaginal laxity syndrome or aging of the introitus, vagina, and vulvar anatomy commonly experienced post childbirth or due to aging.  The idea is to restore women to their pre-menopausal and pre-childbirth condition of vaginal wellness and health. For other patients, the goal of laser vaginoplasty is to enhance the form and functioning of the vulvo-vaginal region, improving genital urinary incompetence, restoring normal vaginal mucosa secretions, eliminating symptoms of vaginal atrophy, and enhancing sexual intimacy. SpaMedica also offers vaginoplasty procedures to improve, refine or enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vulvo-vaginal region, including the esthetics of the mons pubis, clitoral hood, and labia minora and majora.


  • Thinning, dryness, and inflammation of the vagina.
  • Vaginal laxity and looseness, of the outer aspects of the vagina and/or the introitus and the vaginal canal.
  • Hyper or hypopigmentation
  • Deflation and descent of the external genitalia, including the perineal and labial areas.
  • Enlargement or overgrowth of the labia minora (labial hypertrophy), which can cause functional symptoms and pain during athletic activities and intimacy.
  • Accumulation of fat with excessive hair in the mons pubis region.


The benefits of  SpaMedica Toronto’s laser vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening & rejuvenation programs include the following:

  • Your vagina and surrounding muscles will be restored nearly to the tightness you experienced in your youth, before childbirth, or before medical conditions which may have resulted in laxity of the vaginal muscles.
  • A rejuvenated vagina may boost your self-confidence.
  • A rejuvenated vagina may improve sexual stimulation for both you and your partner.

Treatments offered at SpaMedica

SpaMedica offers the latest in minimally invasive laser and radiofrequency energy-based treatments for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. These laser vaginoplasty procedures are non-surgical and highly successful. Additionally, labial hypertrophy or enlargement can be treated with highly effective labia reduction procedures. Meanwhile, age-related loss of volume of the labia majora and minora is a common complaint and can be treated with labia augmentation techniques using fat grafting or an injection of a hyaluronic acid sugar filler, such as Juvederm or Restylane. Similarly, for those patients seeking heightened sexual sensitivity, neurovascular stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall or G-spot can be achieved with soft tissue filler injections as well. This procedure is called the G-Shot.

In more advanced cases of vaginal laxity and volume loss, particularly following an episiotomy or a surgically-assisted vaginal birth, minimally invasive lasers or radiofrequency resurfacing may not bring about an improvement, and vaginoplasty surgery can be performed.


All of the above-mentioned clinical syndromes and esthetic concerns are expertly addressed by the procedures offered at the cutting edge Toronto SpaMedica Female Wellness and Vaginal Health and Rejuvenation Program headed by Dr. Sasha Svystonyuk. All laser vaginoplasty and laser vaginal tightening procedures are performed under topical or local anesthesia, and optimize your return to form and enhancement. These technologies include fractional carbon dioxide laser vaginal rejuvenation technologies such as the Mona Lisa Touch (Cynosure), and the CORE Intima (Syneron), as well as a range of radiofrequency devices including the ThermiRF and VA, and the FORMA V, the bipolar radiofrequency device known as the V-Tite (Invasix InMode), and the fractional radiofrequency tightening device Fractora V.  All of these devices will be coordinated into a customized vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation program to properly address your unique signs and symptoms of vaginal relaxation syndrome and vulvo-vaginal atrophy. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can provide SpaMedica Toronto patients suffering from vaginal laxity with a significant improvement in vaginal tightness, as well as address genitourinary symptoms of menopause, and may also be applied to the external genitalia, to address signs of aging in the vulvo-vaginal region.

Why choose SpaMedica?

SpaMedica in Toronto is proud to have one of Canada’s leading minimally-invasive gynaecologists heading up the SpaMedica Female Health and Vaginal Wellness and Rejuvenation Program, the renowned Dr. Sasha Svystonyuk. Dr. Svystonyuk specializes in laparoscopic gynecologic procedures and minimally-invasive, non-excisional treatments of the vulvo-vaginal region.

Schedule a Consultation

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Svystonyuk and the SpaMedica team, Toronto laser vaginoplasty patients should call 877-712-8367. Alternatively, fill out the online request form by clicking the “Book A Consult” button and a SpaMedica customer service representative will be with you shortly. We look forward to helping you restore the form and function of your vulvo-vaginal region—to your satisfaction!

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