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Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

SpaMedica offers a range of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures. If you’re experiencing laxness, dryness, or lack of sensitivity in the vaginal or pelvic region due to aging, childbirth, or weight loss, or simply have esthetic concerns, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure can help boost your confidence, as well as enhance sexual pleasure.

The following nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures are offered at SpaMedica in Toronto:

Laser Vaginoplasty: SpaMedica offers cutting edge noninvasive fractional laser Co2 and radio frequency technologies for vulvovaginal rejuvenation. All available devices are coordinated into a customized program to improve your unique symptoms of vaginal laxness and/or atrophy. 

Vaginal and Labial Aging Treatments: Using a fractional CO2 laser to perform resurfacing of the labia can improve the texture of aged, wrinkled, or deflated labial tissue. Commonly, the treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy and labial aging is combined with other therapies for best results.

ThermiVa Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation: This non-ablative radiofrequency vaginal heating device uses a ground pad to treat the tissues and structures of the lax vaginal walls as well as the vaginal canal in its entirety, rejuvenating the vaginal lining and increasing vaginal tightness.

Forma V: A non-ablative radiofrequency device gently heats the internal vaginal canal and external labial tissues to 43 degrees and sustains this for up to 30 minutes per session. The device is designed to prevent over-heating and burns, while also ensuring effective tightening.

Vaginal Atrophy & GenitoUrinary Symptoms of Menopause Treatments: A fractional-ablative device is inserted, and upon slow withdrawal, delivers thousands of small lesions to the vaginal lining and tissue. When they heal, the new tissue produces a tighter and more lubricated vaginal canal.

Mona Lisa Touch Laser Treatment: A handpiece is gently inserted into the vaginal canal. Upon slow withdrawal, a carbon dioxide laser is emitted, creating tiny thermal injuries in the vaginal lining. The tissue then heals, forming new lining and healthy cell rejuvenation, improving lubrication and enhancing tightness.

V-Tite: An electrode is inserted under the vaginal mucosa and epithelium to trigger radiofrequency coagulation, which leads to the tightening of the deep muscular lining of the vagina and the gentle remodeling of the submucosal tissue. 

G Shot Injection: A simple sugar polymer dermal filler, much like Juvederm, the G Shot is injected into the G-Spot region. This added soft tissue support provides a more stable platform during sexual stimulation, heightening sensitivity, response, and pleasure.

Bikini & Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: After a test spot is successfully performed, a laser is passed over the area of unwanted hair and the energy from the laser photons permanently damages the hair follicle, resulting in a permanent reduction of hair.

Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Treatments: Techniques like the V-Tite, the Mona Lisa Touch, and others are at the forefront of vaginal tightening technology. Typically, an internal probe is inserted and then incrementally withdrawn while treating the vaginal walls with fractional CO2 or RF energy, resulting in renewed tightness, enhanced blood flow, and better lubrication.

Core Intima Fractional CO2A probe is gently inserted and then withdrawn slowly while the CO2 fractional laser beam is emitted, penetrating 700-800 microns into the deeper vaginal lining, resulting in a tighter vagina, enhanced lubrication, and improved sexual response.

Fractora V: This device consists of a network of thin rejuvenation pins on a specially designed vaginal applicator. A radiofrequency current flows down each pin, creating tiny thermal injuries in the vaginal walls. The healing process then forms new collagen, elastin, ground substances and support tissues for enhanced tightening, tone, and lubrication.

Vaginal Lightening: A high-tech bleaching agent and an anti-inflammatory steroid are applied to the area frequently over 4-6 weeks. Some patients have a significant enough development with this alone. Otherwise, this is followed up with advanced laser and light-based technologies that selectively target pigment.

PRP for Vaginal Rejuvenation: PRP (platelet-rich plasma) drawn from your own blood, with its growth factors, stem cells and platelet fractions, is injected into aged or damaged vaginal tissue of the vaginal canal, labia minora, clitoris, and clitoral hood to create a revitalized vaginal  esthetic and response.


At SpaMedica in Toronto, we offer a variety of highly advanced nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures that work to tighten and shape any area of your pelvic region, from the labia to the vaginal canal, for increased confidence, and heightened sensitivity, tightness, and control. There is no shame in undergoing a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, whether for esthetic or functional purposes.

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