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Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

SpaMedica offers patients a range of vaginal rejuvenation surgery options. If you feel laxness or lack of sensitivity in your vaginal or pelvic region due to aging, childbirth, or weight loss, or simply want to improve its appearance, vaginal rejuvenation surgery can help you feel better about your body, and experience more gratifying sexual intimacy.

The following vaginal rejuvenation procedures are available at SpaMedica in Toronto:

Labiaplasty: A carbon dioxide laser or radiofrequency cutting tool is used to correct labial hypertrophy, which can present esthetic or functional concerns, by surgically reducing protruding or overdeveloped segments of the labia in a wedge reduction or trim procedure.

Labial Augmentation: A soft tissue filler of your choice is selected for the augmentation of the labia. Choices include natural fat grafting surgery, or a simpler nonsurgical technique performed using Juvederm. The filler is injected into the labia for a plumper appearance.

Laser Assisted Surgical Vaginoplasty: For cases of significant vaginal laxity, surgery may be preferable to laser treatments. Excess mucosa of the posterior wall are removed, and lax vaginal and perineal floor muscles are repaired and tightened for better control, appearance, and sensitivity. 

Laser Assisted Surgical Perineoplasty: The perineoplasty involves surgically tightening and repairing lax perineal, vaginal, and general pelvic floor muscles post-childbirth, extending back to the rectum. It can be combined with vaginal laser rejuvenation to improve tightness.

Hymenoplasty: A small mucosal flap bridge is developed from existing vaginal lining and then positioned and sutured in place to simulate the natural hymen present prior to vaginal penetration. This procedure may be performed for religious, cultural or social reasons.

Mons Pubis Reduction: A mons pubis lift requires a small incision above the pubic line, to remove excess or lax skin, and elevate and reposition the mons pubis. This procedure can also improve the position of the clitoris and clitoral hood for better sexual intimacy.

Mons Pubis Lift and Reduction: This procedure requires a small incision above the pubic line, to lift and reposition the mons pubis. Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction can additionally coagulate, liquefy, and gently remove stubborn fat, for a flatter, smoother mons pubis.


There is no shame in undergoing vaginal rejuvenation surgery—for esthetic or functional reasons. At SpaMedica in Toronto, we offer a variety of expertly conducted vaginal rejuvenation procedures to shape and tighten your entire pelvic region, from labia that inspire confidence to a vaginal canal with increased sensitivity, tightness, and control. At SpaMedica, all of your vaginal concerns and treatment protocols will be overseen and evaluated by our specially certified cosmetic vaginal health gynecologist.

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