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Want a Flatter and Toned Stomach? Try UltraShape

June 25, 2015

Ever wondered how some celebrities have toned, washboard abs? Of course a strict diet, intense personal trainer and hours of working out helps them maintain a solid body—but some celebrities also sneak in non-surgical (and surgical) liposuction treatments. 

Jessica Alba, who has been repeatedly named one of the hottest celebrities on several magazine lists, had non-surgical liposuction treatments a few years ago. She reportedly underwent these treatments to get rid of stubborn fat on her thighs and abdomen. Even though Jessica is one of the fittest celebs in Hollywood, she still has some body gripes like the rest of us.
One of the most effective non-surgical liposuction treatments right now is called UltraShape. Find out what the most common questions are and if the treatments sound right for you and your goals.

Source: Jessica Alba underwent non-surgical fat reduction treatments to treat her thighs and abdomen.

What is UltraShape?

UltraShape is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound waves to target and implode fat cells in areas of unwanted fat.
After your physician applies a thin layer of ultrasound gel on this area, they move the UltraShape hand-held device across the area of treatment. This device focuses on the superficial, middle and deeper layers of fat. Common areas of treatment include: the abdomen, thighs, hips and arms.

What results will you see?

You’ll see a reduction of three centimeters of fat after three treatments.

How long does it take to complete all UltraShape treatments?

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete. Usually three UltraShape sessions are needed to complete the program. Each treatment is performed once every two weeks. That means you’ll finish all treatments after six weeks.

Who’s the ideal candidate for UltraShape?

UltraShape is right for you if you want to see a small but noticeable and permanent reduction of fat without going under the knife. If you’re actively trying to trim up and you’re close to your goal weight, UltraShape treatments can help reduce your stubborn fat. After 3 treatments, you can see 3 centimeters of fat reduction. If you have really loose skin and a lot of fat that you want gone, liposuction procedures like SmartLipo or BodyTite may be the better option if you want more dramatic results.
Patients who are pregnant or have any skin infections on the area of treatment are not suited for UltraShape treatments.

Are the results permanent?

Yes they are. The fat cells that have been destroyed don’t return, as long as you maintain your weight after treatments. If you do gain weight later on, the fat will accumulate in other areas of your body instead of the treated areas.


Is UltraShape painful? Will I need to set aside time to recover after treatment?

UltraShape treatments are painless. There’s no need for anesthesia when you come in for treatment. You don’t have to take time off work or regular activities to recover unlike surgical procedures.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary at each clinic. On average, each treatment can cost $750-$1,200 depending where you go.

Watch UltraShape treatments performed live on Periscope

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