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Which is better: waxing or laser hair removal?

February 27, 2019

No matter what the season, hair removal remains a top priority for many women. The leg, underarm, and bikini areas are a common focus, but let’s face it: unwanted hair can appear virtually anywhere. But trying to get your bikini line, for example, to be flawlessly smooth, without any ingrown hairs, red bumps, or wax burns can be a real challenge. Much like shaving, waxing is a temporary fix that reduces the appearance of hair but does not actually prevent its regrowth.


Laser hair removal refers to the use of laser energy to permanently eliminate and reduce the growth of unwanted hair. At SpaMedica, we use over 10 lasers that can accomplish this effectively, including 3 major wavelengths of laser and IPL light. We offer several Alexandrite  lasers, including the 755 nm and laser diode 810 nm wavelength devices for light skin and dark hair, and the 1064 nmNd YAGs for dark skin and dark hair. At SpaMedica, we offer some of the best known laser hair removal devices, including the GentleMax Pro, the GentleLaz, the Light Sheer, the Vectus, the Diolaze, and the latest Triton, which offers 3 lasers in one device, emitting a double wavelength with each pulse—755/810 for light skin, and 810/1064 for dark skin. The Triton gives the best permanent reduction ever recorded in the fewest number of treatments. SpaMedica is Canada’s largest private cosmetic laser clinic, and our wide range of lasers and wavelength enables us to customize treatments for your hair and skin type, so you get the best outcome possible!


Laser hair removal at SpaMedica in Toronto: better than waxing


If you’re tired of the headache that accompanies shaving or waxing, you’ve probably considered laser hair removal—a series of treatments designed to remove unwanted body hair for good. The fact is, laser hair removal is faster, more effective, and more efficient than other hair removal methods, including waxing, which can be quite painful and doesn’t last more than a week for many people. Patients at SpaMedica in Toronto are offered a laser hair removal guarantee: upon completion of your laser hair removal program, if you don’t see a minimum 75% hair reduction, you get one or more complementary treatments until you achieve the desired results!


How long does laser hair removal last?


Most patients will experience a period of hairlessness for many months following a laser hair removal program at SpaMedica in Toronto. It’s important to keep in mind that laser hair removal is a series of treatments as opposed to a single session. Treatments are spread apart and performed once there is regrowth. Six treatments will result in up to 80% permanent hair reduction in about 50% of all patients. Patients who have completed their 6-session laser hair removal program and are experiencing a regrowth of resistant hair can come back anytime for a low-cost, quick maintenance session. Hairs that are not permanently reduced will nonetheless be rendered smaller, finer, and lighter.


For small areas like the underarm and bikini area, laser hair removal treatments are generally recommended every 6-10 weeks for a total of 6 treatments. For large zones, like half legs, full legs, or the entire back, 5-6 treatments are required, once every 8 to 12 weeks. Each treatment takes about 15-30 minutes depending on the area being treated.



Is laser hair removal risky?


Laser hair removal procedures are very safe, and by selecting the correct wavelength of laser light, we can selectively kill hair, while minimizing any damage to your surrounding skin. Typically, patients will experience a bit of redness, swelling, and small bumps in the targeted areas for several hours following treatment. During your consultation, hair density, shaft diameter, follicular depth, and skin type will all be taken into account to prescribe the best course of laser treatment for you!


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Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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