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Dr. Mulholland in the Media

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{ Dr. Mulholland in the Media }

No other cosmetic plastic surgeon or cosmetic physician has generated more media attention over the past two decades than Dr. Mulholland.  Since Dr. Mulholland has been a pioneer and innovator of new and exciting cosmetic enhancement techniques, combined with his excellent reputation for quality outcomes, he has been much sought after by the media.  In addition to being the resident guest expert on Cityline for the past 16 years as well as a frequent expert on Breakfast Television, Dr. Mulholland has appeared on every major Canadian news show multiple times. These networks include: CBC, CTV, Global, Business Network News and multiple individual shows and segments devoted to aesthetic plastic surgery and non-invasive aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Mulholland has also appeared multiple times reporting on new and interesting techniques, procedures, safety and quality in aesthetic plastic surgery in every major Canadian magazine and newspaper including: The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post, Flare, Fashion, Toronto Life, Maclean’s and TORO Magazine.  Many of these show segments and newspaper/magazine articles have extremely interesting content for the aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medical consumer.  All of this content is available online.  Simply click on the links to view the wealth of informative and educational television shows on SpaMedicaTV as well as summaries of all the newspaper and magazine articles under Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica in print media.

Toronto Plastic surgery patients seeking to find out more about a procedure of interest can gather valuable information from watching many of these TV segments. Feel free to click on the icons below to view list of TV segments and magazine and newsprint articles around procedures of interest.

Dr. Mulholland and the Media

Cosmetic plastic surgery has evolved over the past 15 years to become very culturally relevant in a society where one’s appearance has become valued commodity in addition to one’s compassion, personality and intelligence. Dr. Mulholland’s innovation and pioneering techniques in both minimally and invasive aesthetic plastic surgery and his ability to pioneer and communicate these concepts have made him a very popular source for information on the plastic surgery industry for Canadian and American media outlets.  As a Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mulholland has appeared on over 300 television shows enthusiastically communicating some of these ongoing and new techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery.

To view some of these varied and interesting TV shows, magazine and newspaper stories, simply spend some time browsing below through our media lounge.

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