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Surgical Centre

Our surgical division specializes in body and face contouring, as well as hair transplants. The dedicated staffs work under Dr. Stephen Mulholland, one of Canada’s most renowned plastic surgeon.

SpaMedica would not have gained the reputation of being among the best plastic surgery clinics in Toronto and pushing the limits in modern technology for cosmetics without the support of our team and clients.

Audrey, RN

Senior Nurse Coordinator

Audrey was one of Dr. Mulholland first hires back in 1998.  Audrey has served as clinic manager, operating room nurse, surgical patient care coordinator and now, as Senior Nurse Coordinator for the Surgical department.  Audrey has a wealth of both hospital and private care facility experience over the last 25 years.

Audrey has over 10 years of experience injecting Botox Injectable and soft tissue fillers safely, effectively and aesthetically beautifully.  Audrey’s focus, commitment, dedication and friendly manner has made her a real SpaMedica patient favourite over the years.

Audrey is able to guide all of Dr. Mulholland’s MedSpa patients through the process of their non-surgical program of treatment.  Audrey, like Dr. Mulholland, believes that all patients need to carefully consider the benefits, risks, recovery and costs of surgery. Audrey is there to support and help patients every step of the way.

You can contact her at or 416-922-2868 ext 250.

Noreen, RN

Nurse Coordinator

Noreen has been working alongside Dr. Mulholland for over ten years. She had experience working in hospitals and private clinics before joining SpaMedica in supervising and coordinating all operating room experiences for surgical patients.

Noreen’s pleasant and affable manner makes her well-liked by both patients and staff.

Sharon, RN

Pre and Post Operative Care Coordinator

Sharon is one of the nurses directly involved in removing your sutures and drains, and assessing your early post-operative care in conjunction with Dr. Mulholland.

Sharon has worked in the OR with Dr. Mulholland while assisting him on breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks.

Sharon brings kindness and her caring nature to the post-operative experience to patients who lover her friendly manner and compassionate care.


Surgical Patient Coordinator

Lori guides patients through the process of pre-operative preparation, coordinates the necessary labs, tests and medical reviews. She is handy with her patient testimonials as well the wealth of before and after videos, photos, and personal anecdotes to help patients make the right decision when going forward with their surgery.

Lori believes that all patients need to carefully consider the benefits, risks, recovery, and costs of surgery – she is there to help patients every step of the way.

Contact Lori at: or 416-922-2868 ext. 233


Surgical & Injectable Patient Coordinator to Dr. Mulholland

Michelle brings many years of experience to her role at SpaMedica as Patient Coordinator.  After completing her studies at York University, she entered the esthetic industry to work in the Non-Surgical department.

For the past four years, Michelle has been working alongside Dr. Mulholland in the Surgical department guiding patients through the process of candidacy, consultation and booking their procedures. Michelle is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and her love & knowledge of the esthetic industry allows her to help others to look as good as they feel. Michelle can be reached directly at 416-922-2868 ext 242 or by email at


Customer Service Representative

Lola has a business management degree from Ryerson University. She has been in the customer service industry for the last 14 years. Prior to working at Spamedica, Lola worked as a fashion stylist for a clothing company in Canada. Her education combined with her customer service skills gives her an insight into recognizing, meeting and exceeding clients’ needs.

Isaac and Lilybeth

Hair Restoration Specialists

Dr. Mulholland was the first physician in Canada and the US to pioneer and perfect the art of automated follicular unit extraction (FUE). SpaMedica has become Canada’s premier FUE hair transplantation clinic with the most experience, technology and reputable hair restoration facilities.

Our hair specialists have mastered the art of the NeoGraft and Artas; gone are the days of strip grafting!

Isaac and Lilybeth have implanted over one million successful grafts together. Isaac is an expert hair specialist in the use of automated and robotic systems for hair transplantations.

Client Service Representatives

Dr. Mulholland has been fortunate to assemble an excellent staff of very knowledgeable, kind and caring CSRs to ensure the possible quality of service during your SpaMedica experience.

Our CSR team is responsible for the logistics and detailed organization to undergo your plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure. They will help you navigate through the process of booking, testing, scheduling and follow ups.  

To contact our CSR team, please call 416-922-2868.

Next Steps

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