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Rosacea Treatment Toronto

Rosacea Treatment Summary

Rosacea is an inflammatory condition or possibly even infectious vascular of the skin that mainly affects skin on the face. It results in a redness and flushing of the affected skin area. If left untreated, Rosacea can become even more intense, with the affected skin becoming in more reddish and flushed  in appearance. Blood vessels may also become visible.

SpaMedica offers Rosacea Toronto patients the best laser Rosacea treatment available to give long lastly results that clear the affected skin and not just stabilize the condition. We use Rosacea specific lasers such as the intense-pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation for treatment.

Length of Procedure
30 minutes
Rosacea Cost
Rosacea laser treatment costs start from $499 per treatment.
Recovery Time
24 to 72 hours


SpaMedica Dermatology Clinic, Yorkville, Toronto, ON
Local anesthetic
Dermatologist, Doctor or Registered nurse


Are You a Rosacea Treatment Candidate?

If you display the symptoms of Rosacea such as facial redness, bumps, visible blood vessels and/or pimples you are probably a candidate for laser Rosacea treatment.

If you are looking for a 75% or better reduction in the signs, symptoms and appearance of your skin, you should arrange a free consult with one of our Rosacea Toronto dermatologists today for the best Rosacea treatment.

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Rosacea patients will undergo a comprehensive cosmetic consultation with one of SpaMedica’s highly-trained cosmetic laser dermatologists, medical aestheticians and/or cosmetic plastic surgeons at our Dermatology clinic in Toronto.

The specific constellation of Rosacea symptoms and skin presentations will be outlined and reviewed who will also go over all other available treatment options.


Rosacea Treatment Details

How is Rosacea treated?

Often two or three different types of lasers and intense-pulsed light devices will be required over the series of your Rosacea laser treatments to optimize the result. Between four and eight treatments are often recommended.

Each treatment takes less than an hour, is performed comfortably under topical anesthetic cream and is repeated every three to four weeks. The Rosacea photorejuvenation and intense-pulsed light FotoFacial program is a twelve-to-fifteen week light-based and laser-based photorejuvenation program for your face.

After Care Instructions

Following treatment, some may find the skin to be pink (flushed).  This fades within a few hours and is recognized as a positive reaction to the treatment.  Brown pigment irregularities may appear darker and generally lighten over 5-10 days.

Rosacea Treatment Side Effects

Our Rosacea laser treatments and skin rejuvenation techniques such as the photofacial and IPL are noninvasive so are generally recognized as safe.  The chances of you experiencing any adverse side effects from treatment are incredibly low as such.

Rosacea Treatment Results

Most Toronto Rosacea patients can expect to achieve a significant and noticeable pleasing reduction in all aspects of their treatment.  The reduction in redness, dilated facial spider vessels and acneiform eruptions can be between 50% and 75% on average.  Many patients achieve far better than 75% reduction in their red face sensitivity, pain and flushing-blushing responses.  Patients also notice a significant reduction in their T zone macro pores and texture and tone of their skin following their SpaMedica treatment program.

A maintenance program is required as Rosacea is a chronic condition that needs one single maintenance treatment every three to four months after the completion of your program to ensure it does not return.

How long will the results of my Rosacea laser treatment last?

It is important for patients to understand that their Rosacea is a lifelong, genetic, metabolic condition, like diabetes or hypertension. If you are a patient suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, you can never stop your insulin or your anti-hypertensive or your metabolic disease returns.

It is important for suffers to view their Rosacea as a skin disease and that the SpaMedica pioneered Rosacea laser treatment program can give you 75% or more reduction and control of your condition.  However, you must undergo maintenance treatments.  These maintenance treatments should be once every two to four months in order to maintain and control the improvement that you’ve achieved.

Benefits of Rosacea Laser Treatment

The benefits of SpaMedica Toronto Rosacea laser treatment is

  • It can revolutionize the appearance of your face such as redness around the cheeks and forehead
  • Restore lost confidence
  • Eliminate or reduce visibility of blood vessels
  • Improve texture and tone of your skin
  • Increase collagen production and promote healthier skin
  • Help to clear up scars and breakouts

Additional Procedures

Rarely, other ancillary treatments, such as topical antibiotic ointments and oral antibiotics or oral Vitamin A medications may be prescribed by your SpaMedica cosmetic laser dermatologist. However, most patients that come to SpaMedica have failed topical antibiotic and oral medications in the past and seek out Dr. Mulholland and his cosmetic laser dermatology specialists for their special expertise in improving Rosacea without the need for topical or oral antibiotic or Vitamin A-based prescriptive medications.

Rosacea Cost

How much is the cost of laser treatment for Rosacea?

Generally, Rosacea laser treatment packages are available as single treatments for the recommended five to nine treatments or as a monthly four-pack treatment or as an entire treatment series packages. Rosacea laser treatment price starts from as low as $499.00 a treatment.

How to schedule my Rosacea Treatment Appointment?

Dr. Mulholland and his team of Rosacea experts are highly-skilled and experienced at the treatment of the many variants of the condition. Find out if you have the condition or to start your Rosacea laser treatment program by calling 877-712-8367. Alternatively, click the "Book A Free Consult" button. A SpaMedica representative will contact you promptly, to schedule your free consult by your preferred means of communication.

Rosacea Treatment FAQs

  • Is there a cure for Rosacea?

    As the precise underlying cause is unknown, there is no cure for Rosacea.

    However the SpaMedica Toronto Rosacea laser treatment program can control your condition and greatly reduce the symptoms of Rosacea. A lifelong control of your Rosacea condition can be achieved maintenance program of one single treatment every three to four months after your initial treatment program.

  • What causes Rosacea?

    There is no single, underlying cause for Rosacea, but factors include hereditary and genetic influences, extrinsic lifestyle environmental factors such as sun damage, photo aging and smoking and associated co-medical conditions such as hypertension and liver disease.

    Once any underlying medical conditions have been corrected by your family physician or internist. Rosacea sufferers are often left with the exterior skin manifestations of this untoward and unattractive skin condition.

  • What kind of anesthetic is used during my Rosacea Toronto treatment?

    Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica pioneered the use of advanced photo facial treatments using multiple lasers and light-based energy systems to get the best possible treatment for Rosacea. Virtually all of these treatments are performed comfortably under topical anesthetic cream and air chiller devices to make your photo rejuvenation treatment comfortable.

  • How long is the recovery following my Rosacea laser treatment?

    Depending on the severity of your condition, there may be minor darkening, swelling and edema in your skin.  This mottled swollen appearance may last between 24 and 72 hours.  In general, the mild to moderate aggressive nature of the treatment will allow you to return to work the next day.

    For the first couple of treatments, it is best to schedule your treatment on a Thursday or a Friday and take the weekend off, so you can go back to work looking relatively normal on the Monday following.  As your Rosacea treatment Toronto program advances into the latter treatment sessions and most of your condition has disappeared, most patients can return to work in a matter of hours or the following day.

  • What will I look like after my Rosacea laser treatment?

    Depending on the severity of your Rosacea and the degree of facial spider veins, redness and erythema that you present with, there may be swelling and bluish discolouration to these vascular areas.  Individuals with very severe Rosacea may look mottled and a bit blotchy for between one and three days following their treatment.

    As your program progresses and you’re into later treatment sessions, a lot of your condition would have disappeared and the reaction after your IPL or laser photo-rejuvenation treatment will be less noticeable.  In general, however, most Toronto Rosacea patients are able to return to work the following day or one to two days later, in makeup, after their first initial sessions.