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FotoFacial Toronto


High energy light will be pulsed gently on the skin to target any imperfections on the face, neck, chest, and hands.

Length of Procedure
20 to 30 minutes
Starting at $499 per treatment
Recovery Time
24 to 48 hours
Before/After Gallery


SpaMedica clinic in Toronto, ON
Local anesthetic
Registered nurse or doctor
Alternative Names
Photofacial, photorejuvenation


Are You a Candidate?

Those seeking a non-surgical solution for fine lines, blemishes, brown spots, facial spider veins, sun damaged skin, aging skin, oily skin, enlarged pores, and acne scarring. Individuals who have cancerous skin tumours, certain inflammatory conditions, or are using Accutane should avoid treatments.

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Procedure Details

Photofacial treatments involve the use of Radio Frequency, Intense Pulsed Light and Infrared energy pulsed gently on the skin to target fine lines, facial spider veins, blemishes and brown spots of the face, neck, chest and hands. The treatment stimulates the production of your own collagen and after approximately 5 treatments the fine lines appear smoother. The pulsed light also fades spider veins, brown spots and sun-damaged skin. Photofacials produce a smoother, youthful, vital and less-blemished looking skin.


Your doctor will perform the procedure on a test spot at least a week before your initial session, to ensure that your skin does not have an unusual sensitivity to the treatment.

Before & After

FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 1
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 2
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 3
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 4
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 5
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 6
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 7
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 8
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 9
FotoFacial Before & After Toronto 10

After Care Instructions

Applying an icepack to the treatment area can help reduce swelling if any should occur. It’s important to note that any exposure to the sun or tanning beds should be avoided at least a month after treatment, and preferably forever with the use of sunscreen and protective clothing. There may be some itching in the treatment area, but do not pick at any dry or flakey spots of skin. The results of your Photofacial treatment will be enhanced and complimented by the aftercare regime provided to you by your doctor at SpaMedica in Toronto.

Maintenance Required

In addition to any aftercare instructions provided by your doctor, it is recommended to implement a proper skin care routine at home to maximize the results of your Photofacial.

Risks and Side Effects

In addition to any aftercare instructions provided by your doctor, it is recommended to implement a proper skin care routine at home to maximize the results of your Photofacial.


Skin will begin to feel soft and even, with wrinkles and blemishes improving in over 80% of patients after five treatments. Depending on your skin type and condition, you may require more treatments to achieve the results that you are seeking.


The cost of Photofacial procedure is significantly less than other laser treatments, making it a popular choice for those seeking non surgical options.

Additional Procedures to Enhance Results

Chemical peels, e-Matrix, or laser peels can be explored as alternative treatment options to compliment your Photofacial procedure at SpaMedica Toronto.


  • FotoFacial PKG #1 – 6 IPL treatments, 1 Sonopeel: $2699
  • FotoFacial PKG #2 – 6 IPL treatments, 1 Sonopeel, 60 units of Botox Injectables, 2 syringes of Juvederm: $3699
  • Single IPL treatment: $499

Next steps

At SpaMedica Toronto, our FotoFacial and IPL treatment providers will discuss all the best possible treatment options with you for your particular skin type. Specific combinations of the following treatments may be recommended for your FotoFacial / IPL treatment therapy to correct and amplify your results and, of course, improve your specific concerns.