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Blue Light Therapy Treatment in Toronto

Blue Light Therapy

Developed to treat freckles, acne, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, varicose veins and rosacea, Blue Light Therapy offers advanced results for active acne with a non-invasive treatment. It reduces acne flare-ups.

Length of Procedure
20 to 30 minutes
Starting at $199 per treatment
Recovery Time
24 to 48 hours


SpaMedica clinic in Toronto, ON
Medical Aesthetician


Are You a Candidate?

Blue Light Therapy is an ideal treatment for anyone over 18 years old seeking a non-surgical treatment for the improvement of imperfections on the skin caused by sun or acne damage.

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Blue Light Therapy Before & After

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Blue Light Therapy Before & After Toronto 2
Blue Light Therapy Before & After Toronto 3
Blue Light Therapy Before & After Toronto 4
Blue Light Therapy Before & After Toronto 5
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  • Keep the area well moisturized prior the your treatment
  • Remove any make-up, lotions, or creams before treatment
  • Clear any bacteria or dirt to ensure the success of your blue light therapy treatment
  • Speak to your doctor as he may suggest some additional preparations

Procedure Details

The program involves a series of intense blue lights applied to the area requiring treatment.  Any acne, spots or spotty tone, freckles, hyperpigmentation or age spots will be evaporated or absorbed by the heating light.

Differing from laser treatment, Blue Light penetrates all layers of the skin, seeking out abnormally dilated blood vessels. Micro pores are created within the capillaries, causing them to shrink from the energy of the light. This treatment will be repeated every two weeks.

For moderate to advanced acne, ALA (Alpha Levulanic Acid) can be applied prior to the Blue Light treatment.

After Care Instructions

Your specialist at SpaMedica in Toronto may recommend you to administer topical or oral antibiotics or apply certain medical skin care products for some time after your treatment.

Following ALA treatments, precautions must be taken to avoid sunlight, UV and florescent lighting for 24-48 hours post treatment. Sunglasses, sunscreen, a scarf and a hat must be worn when leaving the clinic, after these treatments as a preventative measure.

Maintenance Required

Maintenance treatments are performed once a week can help control the number of acne outbreaks, and it is recommended that you supplement your initial treatment with a number of follow up visits to ensure longevity of your results.

Risks/Side Effects

You may experience a low level of pain throughout the Blue Light Therapy treatment, often compared to the discomfort of a mild sunburn. Skin may become slightly red or pink. Some patients also experience slight swelling or discomfort following their procedure, however you can return to work and daily activities immediately following.


Blue light therapy kills bacteria and can effectively treat mild to moderate cases of acne.


Blue Light is non-invasive and will allow clients to return to activities immediately after each treatment.  Blue Light is the most effective in high-technology and medical equipment to treat the cause of the acne lesions, namely the bacterial overgrowth and sebaceous glands. Blue light therapy is effective in significantly reducing acne lesions in over 80% of all acne clients.

Additional Procedures

Many choose to supplement their Blue Light Therapy treatment with other non-invasive procedures such as the Photofacial, SonoSalic and silk peels, and ALA applications.


  • Single Blue Light Treatment – $199.00
  • Package of 4 Blue Light Treatments – $599.00
  • Additional ALA application – $399.00 each

Next steps

Dr. Mulholland and his expert team at SpaMedica has Toronto’s premiere state-of-the-art Blue Light Therapy facility designed to serve the residents of Greater Toronto as best possible. Choosing SpaMedica, you can have peace of mind and rest easy knowing that your treatment is being performed by some of the most experience cosmetic surgery specialists in the country.