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EMsculpt is a painless, non-invasive procedure that builds muscle and kills fat through high intensity electromagnetic energy, improving body contouring and shape.





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Why Choose SpaMedica?

Dr. Mulholland and his Toronto SpaMedica team have assembled the widest array on non surgical fat destruction techologies (Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, Vanquish, Ultrashape and BodyFX) and well as Skin tightening devices (Excilis Ultra, Venus Freeze and Legacy, BodyFX, Velashape, Thermage, Tempsure Envy or Pelleve. Dr Mulholland has the most experience in Canada in noninvasive fat reduction and offers the most diverse fat and skin tightening technologies to ensure you get the best possible results for your fat reduction, skin tightening and muscle contouring.

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What is the EMsculpt?

EMsculpt is a new class and exciting innovation in noninvasive body shaping that uses high intensity, focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to build muscle mass, reduce localized fat overlying the muscle and improve body shape and contour.

EMsculpt device

Figure 1. EMsculpt is a non-invasive device that uses High Intensity (non painful), focuse electromagnetic energy to build up muscle and destroy localized fat, improving body contouring and shape. The paddle is placed over the area of unwanted fat and muscle.

How does the EMsculpt work?

The EMsculpt works by placing an applicator paddle over an area of the body that has an undesirable localized excess collection of fat over the underlying muscle. The applicator, or paddle from the EMsculpt device releases high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy that leads to supra-maximal muscle contractions. Over 20,000 of these supramaximal contractions. These supra-maximal contractions are delivered during each 30 minute treatment sessions exceed the kind of muscle stimulus that can never be achieved through any voluntary exercise, bodybuilding or muscle action.

EMsculpt procedure in Toronto at SpaMedica

Figure 2. The treatment paddle of the EMsculpt is placed over the muscle and fat of the area to be contoured. The High Intensity, Focused Electromagnetic Energy then stimulations over 20,000 supramaximal contractions during the 30-minute treatment which increases the size of the muscle, reduces the fat over top and improves shape and contour.

Over a series of EMsculpt treatments, these supramaxiamal contractions lead to an increase in the number of muscle myofibers (muscle cells), called Hyperplasia, as well as a significant increase in the volume of each muscle fiber, called Hypertrophy.

How EMsculpt procedure works in Toronto

Figure 3.  The EMsculpt  30 minute treatment delivers 20,000 supramaximal contractions in the muscle which results in a increase in the number of muscle fibers AND the size of each fiber itself, or both Hypertophy and Hyperplasia. This will increase the size of the underlying muscle 15-20%.

The extreme, but comfortable, metabolic reaction of the muscle to the supra-maximal muscle contractions is accompanied by a series of metabolic reactions in the overlying fat cells which become dysfunctional and a significant proportion of fat cells will die. The noninflammatory, non-painful death of the fat cells is called apoptosis. The resulting effects from a series of EMsculpt treatments is an increase in muscle shape and tone and a localized reduction of the overlying fat.

How the EMsculpt procedure works

Figure 4.  The EMsculpt treatment results in an increase in the size, shape and tone of the underlying muscle and a decrease in the overlying fat.

Is the EMsculpt energy safe?

The EMsculpt delivers High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic radiation (electrical current) that is delivered the applicator paddle to the muscle and fat and is cleared for safety use by the FDA and Health Canada. This energy is non-ionizing, does not cause cancer in cells, there is no radiation that is harmful, it is non-thermal, (there is no risk of burns), is not a laser and it does not affect sensory nerves, blood vessels or any other localized tissue except the targeted muscle and fat. There is no effect on the underlying tissues below the muscle.

Does EMsculpt hurt?

The EMsculpt treatments are not painful, the pulling and contraction sensation is well-tolerated and does not require any topical anaesthetic or pain reduction technique.

Are there any long-term, proven studies that EMsculpt works?

There are at least seven will design studies by reputable dermatologists and plastic surgeons using MRI, CT, ultrasonography, circumferential waist measurements and fat histology that show approximately 16% increase in the treated muscle size and a 19% reduction of localized fat, together with a 4 cm circumferential reduction in abdominal hip circumference.

EMsculpt MRI

Figure 5.  Ultrasound, CT and MRI studies show an reduction in the fat of 20% and increase in muscle size and mass of 16%.

What are the areas of the body that can undergo shaping and improvement?

The best areas and indications for treatment and  for a modest noticeable reduction in improvement in fat and muscle tone are EMsculpt of the:

  1. Abdomen, Hips and
  2. Buttock Lift and shaping with firming and elevation without fat destruction can also be performed.
  3. The front and back of the thighs can also be contoured and shaped.

How long is each EMsculpt treatment and how many treatments are required to see an improvement?

Each EMsculpt treatment session is 30 minutes long and the treatment protocol requires four treatments over the course of two weeks. The final shaping and contouring results are visible after the first few sessions and is maximal at six weeks after.

What kind of Results can I expect to achieve if I respond well?

With a 20% reduction in localized fat and 16% in muscle mass, you can expect to see pleasing and modest improvements in body shape and contour.

EMsculpt before and after 1 EMsculpt before and after 2

Figure 6.   Patients who underwent EMsculpt programs to achieve and improvement in body shape and contour, with fat reduction, circumferential reduction and increase in muscle tone and shape.

Are the EMsculpt results permanent?

The increase in the number and size of the muscle cells and fibers will naturally decrease over time if exercise, or the EMsculpt is not maintained and/or a maintenance treatment protocol of the EMsculpt is not undertaken. The recommended maintenance treatment protocol at SpaMedica Toronto is 2 treatments once every 6 weeks to 12 weeks. The Fat that is destroyed during the EMsculpt program will stay away as long as there is no significant weight gain.

Who is a good candidate for the EMsculpt ?

Good candidates for the EMsculpt treatment are those patients with an unwanted localized collection of abdominal and flank fat, or front and back of thigh fat, and or a flat and under projected buttock that desire and improvement in shape and contour. Expectation should be realistic, as the noninvasive, painless body shaping improvements are noticeable but moderate.

Is the EMsculpt good for men as well as women?

Yes, both men and women respond well to EMsculpt. Men tend to focus on abdomen and love handles, whereas women will treat the abdomen, love handles, as well an front and back of thighs and the EMsculpt Butt lift (buttock lift)

EMsculpt is for men and women

Figure 7.  Both Women and Men are candidates for EMsculpt at SpaMedica in Toronto

Are there any contraindications or patients that should not be treated with the EMsculpt?

A patient who is pregnant should not undergo treatment. Patients with any kind of pacemaker (heart, bladder or otherwise),or significant and untreated medical condition, and/or localized infection or skin cancer over the treatment should not undergo the EMsculpt program at SpaMedica Toronto.

Can a Butt Lift (buttock lift) be achieved with the EMsculpt?

Yes, There are settings and parameters on the EMsculpt that allow treatment of the buttocks, speciafically, the  Gluteus Maximus that will increase the size, projection and muscular tone and shape of the buttock. The special EMsculpt Butt lift settings delivers energy that will only increase muscle size WITHOUT reducing any fat. The buttock lift EMsculpt protocol is the same as that used for abdominal and thigh shaping, that is four treatments over two weeks.

EMsculpt device supramaximal contractions

Figure 8. The EMsculpt can be used to produce a Butt Lift result with increased tone, shape and projection of the buttock

What kind of EMsculpt Butt Lift results can I expect?

An EMsculpt Butt Lift treatment program can result in a modest but noticeable increase in the buttock muscle and shape with a lift, toning and increased projection of the butt.

EMsculpt before and after 3 EMsculpt before and after 4

Figure 9.  EMsculpt butt lift results at SpaMedica Toronto

Can I do the EMsculpt butt lift after my Brazilain Butt lift (fat grafting to the buttock)?

Yes, patients who have undergone a Brazilian Butt lift, (fat grafting to the buttock) can, after the recovery process from the surgery and after the fat grafting has been allowed enough time to settle, can undergo an EMsculpt butt lift to improved their overall contour and shape.

Can I do EMscupt before or after Liposuction surgery?

Yes, EMsculpt can be performed after liposuction to improve and enhance the results of your lipo. The lipo will contour the fat and once the swelling, edema and discomfort have disspated, approximately 6-12 weeks, an EMsculpt program can be instituted. The EMsculpt will compliment the results of your surgery, as it will build muscle, which after the liposuction, with show the increased size and tone much better and, the EMsculpt treatments may decrease small areas of localized fat that may persist after liposuction. Some patients undergo the EMsculpt and other non surgical sculpting procedures and non surgical lipo and then, decide to do Liposuction after. Doing EMscupt after Liposuction, or other non invasive body contouring treatments is also a good option and our SpaMedica clinic in Toronto can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Cannot exercise and doing a bunch of sit ups, crunches or squats to the same thing a EMsculpt?

While exercise and  weight training is an excellent way to build muscle size over time, voluntary training and tensile loading of the muscle will increase the size and strength of your muscle fibers over time, no voluntary contraction or weight training can induce the 20,000 supramaximal contractions in 20 minutes like EMsculpt. EMsculpt will increase the size and the number of muscle fibers (unlike exercise which increases the size) and will decrease the amount of overlying fat (which often does not occur with body building or weight training alone, unless there is also weight loss). EMsculpt can result in 20% reduction of the fat overlying the targeted muscle without weight loss.

EMsculpt device for fat reduction and building muscle

Figure 10.  While exercise can increase local muscle size, no amount of weight training or excercies can replicate the 20,000 supramaximal contractions in 30 minutes with the additional benefit of reducing the overlying localized fat collection

What is the difference between EMsculpt and standard physiotherapy Electrical Stimulators?

EMsculpt delivers deep electromagnetic radiation to the entire muscle and groups o muscle, inducing 20,000 supramaximal contractions over 30 minutes, inducing muscle hyperplasia (increased numbers) and muscle hypertrophy (increase muscle fiber size) after only 6 treatments. Standard physiotherapy Electrical stimulators deliver a weaker electrical current that treats more superficially, does not induce suprmaximal contractions and will take 20-40 treatments to see some hypertrophy (increase in muscle fiber size) but no hyperplasia and there is NO reduction in the localized fat overlying the muscle.

EMsculpt device - how it works

Figure 10.  Top.  EMsculpt treating the entire muscle with 20,000 supramaximal contractions, increase in muscle fiber size and number and a reduction in the amount of overlying fat. Bottom.  Standard physiotherapy Electrical physiotherapy stimulates part of the muscle to contract without supramaximal contractions, will require many more treatments to create some muscle hypertrophy (not increase in muscle fiber number) and there is no overlying reduction of fat.

Can other noninvasive body shaping procedures be combined with the EMsculpt to achieve a better result?

Absolutely, combination therapy will often lead to even better results than an EMsculpt treatment program alone. Many Toronto noninvasive, nonsurgical body sculpting patients will combined Coolsculpting , Sculpsure, and/or Vanquish, BodyFx or Ultrashape treatments to kill additional increased amounts of fat tissue, in addition to that which is contoured and shaped with the EMsculpt program. Because the other body sculpting technologies work to kill fat cells in a different way than EMsculpt, combination therapy can often amplify the resuts over and above EMsculpt, Coolsculpting or Sculpsure alone.

Coolsculpting and Sculpsure devices

Figure 11.  EMsculpt can be combined with other non invasive fat desruction technologies, like Coolsculpt (A) or SculpSure (B), as well as Vanquish, Ultrashape and BodyFX.

How do I combine my Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, Vanquish, Ultrashape or BodyFx with EMsculpt?

Combination treatment using other non-invasive body shaping and fat destruction technologies, such as Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, Vanquish, Ultrashape or BodyFX can be performed before or after the EMsculpt program to achieve even better results that any one technology or program itself.  Each technology can kill a certain percentage of fat and works in a method that is unique to that technology and can be combined with other technologies that also work in a unique way to amplify the percentage of fat tissue that can be destroyed. The specific protocol and combination of body sculpting technologies will be discussed and customized with you at the time of your SpaMedica Toronto consultation with Dr. Mulholland and his team.

What if I have loose skin in addition to unwanted localized fat in the treatment area?

For patients who have modest, localized unwanted collections of abdominal, hip, or flank fat together with some overlying looseness of the skin, or buttock or thigh skin laxity the EMsculpt program can be combined with skin tightening technologies, specifically that RF bulk heating (radiofrequency skin tightening) devices such as the Excilis , BodyFX, Venus Freeze, Velashape or Tempsure envy and/or Pelleve. These are all radiofrequency, popular radio frequency skin tightening devices that are available at SpaMedica and can be combined with your EMsculpt to tighten skin while reducing fat and improving contour.

Fat reduction devices at SpaMedica

Figure 12.  The Excilis Ultra can be used on the loose or lax skin over the area treated my the EMsculpt to tighten skin, while the EMsculpt increases muscle mass and reduces fat contour. The Venus Freeze, BodyFX, Forma plus, Tempsure Envy or Pelleve RF devices can also be used to tighten skin in combination with an EMsculpt program.

Can the EMsculpt be performed on light as well as dark skin?

Yes, the EMsculpt is good for all skin types. The EMsculpt device delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic radiation that induces specific supra-maximal muscle contraction, increase in muscle mass and overlying fat death. There is no thermal reaction or heat created and, thus, EMsculpt can be used very safely on light and dark skin patients.

Is there any recovery after my EMsculpt treatment?

The EMsculpt program to increase muscle mass,s hape and tone, as well as to reduce localized, overlying fat are quite comfortable. EMsculpt patients describe a  “pulling or tugging” sensation and, of course the contractions, but not describe a real pain. The intensity or energy output to deliver the supramaximal contractions can be adjusted to patient tolerance. After an EMsculpt treatment, patients can go back to normal activities immediately including mild, moderate or even strenuous exercise and workouts at the gym. Following the EMsculpt supramaximal contraction treatment sessions, patients may experience a moderate degree of muscle fatigue, stiffness and soreness for 24 to 72 hours, much like you might experience after any workout. You may go out in the sun, swim in a pool, ocean or lake and engage in normal sexual activity immediately following an EMsculpt treatment.

What is the cost for the EMsculpt program?

The price of the your EMsculpt program will depend upon the number of areas you want to treat (abdomen, Hip, buttock or front and back of thighs)  and whether or not additional technologies such as Coolsuclpting, Sculpsure, Vanquish, BodyFX, or skin tightening radiofrequency treatments are incorporated into your program.

How do I schedule a EMsculpt consultation with Dr. Mulholland?

Toronto non invasive body sculpting patients who would like to schedule a consultation for the EMsculpt program and the SpaMedica noninvasive body shaping program, should simply call the contact number on this web content page, or fill out and submit a “book an appointment” or “ask a question form” and a SpaMedica customer service representative will be with you to help you schedule your appointment.