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Non surgical Facelift Toronto


Non surgical techniques are used to achieve improvement of facial features resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Length of Procedure
30-40 minutes per area
$5,399 for complete anti-aging package, including Profound as the major component
Recovery Time
3-5 days maximum
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SpaMedica Clinic in Toronto, ON
Local topical anesthetic
Registered nurse or doctor
Alternative Names
Profound facelift


Healthy individuals who have droopiness and laxity of the soft tissues of their neck, jowl, face, eyes and/or brow and desire a lift effect without the risk of an excisional surgical procedure.

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Procedure Details

The nonsurgical facelift Toronto patients will typically opt for is the Profound, performed as an out patient treatment, under local anesthesia and without skin excision. Patients like Profound because the results are very noticeable (that is not always the case with nonsurgical lifting) and consistent. The Profound FaceLift device is manufactured by one of the leading laser manufacturers, Syneron Candela and it represents the cutting edge (non-excisional cutting edge) of the nonsurgical FaceLift techniques and procedures.

Before the procedure, keep the treatment area very clean and well moisturized will greatly minimize the chance of any damage occurring to your pores or skin cells.

A nonsurgical FaceLift is the utilization of laser and energy devices to elevate and reposition the brow, cheek, jowl and neck without a scalpel or excisional techniques. 

The nonsurgical FaceLift Toronto patients will undergo involves a series of treatments using fractional Radio frequency (RF) and fractional laser devices for superficial textural wrinkle reduction and non-ablative RF heating devices for tightening and re-positioning of the facial tissues.


Before & After

Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 1
Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 2
Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 3
Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 4
Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 5
Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 6
Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 7
Non surgical Facelift Before & After Toronto 8

After Care Instructions

All the laser and energy devices selected by Dr. Mulholland and implemented in the SpaMedica nonsurgical FaceLift program have minimal, if any, down time. The Profound treatment has the most downtime, with 3-5 days of swelling, but the intense pulsed light photo facial may result in darkening of the brow and discoloration, which subsequently flakes off.

Maintenance Required

The results nonsurgical FaceLift Toronto patients can expect with 3D therapy for the deflation, descent and deterioration can be quite long-lasting, but maintenance is generally recommended to perpetuate the effects of the actual nonsurgical FaceLift . In general, patients will present for a single, multiple-applicator maintenance session once every three to four months. Three to four times a year can help maintain the elevated collagen skin content and skin tightness and wrinkle reduction, as well as preserving the 3-7 year younger nonsurgical FaceLift appearance indefinitely.

Side Effects and Risks

The fractional and laser radio frequency devices may create some redness and swelling that usually subside in several days, but most patients can return to work the following day with the excuse that they had some sun damage or pre-cancers treated by their dermatologist with a laser system.  


At the completion of your SpaMedica nonsurgical FaceLift program, you can expect to have tightening and elevation of the tissues of the brow, cheek, eye region, jowl and neck, with smoothing of the texture, lessening of wrinkles, diminishing brown, aging discoloration and broken capillaries. Most nonsurgical FaceLift patients can expect to look between 3-7 years younger following their combination therapeutic nonsurgical FaceLift program.


Dr. Stephen Mulholland and SpaMedica in Toronto are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care, using the most advanced FaceLift procedures. Our SpaMedica surgical team at our clinic in Toronto will discuss and educate you on your treatment options and will design the best possible treatment plan for you.

Additional Procedures

In general, additional therapeutic and “protect-your-investment” benefit is achieved by the use of Botox® Injectables twice a year to continue to treat the strong depressive muscle activity in the face that will want to pull the soft tissue back down and, as well, this Botox® Injectables should be maintained twice yearly, for muscles causing excessive wrinkling. The maintenance of volume for the deflation using Juvéderm® Voluma™ or long-lasting soft tissue fillers, using a micro-cannula technique approximately once every 12- 18 months. Dr. Mulholland will often combine the Skin tightening and contraction of FaceTite with the Fractional wrinkle reduction capability of the Fractora. The FaceTite combined with the Profound or the Fractora make for a powerful 1-2 punch in the non-surgical facelift program.


$5,399 for complete anti-aging package, including Profound as the major component.

Next Steps

Dr. Stephen Mulholland and SpaMedica in Toronto are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care, using the most advanced cosmetic FaceLift procedures. Simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

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By choosing Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica for your Profound nonsurgical FaceLift , Toronto non surgical FaceLift patients will be getting a center with the most current and high-tech combination laser and energy devices. Our skilled medical estheticians and registered nurses assisting this procedure have been directly trained under the tutelage of Dr. Mulholland.