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The SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre has been under the direction and ownership of Dr. Mulholland for over 17 years.  Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto Plastic Surgeon, has been performing over 300 operations per year with no serious medical complications. This dedication to safety, as well as excellent aesthetic outcomes has made Dr. Mulholland’s SpaMedica one of the most popular plastic surgeons and facilities in the country.

The surgery centre, which is above the MedSpa concourse retail centre, likewise has some of Canada’s most reputable nurse coordinators, recovery and post-operative care nurses and administrative team.

Your SpaMedica journey will be guided by over 50 years of combined experience from Dr. Mulholland’s entire plastic surgery team from the customer service representatives, nursing team and recovery nursing team. Learn more about the people and their roles in our SpaMedica Surgical Team.






About the SpaMedica Surgical Patient Coordinator

Lori, surgical patient coordinator

Figure 1. Lori

Lori, RN, has been Dr. Mulholland’s patient care and consult coordinator for many, many years. Her previous experience is in hospitals and her full-service experience and expertise in post-operative care and consultation coordination at SpaMedica has made her a very popular patient advocate of Dr. Mulholland’s surgical clients.  Dr. Mulholland’s surgical patients love Lori’s down-to-earth and friendly disposition. They appreciate that Lori is there to be their advocate and supporter throughout their plastic surgical transformation. Surgical patients will meet Lori together with Dr. Mulholland in a consultation.

Lori is able to guide all of Dr. Mulholland’s cosmetic plastic surgery patients through the process of pre-operative preparation, coordinate the necessary labs and tests and medical reviews. She also outlines the required post-operative recovery and care.  Lori provides patient testimonials as well as a wealth of before-and-after videos, photos, personal anecdotes and medical information to help all of Dr. Mulholland’s plastic surgery patients make the right decision regarding their cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.  Lori, like Dr. Mulholland, believes that all patients need to carefully consider the benefits, risks, recovery and costs of surgery and is there to help patients every step of the way. You can contact Lori at or 416-922-2868 ext 233

About the SpaMedica OR Nursing Team

Noreen, OR Nurse coordinator

Figure 2. Noreen, OR Nurse coordinator

Noreen, RN, was first hired as Dr. Mulholland’s OR Nurse Coordinator over ten years ago. Noreen has had years of experience in the hospital and other private surgery environments before joining Dr. Mulholland in supervising and coordinating all the operating room experiences for Dr. Mulholland’s surgical patients at SpaMedica. Noreen brings a wealth of experience to the SpaMedica OR team and combines the approach to safety, efficacy and excellent outcomes to ensure high-quality nursing care in the operating room, post-operative experience and recovery room.  Noreen is responsible for hiring the best possible operating room nursing staff and most of them have been with Dr. Mulholland for more than a decade. This includes recovery room nurses who help to optimize the plastic surgery patient’s experience and safety.

Noreen has had years of experience managing the operating room outcomes of Toronto breast augmentationtummy tuck and advanced liposuction procedures like Bodytite™, SmartLipo™, Cellulazer™ and VaserLipo. With Dr. Mulholland’s high-tech approach to modern plastic surgery and body contouring procedures, it takes a very experienced OR nursing team to understand the technology innovations that Dr. Mulholland brings to his Toronto Plastic Surgery patients.  Noreen’s experience in the OR with Dr. Mulholland’s unique approaches to facial rejuvenation include: endoscopic browliftsendoscopic cheek lift and mid-facelifts, facelifts, mini-facelifts and neck lifts. Her experience makes all of Dr. Mulholland’s plastic surgery procedures flow smoothly, safely and effectively.  Finally, the wide range of skin resurfacing and laser procedures used in the OR include: fractional CO2 lasers, erbium lasers, IPL, Fractional RF and sub-surface heating technology such as Facetite, Smartlift, SmartLipo laser, ThermiRF and ThermiTight. These devices ensure optimal and effective skin wrinkle and tightening treatments in the OR.

Noreen’s very pleasant, kind and affable manner makes her well-liked by both patients and staff. Noreen’s excellent operating room skills are brought to bear in all Dr. Mulholland’s plastic surgery patients as she greets them and oversees their nursing care safety and outcomes during their stay in SpaMedica’s private plastic surgery centre.

About the SpaMedica Recovery and Post-Op Care Team and Senior Post-Op Nurse

Sharon Asensi, RN

Figure 3. Sharon, Post Operative Care Coordinator

Like all aspects of Dr. Mulholland’s private plastic surgery practice, he has been able to assemble an excellent staff of very knowledgeable, kind and caring nurses to ensure the best possible quality of experience in the recovery rooms. Your SpaMedica recovery nurses have all had years of experience in post-op care and have worked for Dr. Mulholland for a long time. All recovery room staff are fully qualified RNs with recovery experience and have had yearly re-certification in advanced cardiac life support in addition to years of clinical experience.  Over the decade and half that Dr. Mulholland has built, owned and operated SpaMedica with over 300 operations a year, there has never been a serious life-threatening event at SpaMedica. Part of this incredible safety record is that we make sure to select the right, healthy patients and ensure all the pre-operative tests are normal. Excellent recovery room nursing care is also a major part in our safety record.

After executing excellent aesthetic face and body enhancement results in the OR, Dr. Mulholland ensures that your post-operative care experience is excellent under the care and attention of Sharon Asensi, RN.  Sharon has years of OR and hospital ward experience and has also worked for Dr. Mulholland in the OR itself for 10 years. In general, you will see Dr. Mulholland one or two times in the immediate first or second week to ensure that the results of his surgery with you are healing well. But, you will rely mostly on Dr. Mulholland’s excellent and very qualified senior post-operative nurse, Sharon, RN.  Sharon is an excellent, full-time post-operative care nurse with years of OR and recovery experience. She works closely with Dr. Mulholland’s patients and techniques. Sharon will be the one to delicately remove your sutures and drains and assess your early post-operative care in conjunction with Dr. Mulholland.

Sharon has also worked in the OR for years with Dr. Mulholland, first assisting him on breast augmenation, tummy tucks and high-tech liposuction surgeries such as BodytiteSmartLipo and VaserLipo.  For many years, Sharon has also assisted Dr. Mulholland on his endoscopic browliftsblepharoplasty cosmetic eyelid surgery, endoscopic midfacelift and cheek lift, as well as mini facelift, face lifts and neck lifts.  Sharon brings kindness and her caring nature to your post-operative experience. Patients love Sharon’s friendly, kind manner and her very efficient, skilled, thorough and compassionate care.

Although Dr. Mulholland will routinely see you on one or two occasions early to ensure all is healing well, it is the care and attention of the Post Operative RN team and Sharon that gets you through the routine elements of post-op care. She will assist you with garment removal, transitioning compression foam, removing sutures and drains and wound care.

Overnight recovery room at SpaMedica

Figure 4.  Overnight Recovery Room at the SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre

Reception Area of Surgical

Figure 5.  SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre Receiving Area

About the Injectable and FUE Hair Restoration Coordinator


Figure 6. Michelle, injectable and hair restoration patient coordinator

Michelle, Dr. Mulholland’s injectable and hair restoration patient coordinator.  Michelle has worked with Dr. Mulholland for years. Patients love her smile and kind, attentive approach to scheduling their injection appointments and FUE hair restoration treatments. Contact: or 416-922-2868 ext 242

Michelle has been Dr. Mulholland’s Injectable and FUE Hair transplantation coordinator for several years. Her job is to work with the 600 patients that Dr. Mulholland personally injects with Botox Injectable and soft tissue fillers to ensure they get their appointments on time and receive the optimal customer service value. Not only do patients love her warm smile and personality, they love that she doesn’t forget them when they are due for an injectable treatment.  Michelle also manages and oversees Dr. Mulholland’s very busy hair transplantation service.  Dr. Mulholland helped pioneer the non scarring FUE (follicular unit extraction and transplantation) Neograft and Artas robotic and automated hair transplantation. These are now one of the very busy aspects of his Toronto practice and Ida consults and coordinates the flow of FUE patient scheduling.

About the SpaMedica Hair Restoration Team

Dr. Mulholland was the first physician in Canada and the United states to pioneer and perfect the art and science of automated follicular unit extraction (FUE) and transplantation (FUET).  Dr. Mulholland purchased the first automated FUE harvest system, called the Calvitron in 1997. Over the past 7 years, SpaMedica has become Canada’s premier FUE hair transplantation centre with the most experience, technology, artistry and a reputation as Toronto’s finest FUE hair transplantation facility.

One of the earlier FUE devices

Figure 7.  The earliest automated FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) device, called the Calivtron, purchased by Dr. Mulholland in 1997. Dr. Mulholland was the very first physician in North America to abandon strip grafting technique and to adopt the linear scar-less automated FUE procedure.

Over 5 years ago, Dr. Mulholland invested in the NeoGraft automated FUE hair extraction and implantation system. This automated FUE device allowed, for the first time, to harvest over 3000 follicular units and implant them in one day. This numerical revolution was made possible by the enhanced Neograft technology.

Neograft Automated FUE Device

Figure 8. Neograft Automated FUE hair device

Two years ago, Dr. Mulholland and the SpaMedica hair transplantation team invested in the Artas, Robotic FUE harvest system. This Robotic FUE device facilitates even more accurate harvest of larger FUE grafts. The combination of Neograft and Artas in one procedure gives Toronto Hair Transplantation patients the best FUE technology that money can buy.

Artas Robotic FUE

Figure 9. Artas Robotic FUE hair Device

Of course, you cannot operate a successful Hair Transplantation and Hair Restoration practice without excellent hair technicians. Several years ago, Dr. Mulholland hired Isaac, HT (Hair Technician), who worked for Dr. Seager for many, many years perfecting the “stick and place” method of dense packing. With the untimely and unfortunate passing of Dr Seager, Dr. Mulholland was able to hire two very experienced hair technicians, Isaac and Lilybeth. Between the these two hair technicians, they have placed well over 1 million grafts.  Isaac, Lilybeth and  Dr. Mulholland will be guiding you through the harvest and implantation phases.

Isaac, Hair technician

Figure 10. Isaac, HT. Isaac has worked for years with Dr. Mulholland and is an expert at manning the automated and robotic systems and the implantation process.

Isaac and Lilybeth, hair technicans

Figure 11.  The SpaMedica HT team (hair transplantation) team. Between Isaac and Lilybeth, they have implanted over 1 million successful grafts.

About SpaMedica Anaesthesiology and Anaesthetists

Dr. Mulholland has always crafted the growth and development of his SpaMedica plastic surgery centre around the best possible outcomes by using a combination of surgical skill, technique, talent and artistry with the practice of the best possible safety measures.  Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto Plastic Surgeon, has owned and operated his government-certified, overnight, 24-hour surgery centre for the past 18 years.  During this time, Dr. Mulholland has become one of Canada’s busiest plastic surgeons, performing over 300 cosmetic surgical operations per year for almost 20 years.  Each of these operations is designed to have excellent aesthetic outcomes and have the highest possible safety and efficacy.  Part of the safety for Dr. Mulholland’s Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic has been the deployment of the best possible anaesthesia technology equipment and the best possible anesthesiologists.

Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica has engaged the services of some of Toronto’s best anaesthesiologists from the Toronto General Hospital, the Toronto East General Hospital and North York General Hospital.  The advantages of having anaesthesiologists who regularly practice in an OHIP hospital environment and private settings is that they have impeccable technological and anaesthetic skills used on very sick patients who are having complex surgeries such as open-heart surgery; heart and lung transplantation; and lung, GI, bowel and urologic or orthopaedic surgery.  By employing anesthesiologists who work in the hospital environment and deploying these highly-skilled anaesthesiologists in the SpaMedica plastic surgery centre, Dr. Mulholland can feel rest assured, as can his patients, that the best possible IV sedation and general anaesthesia is being deployed.

In the extremely unlikely event there is an anaesthetic mishap or reaction to the IV sedation or general anaesthesia, Dr. Mulholland and his team of academic teaching hospital anaesthesiologists have a 911 protocol in place where you will be transported. Care will be given at the finest teaching hospitals in the downtown core.  It is very reassuring for Toronto Plastic Surgery patients to note that in the 18 years that Dr. Mulholland has been performing over 300 plastic surgery procedures per year in the SpaMedica plastic surgery centre, there has not been one case or instance where a 911 protocol has been required for a patient receiving IV sedation or general anaesthesia.  However, it is important that this protocol is in place if it were ever to be required.

Dr. Mulholland places a high premium on both the highest possible aesthetic outcome in combination with the safest possible environment.  As part of your pre-operative screening, if you’re having IV sedation or general anaesthesia, Dr. Mulholland ensures that the blood tests and the cardiogram make you a safe candidate for an elective soft tissue plastic surgery procedure.

Fortunately, some of the biggest advances in aesthetic plastic surgery have been the ability to perform most procedures under local anaesthesia and oral sedation.  This form of anaesthesia makes the risk of reaction to IV sedation and general anaesthesia the lowest possible risk for any elective procedure.

During a consultation with Dr. Mulholland and Lori Williams, his long-term OR coordinator and registered nurse, the type of anaesthesia you would prefer – local anaesthesia with oral sedation or IV sedation or general anaesthesia – will be discussed and if IV sedation or general anaesthesia is deployed, a highly-skilled teaching hospital anaesthesiologist will be managing all your vital signs and ensuring the highest degree of safety possible.

Entrance to the SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre

Figure 12.  The entrance to the SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre

SpaMedica Reception

Figure 13.  The receiving area in the SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Centre

SpaMedica Consultation Room

Figure 14.  Dr. Mulholland’s Plastic Surgery Consultation room where Toronto Plastic Surgery patients have concierge and private care.

About the SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Client Service Representatives

Dr. Mulholland has been fortunate to assemble an excellent staff of very knowledgeable, kind, efficient and caring Client Service Representatives (CSRs) to ensure the best possible quality service during your SpaMedica experience. Your SpaMedica Surgical Client Service Representatives are the “Directors of First Impression”. Dr. Mulholland’s Toronto plastic surgery patients find all the CSRs to be knowledgeable, warm and helpful. All three of Dr. Mulholland’s surgical CSRs have worked in the Plastic Surgery division for years and have intimate knowledge of the various plastic surgery procedures. The CSR team helps you navigate through the process of booking, tests, scheduling and following up.

All SpaMedica Plastic Surgery CSRs have all had years of experience in various roles at SpaMedica. They have worked with Dr. Mulholland for years and worked their way into the demanding and rewarding surgery division.  Your SpaMedica surgical CSR team is responsible for all the logistics and detailed organization needed to undergo your plastic surgical procedure. You will meet the SpaMedica CSRs during your consultation and they will remind you of your appointments and details surrounding your procedure and follow-up. The SpaMedica CSR team will be responsive to your needs and ensure your SpaMedica experience is as smooth, safe and as pleasurable as possible. To contact the Plastic Surgery CSR team, call 416-922-2868 option 1

Plastic Surgery CSR TeamFigure 15. Surgical CSR Team (Left to right): Ida, Nicole, Jennifer, Christina

How do I schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica Medspa?

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or his Medspa team, simply call 877-211-7505 or e-mail a consult request form and a SpaMedica representative will respond promptly. Call now to schedule a consultation and start your SpaMedica journey of self-enhancement.


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