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Procedures to Get Rid of Love Handles


Love handles are simply fat that collects around your flanks/obliques. Unfortunately, some people store fat here in this area of their body and it can be incredibly difficult to lose fat from this area.

Alternative Names
Muffin Top
SpaMedica, Toronto, ON

Are You a Candidate?

Good candidates for love handles treatment are patients that have localized areas of fat deposits on their flanks/obliques that they want removed. Patients who would like more definition or a sleeker contour in of the flanks/obliques of their body are also good candidates for love handle treatment.

Procedure Details

What are love handles and what causes them?

People with love handle suffer from a very common condition, specifically a convex distention or a focal area of excess fat in the region of the hip and flank (called “the love handle” or muffin top). In most cases the love handles can have a hereditary or inherited component and may tend to run in the family, while in other cases, love handles may be exacerbated or worsened by a mild to moderate degree of obesity. Love handles may be resistant to diet and exercise and generally cause an aesthetically displeasing flank and hip fullness in bathing wear, tight blouses and shirts and clothing.

Can I treat my love handles? And if so, how can they be treated?

Patients can be treated at SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre by Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, using a variety of techniques. There are some non-surgical procedures and devices that can result in a noticeable reduction in the size and appearance of love handles without surgery. 

These non-surgical procedures include complete non invasive, non surgical techniques to reduce the size of the love handles include

  • UltraShape (ultrasonic reduction),
  • VelaShape, (Radiofrequency infrared and suction),
  • Thermage Body (radiofrequency energy),
  • TiteFX (Radiofrequency and High Voltage pulses),
  • Freeze (Radiofrequency and Magnetic pusles),
  • Zerona laser slimming and Triactive (low level laser therapy).

All of these non invasive technologies are available at SpaMedica and are often combined to optimize the non invasive circumference reduction of unwanted fat such as love handles.

Toronto love handle patients can also be treated by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, with a variety of liposuction treatments, which are very successful at optimizing the ideal contour for the love handles. For best results in love handle contouring, Dr. Mulholland would recommend one of the many liposuction techniques that he has helped pioneer and popularize. The more modern Energy Assisted Liposuction devices are the more modern Liposuction procedure and techniques, which have been pioneered and mastered by Dr. Mulholland and offered to Toronto love handle patients. With Energy assisted Liposuction, laser or electrical thermal energy or ultrasound is used to gently melt the fat and seal blood vessels prior to aspiration or removal of fat. The melted fat is then removed with less trauma than traditional liposuction. Less trauma removal of fat, together with the sealed blood vessels means less postoperative pain, swelling and bruising. Further, the Energy Assisted Liposuction devices also create heating under the skin resulting in skin contraction and tightening without surgical skin excision.

The Dr. Mulholland Energy assisted Liposuction procedures include:

  • SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposuction
  • Bodytite™ radiofrequency assisted liposuction
  • Vaser Ultrasound assisted Liposuction
  • Micro cannula tumescent liposuction

With all these techniques and skills at his disposal, Dr. Mulholland is best able to serve his love handle patients with the best possible liposuction technique for their particular area of concern.

After Care Instructions and Expectations

If I have my love handles treated will they return?

Recurrence of love handles following successful fat contouring, with either non invasive technologies or with some form of liposuction is relatively uncommon. Toronto love handle patients need to observe a reasonable lifestyle, diet and exercise to ensure that they don’t gain weight or this may cause abnormal contour collections in the area of love handle liposuction or love handle liposuction contouring.


The benefits of love handle removal treatment at SpaMedica are:

  • We offer nonsurgical treatment options which means no invasive incisions are required
  • Nonsurgical treatments require less downtime and recovery

SpaMedica offer our patients the chance to pertain a significant percentage of their nonsurgical love handle treatments costs against a surgical treatment option if you decided in the future to further treat your love handles.

Next Steps

If you are interested in seeking a consultation with Dr. Mulholland, SpaMedica and his expert team of body contouring experts, simply fill out our online form or call 877-712-8367 now to schedule a consultation.

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