Procedures to Treat a Pot Belly


Potbellies are simply fat that collects around your lower abdomen. It can be incredibly difficult to lose fat from this area. Fortunately, SpaMedica offer both surgical and nonsurgical potbelly treatments for patients.


  • Our nonsurgical procedure options mean no incisions are required and less downtime and recovery
  • SpaMedica offers our patients the chance to apply a significant percentage of their nonsurgical potbelly procedure costs against a surgical treatment option such as liposuction if you decided in the future to further treat your love handles.


What is a pot belly and what causes it?
Patients with a pot belly suffer from a very common condition, specifically excess fat and subcutaneous tissue of the lower abdomen or “pot”. The stomach pot may extend to the sides and over the flanks and this area is called the love handles. In addition to extra fat and subcutaneous tissue, there may also be loose skin and stretch marks on the abdominal skin following a weight loss or weight gain and child birth. The causes for extra fat and subcutaneous tissue are usually developmental, meaning too much caloric intake and not enough calories burned. However, there are many individuals that appear to be prone to weight gain in the central, truncal and lower abdominal area. In addition to the pot belly, there may be extra fat and subcutaneous adipose tissue of the upper abdomen below the rib cage and above the umbilicus or above the belly button.

Can I treat my pot belly? And if so, what can I treat it with?
Patients with pot belly can be treated at SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre in a variety of innovative and successful ways. There are non surgical treatments that will address focal reduction of fat in the lower abdomen, or “pot”, using a non-invasive energy device, including ultrasonic reduction called the UltraShape, the VelaShape, which is radiofrequency energy, infrared laser energy and suction, Thermage, radiofrequency body contouring, TiteFx which is radiofrequency and high voltage pulsing, Liposonix, which is also non-surgical ultrasonic reduction, as well as the Freeze product which is radiofrequency and magnetic resonance. Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre have invested in non invasive fat reduction technologies for non invasive fat reduction patients. The results of these non invasive treatments can be 2-4 cm (centimeters) of circumference reduction which is a nice, noticeable, modest improvement. None of these technologies have any pain recovery or downtime.

In addition to these focal fat reduction technologies, patients can also benefit from SpaMedica’s Zerona laser slimming program. Zerona is a non invasive, no downtime laser that gently and safely eliminates fat from fat cells, resulting in three to nine inches of reduction after six treatments in just over one month.

Minimally invasive treatments for pot belly offered by Dr. Stephen Mulholland and SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery include: Smart Lipo, where a fine laser is used to liquefy the fat prior to its gentle extraction and removal and also induces skin tightening. BodyTite™ is a radio frequency energy system for removal of fat and subcutaneous tissue and very significant skin tightening. Ultrasonic liposuction or Vaser, gently uses ultrasound energy to liquefy the fat prior to its reduction, and water assisted liposuction or BodyJet uses pro pulsatile water to remove the fat gently. All of these techniques have been mastered by Dr. Mulholland, who also teaches liposuction courses to hundreds of doctors from over North America, Europe and abroad.

If I have my pot belly treated will it come back? And can I prevent it?
Recurrence of localized areas of abdominal fat and love handle tissue is very uncommon and the nice results in fat reduction and contour improvement you see with your focal fat reduction treatment will be a long term improvement, following non invasive or minimally invasive fat reduction procedures, if care and attention is paid to maintaining the treatment weight. If the treatment weight is maintained, then the fat that is removed or reduced during your procedure will not come back and the results of your contour improvements will be long lasting. If, however, you have a caloric excess, without burning off these extra calories, then there can be a return of fatty tissue to the focal area of fat reduction. If recurrence happens, then repeat treatments, either non invasive or minimally invasive Smart Lipo, BodyTite™ or Vaser liposuction can be performed.



Used to achieve the contoured and desired look that is sometimes unattainable by diet and exercise.


A non-invasive fat reduction treatment that targets and freezes fat cells to be naturally removed.

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