Cellfina Cellulite Treatment Toronto

Cellfina Cellulite Treatment

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Cellfina is revolutionary new, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to release and improve the appearance of dimples and pitted cellulite of the buttock and back of upper thigh.

Cellfina is the foundation of the SpaMedica multiple technology approach to long term cellulite reduction.

Results last for 3+ years from a single treatment. The cause of and nature of cellulite renders it unresponsive to diet, exercise or lifestyle changes. Professional treatment by an experienced doctor is your only option for cellulite reduction.





Good Cellfina candidates have more advanced cellulite with noticeable dimples and indentations on the back of the buttock and back of the upper thigh.  Cellfina patients visiting our clinic in Toronto should not be pregnant or have uncontrolled medical diseases. Well controlled conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and skin disorders can be present and still lead to excellent Cellfina results.

Cellfina®: Smooth That Lasts – A Proven Cellulite Solution‎

    Dr. Mulholland from SpaMedica on CityLine Discusses Cellulite and New Aesthetic Procedures
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Dr. Mulholland from SpaMedica on CityLine Discusses Cellulite and New Aesthetic Procedures

Before and After

Cellfina - The Procedure

Cellulite dimples are marked and a numbing agent is applied. Next the treatment begins and takes an hour or less, in our office. After treatment, the area is cleaned and dressed and you are free to go.

Cellfina works so effectively because it attacks the core cause of cellulite:

Connective bands woven throughout fat in the thighs and buttocks is the structural cause of cellulite. It is the tension on the skin from these bands that pulls the skin down and creates a dimpled effect. Breaking the bands eases the tension – which is exactly what Cellfina does.  With the tension eased, the skin is able to bounce back and return to a smoothed state.


Figure 1. Cellfina is a new, long term cellulite reduction device that releases deeply dimpled cellulite deformities on the buttocks, back and side of the thigh.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a pathological and physiological disorder of the skin characterized by lumpy bumpy, irregular cottage cheese or orange peel appearing skin. In the worst forms of cellulite the skin is significantly indented, or dimpled the surrounding raised areas or nodules. Cellfina treats the more advanced cellulite with the deep dimples and grooves. The cellulite dimples are caused by shortening of bands connecting the skin to the underlying muscles and structure. These tethered and shortening bands must be divided to release the dimples and smooth  the skin. Cellfina innovation is its special ability to release these shortened bands, release the dimples and smooth the appearance of your cellulite.

Figure 2. Advanced cellulite is characterized by deep dimples, nodules and thinning of the skin. The vertical bands (septae) shorten in cellulite skin and pull the skin down causing the unsightly dimples. SpaMedica’s industry leading technology approach to cellulite reduction treats dimples, nodules and thin, lax skin with the “best in class” technologies. Cellfina treats the most visually unattractive component of advanced cellulite, the dimples, by selectively dividing the bands, releasing the dimples and smoothing the skin.


What is the cause of cellulite?

The exact cause for cellulite is unknown, although certain factors are known to be important, such as a hereditary predisposition, micro-circulatory compromise, or otherwise known as poor blood supply and fluid drainage to the skin, and hormonal factors such as estrogen. Over time, vertical bands connecting the skin to the underlying muscles shorten, causing disfiguring dimples. In addition, swollen fat swells into the skin causing bulges and nodules and the skin thins becoming lax. Diet, exercise and weight are, unfortunately, not causal factors for cellulite. Thin physically fit patients can have cellulite and full, figured, non-exercisers can have no cellulite. It is healthy to strive for a healthy lifestyle and a good decision to keep in shape, but it is techniques such as Cellfina and the comprehensive, SpaMedica cellulite reduction program that will give you the smoothest possible skin, attacking and correcting the anatomy of cellulite, releasing dimples, shrinking nodules and tightening skin.

What is the SpaMedica cellulite reduction program?

At SpaMedica, Toronto’s leading cellulite reduction center, Dr. Mulholland has invested in the best possible combination of technologies to give the best possible reduction of your cellulite. For more advanced nodule and pitted cellulite of the buttock and posterior and lateral thigh, Cellfina is the foundation and corner stone of the comprehensive program. Cellfina is used to release the dimples and pits the buttock and back of the thigh and outer thigh and provide long term improvement. The SpaMedica Cellulite reduction program then deploys other technologies, if needed, that work externally and non-invasively, to reduce any nodular component of the cellulite and tighten the skin. Cellfina is the leading technology that works directly inside the cellulite to divde the shortened vertical bands and  release dimples, but SpaMedica in Toronto also has other direct “inside” cellulite reduction technologies when there is very lax skin, such as Cellulaser and CelluTite RF.

The SpaMedica integrated cellulite program at our clinic in Toronto includes post Cellfina treatments (that are included as part of the cost)  that work externally and non-invasively to tighten skin, reduce nodules and the maintain the Cellfina benefit as long as possible.  These additional cellulite reduction technologies include RF (radiofrequency) technologies that will tighten the skin and reduce the nodules, such as the BodyFX, the Venus legacy, Excilis and the Velashape 3. These post Cellfina treatments begin about six to the eight-weeks following the Cellfina treatment and continue until the best possible result is achieved.

Cellfina Step by Step

How does the Cellfina treatment work?

You will undergo a comprehensive cellulite reduction consultation with an experienced SpaMedica treatment professional at our clinic in Toronto. The goals and expectations for your cellulite reduction will be assessed, as well as the severity of your cellulite. If you are a Cellfina candidate, a procedure date will be scheduled. The Cellfina procedure is minimally invasive and performed as an outpatient. There are 3 simple steps to your Cellfina cellulite reduction procedure.

Step 1.Cellulite Dimple Mapping: On the day of the Cellfina treatment cellulite dimples are photographed accurately and mapped. The mapping is important to ensure all the dimples to be treated are marked and identified so they all treated during the procedure. The Cellfina procedure is minimally invasive, performed as an outpatient and under local anesthesia.


Figure 3. The first step of your Cellfina procedure includes photography and accurate marking out of all the dimples to be treated. The mapping is critical to ensuring all your dimples are identified with a surgical marking pen so that they are treated during the Cellfina procedure.

Step 2. The local anesthesia: You Cellfina treatment is performed with you lying on your tummy, in the prone position, on a  comfortable massage bed. The infiltration of local anesthesia is then performed to ensure that the pits and cellulite have no feeling and are completely numb. The local anesthesia procedure is moderately uncomfortable, but rendered no more painful than a soft tissue filler or botox.  At SpaMedica Toronto, ProNox, nitrous oxide gas is available and can be used to make this step quite comfortable.


Figure 4. The dimples are then “frozen” with slow and acceptably comfortable infiltration of the local anesthesia.

Step3The Dimple Release.  The last step in your Cellfina treatment (and the most fun), is the capture and release of the dimples. During this phase the Cellfina device is placed over the dimples to be treated and suction is applied. The suction lifts up the cellulite and puts the vertical bands that cause the dimples on stretch and stabilizes them. The dimple stabilization is critical to the successful elimination of the dimples. Once the target dimple has been captured and suction stabilized, it is time for the guided release. A tiny micro-probe is guided and inserted through the tissue stabilizing platform into the cellulite directly. This is completely painless due to the local anesthesia. The Micro-probe is then passed across the cellulite tissue releasing the vertical bands that are causing the dimple and DIVIDES THE BANDS. The division of the vertical band, releases the dimple, which then POPS UP and smoothes the skin. Patients can often perceive, without pain, this release (a very pleasant and desirable feeling) and the skin smooths out.


Figure 5. The Dimple Release. A tiny micro probe is inserted through a guide into the cellulite and under the dimple. The probe is passed side-to-side dividing the vertical band that causes the dimple, releasing the soft tissue from being tethered and smooths the skin.


The procedure continues capturing and releasing all the dimples that were marked out. This selective release of the dimples and indented skin can result in very significant smoothing of the cellulite for a very long period of time.


Figure 6. The Cellulite is captured within the suction, stabilization Cellfina chamber. The micro probe divides the vertical bands, releasing the dimples and tethered soft tissue and smooths the overlying skin.

Are there any Cellfina side effects?

Cellfina patients can return to normal activities immediately. There is the expected minor degree of swelling (from the local anesthetic fluid) and mild bruising and discomfort, but there is no significant recovery.

After Care

Following the Cellfina procedure patients are encouraged to return to normal activities immediately. This can include walking, yoga, and low, as well as  high-impact physical activities Some patients complain of some of the local anesthesia that can leaks out the micro probe needle insertion port, but this dissipates in the first 24 hours.  As a precaution, absorbent pads should be placed over fine linen and furniture on the day of your procedure. Some Cellfina patients will experience mild bruising and swelling for 10 to 14 days. By three weeks, the buttocks, posterior thigh and lateral thigh cellulite looks much smoother and well over 90% patient satisfaction is reported at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and this 93% satisfaction is carried out 3 years and beyond.


What kind of results can I expect from my Cellfina treatment?

Cellfina studies have shown that significant improvement in the deepest dimples are achieved very quickly and that well over 90% patient satisfaction is still present at three years following the release. Cellfina is the longest term improvement and reduction of cellulite available in the market. At SpaMedica in Toronto, we add the additional Cellulite treatments to ensure the tightest possible skin and the best improvement in nodules.


Figure 7. Cellulite dimples on the back of the buttock shown before (left) and after the Cellfina treatment. The after photo was taken at 3 years.


Figure 8. Cellulite dimples before (left) and then (right) 2 years after Cellfina release.

What is the SpaMedica post Cellfina cellulite enhancement program ?

Why choose SpaMedica: for its best in class technology, the experience of its staff and its comprehensive cellulite reduction program. A “post Cellfina, non-invasive program” is offered for all patients (to ensure the best possible result) but is mandatory for Cellulite patients with lax skin and significant nodules. Starting at approximately 6 to 8 weeks, noninvasive external radiofrequency, ultrasound and suction coupled devices and shockwave technology are deployed to tighten the skin and improve the overall appearance of your cellulite. These devices include the Venus Legacy, Excilis, the BodyFX, Cellutone and Velashape 3. The most appropriate technologies are selected individually for each patient. These treatments are not an extra cost but are included as part of your Cellfina program. Not every patient elects to undergo these treatment, but it is our belief at SpaMedica, you will achieved an even better result from you Cellfina if you avail yourself of the complimentary interventions.

Is there any maintenance required following Cellfina ?

Patients leaving SpaMedica Toronto can achieve significant improvement in their dimples without any maintenance treatments following their Cellfina treatment. If your skin envelope is quite firm and you have no significant nodules, the Cellfina is often all you will need.  However for cellulite patients with skin laxity and nodules and for the best possible long-term cellulite reduction results, we do recommend ongoing treatments with the external devices, which are completely noninvasive and comfortable. After a series of complimentary treatments, one session is recommended every 3 to 4 months to maintain the tightest possible skin and longest-term reduction of nodules.

Benefits of Cellfina Cellulite Reduction

  • Cellfina® patients report 93% satisfaction at three years
  • Longest-lasting Health Canada licensed cellulite treatment
  • Significant and rapid improvement
  • Minimally invasive
  • Well-tolerated
  • Little-to-no downtime

Schedule Your Consult Now

To schedule a SpaMedica Cellfina consultation, simply fill out one of the online forms on this page, fill out the live chat feature, or simply call SpaMedica at the number listed above and a SpaMedica representative can discuss the Cellfina program with you and schedule your consultation. We look forward to smoothing out your future!