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Leg Vein Reduction

Leg Vein Reduction Summary

SpaMedica is home to one of Canada’s most advanced leg vein reduction, management and scleroptherapy programs. SpaMedica has the right treatment and prevention options for leg vein treatment.

Single treatment starts at $280
Recovery Time
No downtime required
Before & After Gallery
SpaMedica, Toronto, ON
Length of Procedure
15-30 minutes per leg

Are You A Leg Vein Reduction Candidate?

Candidates for leg vein reduction include women and men over 18 years old who have a cosmetic concern with unwanted leg veins and do not suffer from reflux (leakiness) of the deeper venous system.

Procedure Details

Leg Vein Reduction Treatment Toronto

If you are seeking a Toronto leg vein reduction specialist, then Dr. Stephen Mulholland and the cosmetic dermatologists at SpaMedica would like to offer you the best, most advanced and effective leg vein reduction treatments available. SpaMedica is a one of a kind medical spa facility that brings the very best in high tech medical therapies with the service commitment and attention to detail of a day spa. Helping you achieve the most the best results possible is our number one goal at SpaMedica.

What is leg vein reduction?

The causes of visible and aesthetically displeasing and often functional leg vein problems are numerous. Pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, hereditary factors, female hormonal influences on the valves of the leg vein system can result in leakiness or backflow of the venous blood into the plumbing of the leg vein system in the thigh, mid-leg and calf. As the venous pressure increases, smaller valves in the surface systems also get backflow and you begin to develop visible spider veins, dilatations of the veins, called varicosities, which can sometimes be painful.

Like in a dam and irrigation system, if the physician does not deal with the larger leaky veins in the groin and upper thigh then the likelihood of controlling more aesthetically displeasing superficial spider veins and varicose veins becomes extremely low if not impossible.

At SpaMedica we utilize venous ultrasound scans of the groin and the large vein connections at the saphenous and femoral vein junction, as well as through the mid thigh, to assess and diagnose reflux pathology and leg vein disease. On your first consultation scanning your leg painlessly with the venous ultrasound will allow the treatment technicians and leg vein specialists at SpaMedica to determine what kind of leg vein customized therapy you may require.

If you have leakiness at the high groin point, called the sapheno-femoral junction, in the past you would have undergone an in-hospital stay and had a leg vein stripping operation. This is a painful and morbid procedure, often requiring a week or more of hospitalized recovery. Leg Vein Stripping has been largely replaced by a very high-tech outpatient procedure that takes less than 30 minutes to perform, called, the Endoluminal Leg Vein Closure. This fancy sounding name simply involves infiltrating local anesthesia around the larger vein of the upper thigh, called the saphenous vein. Leakiness at the saphenous vein in the groin is often cause for high venous pressures in the smaller veins of the lower leg that lead to spider veins. Once the local anesthetic is instilled, a small laser is then inserted, much like an intravenous catheter, into your hand or leg and the small laser under ultrasound guidance is threaded up through the local anesthetized saphenous vein emitting laser energy which closes off the large saphenous vein, preventing reflux and high venous pressures and often will significantly improve or be curative of varicose veins and decrease the visibility of aesthetically displeasing surface veins. This procedure takes about 15 minutes to 30 minutes per leg, is done under local anesthesia as an outpatient treatment. You wear wraps and support hose for two or three days. You can be back to normal activities of daily living such as shopping and ambulation the next day.

Once you have controlled the larger leaky veins in your leg vein system then you can approach the cosmetically displeasing large “blueberry” veins or varicose veins as well as the larger linear and straight blue veins and spider veins. A small procedure using a tiny, little vein removal instrument under local anesthesia can remove the larger veins, a procedure called a phlebectomy. This procedure is aesthetically pleasing, done quickly under local anesthetic and often can be performed at the same time as the endoluminal venous closure. The varicose veins, once removed, are treated again with a wrap and support hose for several days.

The smaller spider veins or spider varicosities are treated with traditional injection sclerotherapy using chemical scleroscents. Furthermore, at SpaMedica we do what we call a “double injury” technique where we perform laser leg vein removal combined with chemical sclerotherapy for the highest possible degree of success in removing cosmetically displeasing spider veins.

What happens during a leg vein reduction treatment?

To fade and minimize superficial spider veins on the legs with sclerotherapy injections and multiple wavelength lasers and/or IPL (intense pulsed light) systems combined with RF (radio frequency) energy. Most candidates require a minimum of 3 to 6 treatments every 3 to 4 weeks. Lasers and IPL – Light emitted from these devices is selectively absorbed by the hemoglobin pigment in the leg vein to induce a reaction that closes off the vessel lumen. At SpaMedica, we can deploy a long pulsed 1064nm laser, a 940nm laser, a 910nm laser with RF or IPL Sclerotherapy – A needle injection technique using chemical sclerosing agents to reduce spider and reticular veins of the legs. Test spots for both procedures are required 7 days prior to having full treatment.

After Care Instructions

It is recommended that medical grade compression stockings be worn daily after treatment for 1 – 2 weeks to maximize the outcome of your treatment.  These are available for purchase at the clinic.

It is possible to return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment.


Your SpaMedica in office leg vein reduction treatment program will be complemented with a recommendation for our medical grade Home Skin Care and Leg Vein Support Garments which will help support and enhance your leg vein treatment results.

Side Effects

Immediately after treatment the area may be slightly red and puffy for 24 – 48 hours.  Most will develop bruising that disappears over 7 – 10 days.  Some laser treatments may resemble a “cat scratch” appearance that will disappear over 7 – 10 days.


The success of this leg vein program is really rather remarkable with over 95% of patients achieving improvement of the sapheno and femoral reflux, and, after four to six sessions of spider vein therapy, patients enjoy over 75% improvement in visible varicose and spider veins.

Benefits of Leg Vein Reduction Treatment

  • Sclerotherapy and laser vein reduction treatments are safe, time-proven treatments that cause little to zero discomfort.
  • These treatments provide an overall improvement in the appearance of the veins.
  • There is no downtime required. Patients can immediately resume work and almost all normal activities.

How Much Does Leg Vein Reduction Cost?

Pricing Starts at

15 min session – $280 each, or a package of 3 for $783
30 min session – $448 each, or a package of 3 for $1,119
1 hour session – $895 each, or a package of 2 for $1,522, or a package of 3 for $2,239


Consultation fee including Doppler ultrasound analysis is $100.
$50 of the consult fee is deductible from treatment costs.
Compression stockings are an added cost.

Next Steps

If you have any questions regarding your leg vein treatment options, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment. Please call our SpaMedica Toronto office today at 877-712-8367. Alternatively, you can submit a consultation request by filling out the online consultation form by clicking the "Book A Consultation" button.

About Us

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a well known and experienced cosmetic surgeon and his SpaMedica treatment team are dedicated to providing our leg vein reduction patients with the highest level of care using the most up to date, advanced and effective leg vein reduction and sclerotherapy treatment technologies. Our SpaMedica leg vein reduction treatment team will inform you on your treatment options and will design the best possible treatment program for you.

SpaMedica’s leg vein reduction treatment team is in a position to offer you many effective leg vein treatment therapies to diminish unsightly veins, slim your silhouette, reduce focal fat and smoothen your cellulite.

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