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How Morpheus8 Changed My Skin Forever

I recently realized that I needed to focus on refreshing and rejuvenating my skin. I decided to try something new as my 30th birthday approached. 

Even though I had been getting regular neuromodulator treatments, I noticed that my skin looked a bit tired. I had acne-prone skin with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, along with red undertones, and my goal was to improve my skin’s appearance and firmness. 

I started to do my own research, browsing through numerous blogs, forums and reviews. That’s when I came across testimonials about Morpheus8. I was curious about the benefits and the Morpheus8 results of those who had undergone the treatment. 

I decided to try Morpheus8 for the first time. 

This is my honest experience with Morpheus8. 

Part I: The Consultation 

Eager to learn more, I scheduled a consultation at my usual MedSpa. 

During the consultation, the treatment designer took the time to explain everything about the treatment and address all my worries. I felt better-informed and we decided on a package of three sessions. 

I eagerly counted down the days until my first treatment. 

Part II: The Treatment 

My first appointment was scheduled for a July morning, and I went in. In the waiting room, I was a mix of nerves and excitement, but my treatment provider reassured me, especially with the option of a numbing cream and Pronox for pain. 

We got some good “before” photos of my face and neck, and after a 30-minute numbing period, the treatment started. 

I was aware the procedure might be a little uncomfortable, but even though I trusted the clinic’s expertise, I still had some nerves about what to expect. 

My aesthetician started by working on my neck and applying numbing cream to my face to keep it effective for subsequent areas and for the rest of the treatment.   

The sensation that followed was like a warm, gentle pressure, and the noise the device made surprised me more than the actual feeling. The device uses tiny pins to deliver 24 in total, into my skin while emitting radiofrequency (RF) energy. It combines the anti-aging benefits of both microneedling and RF at the same time! 

I felt a slowly increasing stinging sensation, kind of like what you might feel from a sunburn. 

The treatment was bearable, thanks to the numbing cream I used for pain relief. I also appreciated having the option of Pronox in case I needed extra support. 


Part III: The Aftercare & Results 


After the procedure, I experienced some swelling and redness. My aesthetician reassured me that this was a normal part of the process and provided me with the right skincare products for aftercare. Although uncomfortable at first, I was optimistic about the results I could achieve from the Morpheus8 treatment. 

Before I went to bed that evening, the redness and swelling had decreased, and I only had some small needle marks on my neck as a reminder of the treatment. I made sure to keep my skin clean with a gentle cleanser and moisturised with the products my aesthetician had provided. 

It takes about three weeks to start seeing results from the treatment, and I was looking forward to seeing my progress. 

After that first Morpheus8 treatment, I noticed some changes in my skin: First off, my makeup started looking more amazing on my skin with the same products I had always used. On top of that, my jawline appeared tighter and more defined, and even my submentum (“double-chin area”) seemed smaller and firmer! 

By week three, I noticed my skin feeling so much smoother. 

For my second treatment, which was five weeks after the first, I noticed a more stinging sensation compared to the first. Even though my aesthetician assured me that the settings were the same, I was surprised by my lower tolerance. 

Later, I found out I was more sensitive because I had some wine the night before, which made me dehydrated. Keep this pro tip in mind: avoid alcohol the day before treatment. 

When it comes to side effects, I experienced some minor swelling and redness at the treatment area, but these cleared up after a few hours. I also had some bruising on my jawline, but I was re-assured and given a “post-procedure balm” and sunscreen to help with the healing process. 

When my third and final treatment came around, I realized there was a snag. 

It turned out that the treatment was scheduled on the same day as my regular neuromodulator treatment, and I started to feel a bit anxious.  

Would it be possible to have both treatments on the same day? 

I found out I could. 

And so, my third Morpheus8 procedure went first, and then I had my neuromodulator treatment and a lip flip. 

This combination with a neuromodulator worked wonders, making my skin feel firmer, smoother and giving it a healthier glow. Everyone, including my friends and family, noticed the change and their lovely compliments boosted my confidence even more. 

After my three treatments, I went back for my follow-up appointment with my aesthetician. We took some “after” photos which were sent to my consultant, and we were all pleased with the results. 


My Final Morpheus8 Results 


Overall, my Morpheus8 experience was even better than I expected. 

My acne is completely gone, my skin looks so much better, my jawline is more defined, my neck looks tighter, and my laugh lines are fading. 

If you’re thinking about trying Morpheus8 or a similar treatment, I say go for it! 

Get Morpheus8 at SpaMedica in Toronto 

Looking to rejuvenate your skin and turn back the clock? Morpheus8 might be the perfect treatment for you! Remember, investing in yourself always pays off, so just be sure to connect with the right treatment providers. 

At SpaMedica in Toronto, we’re dedicated to providing you with personalized, professional care that’s comprehensive and top-notch. 

Don’t hesitate to book a consultation with our experts today. 

This real-life experience was consented to and shared for reproduction with permission from the owner. 

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