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Volumalift in Toronto

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Starts at $2,999
Procedure Time
30 minutes
Recovery Time
7-10 days

How Much Does a Volumalift Cost?

The cost of a Volumalift injection procedure starts at $2,999, depending on the number of units injected.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Volumalift Procedure?

Most patients can return to their normal routine almost immediately after a Volumalift treatment, with some swelling and bruising involved. Bruising can worsen the next day and is usually more apparent around the mouth. It usually takes 7-10 days to fully recover from the procedure.

How Long Does a Volumalift Treatment Take?

On average, a Volumalift injection treatment takes 30 minutes to complete.

What is Volumalift?

Volumalift is a soft tissue filler injection made from naturally occurring sugar molecules known to be used to treat signs of aging, such as smile lines, laugh lines, and skin quality. Volumalift is known to be used to replace the loss of facial fat and volume in order to support the deflated buttresses of the face. Volumalift was developed by SpaMedica’s previous resident doctor, Dr. Mulholland.

Expectations for Volumalift

While there are no specific traits that dictate candidacy, there are certain conditions that can make the process more seamless.

● Proper Physical Health: Good health and a lack of serious medical conditions are vital for a proper recovery following a Volumalift injection procedure.

● Logical Expectations: As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, good Volumalift candidates have realistic expectations concerning the risks and benefits of the surgery.

Risks of Volumalift

Like all treatments, Volumalift comes with the risk of potential complications. Some Volumalift risks have been reported, such as:


Redness is typically resolved a day or two after the treatment.


Facial skin is particularly tender after the treatment.


Most discomfort is diminished after the first week.


Bruising can occasionally be visible after the treatment.

Non-Surgical Volumalift Alternatives

Botox injections, other dermal fillers, Morpheus8, and fractional lasers.

How to Prepare for a Volumalift Treatment?

Prior to your treatment, the injection team will review your medications and medical history. SpaMedica doctors may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before the treatment.

What to Expect After a Volumalift Treatment

Following your treatment, your injection team will recommend a postoperative care regime. This regime will include instructions about the importance of avoiding physical activity, abstaining from alcohol and smoking, and minimizing exposure to the sun.

Volumalift Recovery and Timeline

Immediately After the Treatment: The effects of the treatment can be apparent. Follow all aftercare instructions provided by the clinic.

Day 2: Patients can return to work with mild to moderate swelling.

One Week: Bruising, redness, and tenderness should subside.

16 Months After the Treatment: Patients often schedule another appointment at this point to maintain results.

Volumalift FAQ

How Painful is it to Get a Volumalift?

Patients can expect mild discomfort, tenderness, and swelling at the injection site.

Are the Results of Volumalift Permanent?

No, the results of a Volumalift treatment are not permanent. The results of the procedure must be maintained every 16 months.

Does Volumalift reduce sagging in the face?

Volumalift can define the jawline and restore lost volume, causing the skin to sag less, but results are different for everyone.

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