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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Non-surgical hair restoration is a combination of non-invasive techniques and technologies that will commonly result in thicker, more natural-looking hair without the need for hair transplant surgery.

The combination of techniques includes low-level laser therapy, topical minoxidil and growth stimulators, in combination with topical nutrient-based shampoo.

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Up to $2000

Procedure Details

SpaMedica offers combination of treatments to patients who will undergo our non-surgical hair restoration and hair growth program. In our clinic, we offer painless, low-level light therapy. The machine emits red and green light that will be position and exposed over the thinning scalp hair.

The laser hair growth technology uses very high energy (50mW per bulb which is far stronger than home laser treatments). The NEOLTS (neo-lights), the low-level light laser treatment, is performed 20 minutes twice a week for two months, followed by once a week for four months, accumulating to a six-month hair restoration program. The treatments are completely painless, relaxing and have no down time.

After Care and Expectations

In general, those individuals that have undergone the six-month program can expect a lasting densification and thickness to the hair of 12 to 24 months duration. Over time, without any maintenance treatments, the underlying genetic causes of male and female pattern hair loss will dominate and the hair will fall out and look uncompensated and lack of density that you experienced at the completion of the program. Thus, maintenance treatments are recommended. With laser hair growth, topical serums and medicated shampoo every three months, a very long term visible increase in density can often be achieved.

Studies that show that high-fluence, low-level light therapy in the red and green wavelength spectrum helps stimulate dormant – called telogen – bulbs to grow. Thus, although high-fluence, low-level light therapy will not stop the progression of your male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss, it will stimulate the growth of dormant hair that would otherwise be quiescent and not visible to grow and thus can add to the visible density.


In addition to the low-level light therapy, patients are also given a topical serum, applied nightly. This topical serum, called Morphogen, has many topical nutrients, safe scalp growth stimulants and 15% minoxidil (trade name Rogaine). The strong minoxidil is a scalp vasodilator (opens up blood vessels) which improved oxygen rich blood supply to the scalp and is usually only available in strengths of 2-5%.


Morphogen is high-grade, compounded scalp serum penetrates down to the follicles and the bulbs and optimizes, again, the health of those bulbs that are being assaulted by dihydrotestosterone or other genetic factors that will lead to the hair thinning and falling out. The Morphogen is popular, not only because it works in a high percentage of patients, BUT, it can also be applied only to the scalp at night time and does not interfere with normal hair routines in the morning (shower, shampoo, gels, sprays and product).

The final component of the program is topical nutrient shampoo. The combination of this nutrient shampoo used every night and morning with Morphogen serum and low-level light therapy is valuable to patients who are not prepared to undergo more invasive FUE (follicular hair extraction) program.


It is recommended that patients who responded well to the treatment to y on the nightly topical Morphogen serum with the 15% minoxidil and also continue with their medicated nutrient shampoo.


The treatments are completely painless, relaxing and have no down time. The non-surgical hair restoration program is not invasive, thus you will not have scarring. The treatment has proven to be effective to patients who have mild hair thinning. Patients can expect to get denser, thicker hair without the risks of invasive hair transplant. There is no anesthetic required.

Can Females Get Hair Restoration?

Yes, depending upon the stage and severity of female pattern hair loss, the SpaMedica can treat female patients. Many early stage female patients with thinning hair restoration have found the program to be effective and saw tremendous results. In fact, the non-surgical hair restoration program helps minimize the risk of “shock hair”.


The six-month non-surgical hair restoration program is available for just under $2,000. Injectable treatments are an additional $250 per session. Patients who complete the program may also apply a significant proportion of the fees paid for the non-surgical program against a possible FUE hair transplant that uses a combination of Artas and NeoGraft.

Next Steps

SpaMedica offers you a personalized non-surgical hair restoration therapy and program. You will receive the best possible combination treatments using low-level laser, proven topical serums and growth stimulants.


Schedule a consult online or call to make your appointment: 1-877-695-2835. You can upload up to three photos for Dr. Mulholland to review prior to consultation.

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