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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Toronto

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Before & After Photos

From $1,999/12-treatment package
Procedure Time
20 minutes
Recovery Time
No Downtime

How Much Does a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Cost?

Non-surgical hair restoration varies by patient but a package of treatments typically starts at $1,999 for a twelve-treatment package.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration?

Non-surgical hair restoration programs have no downtime.

How Long Does a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Take?

Non-surgical hair restoration is performed for 20 minutes, once or twice a week for two months, followed by once a week for four months, accumulating to a six-month program.

What is Non-Surgical Hair Restoration?

Non-surgical hair restoration is a combination of non-invasive techniques and technologies that will commonly result in thicker, more natural-looking hair without the need for hair transplant surgery.

The combination of techniques includes low-level laser therapy, topical minoxidil and growth stimulators, in combination with topical nutrient-based shampoo. Injection of growth factors from a patient’s own blood can also be added to the program.

Who is a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Candidate?

Those who have mild hair thinning are candidates for non-surgical hair restoration.

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Pain-Free Alternative

The treatments are completely painless, relaxing and have no downtime. There is no anesthetic required.

No Scarring

The non-surgical hair restoration program is not invasive, meaning you will not have any scarring.

Ideal for Mild Thinning

The treatment has proven to be sufficient for patients who have mild hair thinning. Patients can expect denser, thicker hair without the risks of an invasive hair transplant.

Suitable for Females

Many early-stage female patients with thinning hair restoration have found the program to be effective and saw tremendous results.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Risks

There are little to no risks reported for non-surgical hair restoration programs.

Why Choose SpaMedica for Non-Surgical Hair Restoration?

SpaMedica offers personalized non-surgical hair restoration therapy and programs to all patients. You will receive the best possible combination treatments using a low-level laser, proven topical serums and growth stimulants. Dr. Mulholland and his team have been at the forefront of laser therapy programs for twenty years. Thousands of men and women have come from around the world to SpaMedica to receive hair restoration treatment.

Different Types of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Low level, high fluence red and green light lasers, high strength (15%) minoxidil, microneedling and growth factor injection are all offered through integrated programs at SpaMedica.

How is a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Performed by Dr. Mulholland?

Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica team offer a combination of treatments to patients who undergo our non-surgical hair restoration and hair growth program through low-level light therapy. The machine emits red and green light that will be positioned and exposed over the thinning scalp hair.

The laser hair growth technology uses very high energy (50mW per bulb, which is far stronger than home laser treatments). The NeoLTS, the low-level light laser treatment, is performed 20 minutes twice a week for two months, followed by once a week for four months, accumulating to a six-month hair restoration program.

In addition to the low-level light therapy, patients are also given a topical serum, applied nightly. This topical serum, called Morphogen, has many topical nutrients, safe scalp growth stimulants and 15% minoxidil (trade name Rogaine). This strong minoxidil opens up blood vessels, which improves the oxygen-rich blood supply to the scalp.

The final element of the program is topical nutrient shampoo. The combination of this nutrient shampoo used every night and morning with Morphogen serum and low-level light therapy is valuable to patients who are not prepared to undergo a more invasive FUE (follicular hair extraction) program.

Growth factors from your own blood can also be injected at the time of your laser treatments.

How to Prepare for a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

There is no preparation needed for a non-surgical hair restoration program.

What to Expect After a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

In general, those that have undergone the six-month program can expect lasting densification and thickness to the hair for 12 to 24 months.

Although if you do not follow up with maintenance treatments, the underlying genetic causes of male and female pattern hair loss will dominate, and the hair will fall out and look uncompensated, lacking the density that you experienced after the program.

With laser hair growth, topical serums and medicated shampoo every three months, a very long term visible increase in density can often be achieved.

It is recommended that patients who responded well to the treatment utilize the nightly topical Morphogen serum with the 15% minoxidil and continue with their medicated nutrient shampoo.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Recovery & Timeline

There is no recovery time for non-surgical hair restoration. Once patients have completed the 6-month program, they will obtain denser, thicker hair.

Best Procedures Paired with Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

FUE Neograft

The NeoGraft is a robotic hair transplant system that extracts hair follicles from the scalp or other areas on the body to be implanted in a designated area.


The ARTAS Hair Transplant System is an automatic robotic device that extracts healthy hair follicles that are harvested and implanted in a designated area.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration FAQ

How Painful is it to Get a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration?

Non-surgical hair restoration is pain-free.

Will the Results Look Natural?

For 20 years, SpaMedica has set the standard for safe, high-quality cosmetic surgery in Toronto. Natural and beautiful outcomes are the gold standard!

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