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Marionette Lines Treatment

Marionette lines are a natural part of facial aging; their appearance can add years to your face. So, have you ever wondered why we rarely see celebrities with marionette lines? Luckily, there are easy ways to soften these wrinkles through cosmetic treatments and lifestyle changes.

This guide by SpaMedica will walk you through everything you need to know about marionette lines, from what causes them to how to treat them.

What Causes Marionette Lines?

Marionette lines form gradually with age as your skin loses collagen, elastin, and fat. Collagen and elastin are proteins that keep facial skin firm and supple. Your skin’s natural oil production also slows as you age, causing dryness that exacerbates wrinkles.

Factors that hasten collagen and elastin breakdown include:

  • Sun exposure: UV rays damage skin proteins and cause wrinkles.
  • Smoking: Smoking restricts blood vessels and depletes skin nutrients.
  • Facial expressions: Repeated pursing or frowning leads to etched-in lines over time.
  • Genetics: Your genes influence how quickly you lose facial fat and collagen.

Marionette lines usually start faintly in your 30s and become more pronounced in your 40s and beyond. However, this can greatly vary depending on your genetics and lifestyle choices. Some people experience these as early as their teenage years.

Treating Marionette Lines

If your marionette lines are bothering you, discuss these marionette lines’ treatment options with a cosmetic provider. There are plenty of non-invasive and surgical options available.

Wrinkle Relaxers

Injectables like marionette lines Botox relax the muscles around the mouth to smooth out etched-in lines. For Botox injectable treatment performed by one of Toronto’s leading cosmetic plastic surgeons, Dr. Amber Chen, the cost per unit is $18.00 for the initial 60 units. Alternatively, you can have the injection administered by one of Dr. Chen’s trained and experienced nurses, who charge between $8.99 and $12.00 per unit injected.

As for the procedure, it is quick, lasting only 15-30 minutes with a 3-hour recovery window. Effects last 3-6 months, so maintenance treatments are needed. Botox works best on newer wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Marionette line fillers are one of the best solutions to add volume to sunken facial areas. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm effectively fill marionette lines.

However, since there are so many types of fillers, it’s important to work with a professional to find the right one for your needs. Pricing and procedure details may vary depending on the type of filler for marionette lines used.

Results typically last 6-12 months. Overfilling can look unnatural, so an experienced injector is key. If you want to avoid getting marionette lines filler gone wrong, trust SpaMedica.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing uses concentrated laser energy to remove damaged outer skin layers and reveal smoother new skin. It stimulates collagen rebuilding deep in the skin. A series of regular 30-minute treatments costs approximately $799. Improved skin texture and marionette lines will appear after about two weeks—mild redness and swelling last a few days after each session. More aggressive ablative lasers have more prolonged downtime up to 10 days but longer-lasting results.

Radiofrequency Treatments

In a similar vein, radiofrequency devices penetrate deep into the skin with heat energy to stimulate collagen remodelling. It does not damage the surface like lasers. There is no significant downtime with radiofrequency but some temporary skin redness. This is a good option for treating moderate marionette lines.

Thread Lifts

Threads with tiny barbs are inserted under the skin to lift and tighten the lower face. Local anesthesia is used during three sessions of 60 minutes. Improved marionette lines will need upkeep, requiring you to return every 4-6 months.

Cheek Implants

Solid cheek implants add volume to the midface. As one of our most expensive options, the cost starts at $7,999. During the 2-hour procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth or lower eyelid. This outpatient surgery takes 1-2 hours and requires three days of recovery. Unlike the other options, the results here are permanent. This procedure is recommended for patients who have lost significant volume in their cheeks due to aging or weight loss.

How to Prevent Marionette Lines

While you can’t stop aging, protecting your skin daily and maintaining facial fat can help prevent and minimize marionette lines. Tips include:

  • Use sunscreen and wear hats to limit sun exposure. UV damage hastens wrinkling.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking depletes collagen and elastin.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water plumps skin and prevents dryness.
  • Use moisturizer and serums with hyaluronic acid. They hydrate skin and reduce wrinkle depth.
  • Eat a healthy diet high in antioxidants. Berries and leafy greens provide collagen-protecting antioxidants.
  • Manage stress levels. Chronic stress causes facial tension and etching lines. Try relaxing activities like yoga.
  • Sleep on your back. Sleeping face-down squishes your face, increasing wrinkle risk.


Does microneedling help marionette lines?

Yes, microneedling can stimulate collagen production in indented wrinkles like marionette lines. Multiple treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart are needed to see results that may last 1-2 years.

What is the best way to reduce marionette lines?

For mild lines, dermal fillers provide the fastest correction with minimal downtime. Botox softens etched lines around the mouth. For more advanced wrinkling, laser skin resurfacing or a facelift offer longer-lasting improvements. Discuss options with a cosmetic provider.

Marionette Lines Removal Solutions At SpaMedica

For marionette lines, SpaMedica provides an array of surgical and nonsurgical treatments. To discover the ideal option for you and understand the risks and considerations, schedule a consultation with us today!

Botox Injection

Works to relax the facial muscles that are responsible for facial movement, reducing and softening signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.


A soft tissue dermal filler for facial contour augmentation, for lip enhancement, and improve the appearance of wrinkles.


A hyaluronic acid dermal filler that can control the signs of aging.


Juvederm, one of the most popular dermal fillers available, used to soften lines, wrinkles & add volume lost through the aging process.

Thread Lifts

A minimally invasive procedure that uses biodegradable threads to lift and tighten sagging skin, offering a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Cheek Lift

A surgical procedure designed to elevate and reposition sagging cheeks, delivering a youthful and rejuvenated facial contour.

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