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Enlarged Pores


Enlarged pores are an unfortunate result of hereditary, aging, acne and environmental factors affecting the skin. The most common areas affected are the T-zone of the forehead and face.

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Are You a Candidate?

Candidates with enlarged or oversized pores who want a nonsurgical solution to their enlarged pores are ideal candidates for treatment from SpaMedica.

Procedure Details

  • What is an enlarged pore? What causes enlarged pores?

    Patients suffering from enlarged pores can be easily treated, using non-surgical pore reduction treatments with little down-time at SpaMedica. Enlarged pores are exactly that, pores on the skin that are larger than all the others. These enlarged pores are more visible to the naked eye and make the skin appear less smooth and even. The most common area for the enlarged pores is on the face.

    Pores can become enlarged for a variety of reasons but most commonly it is age or acne. The natural aging process of the skin makes the pores less elastic which makes them more visible. Acne lesions can leave the pore stretched from the bacteria that had build up inside the pore and when the pore is “cleaned out’ it is left larger than normal.

    Enlarged pores are an unfortunate result of hereditary and environmental factors affecting the skin, principally of the T-zone of the forehead and face.  The T-zone is the area between the eyebrows and central forehead, bounded by the cheeks, nose and chin.  It is this area of the face that is most commonly affected by enlarged pores.  Pores are exit sites for underlying glandular structures, such as sweat glands and sebaceous hair glands.  Enlarged pores can be the result of genetics, that is, hereditary predisposition, to oily, sebaceous and porous skin or it can be as a result of inflammatory conditions, such as Rosacea, erythema and acne.

  • What treatments are available at SpaMedica?

    Fractional CO2 lasers (Fraxel®-like lasers) as well as fractional radiofrequency needle devices (INTRAcel, Fractora™, eMatrix) can be used alone or in combination with the laser and intense-pulsed light systems to directly deliver energy through a small micro-needle system into the deeper layers of the skin where the glands reside.  These micro-needle thermal energy stimulation treatments can result in markedly enhanced thickness of the dermis, collagen content and elastin, which will form a “noose” around the actual appearance of the macropore, making it much smaller, less apparent and, on occasion, nearly invisible.  In addition, the combination therapy of laser, lights and radiofrequency needle devices will also attack the actual sebaceous and sweat glands themselves, reducing their number and activity, minimizing any recurrence of the pore or the formation of new pores.

    These treatment programs are usually one to several treatments in number, separated by several weeks each. The recovery after these treatments is usually minimal, with some redness and swelling.  Most patients can return to work the next day; if not, after two to three days.  The treatments are performed under topical anesthesia and are very safe with a low risk of adverse reactions and events.

    In seeking out treatment for your enlarged pores with Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica, you will receive the most advanced and comprehensive array of combination treatments leading to the best possible improvement in your enlarged pores. 

  • How can I prevent my enlarged pores from coming back or from getting more?

    Recurrence will certainly happen if you do not maintain your result with proper home skin care, sun protection, monthly such as SpaMedica Silk Peels and quarterly SpaMedica laser treatments. Once the areas have been treated with the best SpaMedica treatment program for your skin, your SpaMedica treatment professional will recommend a home regime to protect your investment. SpaMedica has been serving skin care patients since 1997 and is one of Canada’s oldest, most recognized and reputable Laser Skin Care and Cosmetic Dermatology Centers. Our patients also have the advantage of seeing one of SpaMedica’s experienced cosmetic Dermatologists.


Whatever the cause of enlarged pores, there have certainly been great strides in development of technologies and treatments that diminish, reduce and sometimes even nearly completely eliminate the appearance of large pores.  Large pores, also called macropores, can be treated by techniques that enhance the collagen content of the skin surrounding the pore, reducing its size or attacking the actual underlying structures leading to maintenance and perpetuation of the enlarged pores, specifically the glands.

Dr. Mulholland has been an innovator, developer and pioneer of many of the leading technologies that are used to diminish pores.  His specific protocols for combining these technologies will give you the best possible pore reduction that is available in the market today.

Lasers and intense-pulsed light systems can be used to pass across the area of enlarged pores, reducing their size by minimizing both the inflammatory conditions that may give rise to the pores and enhancing the collagen content of the skin around the pores.

Additional Procedures

Other complementary techniques, such as microdermabrasion and ultrasonic microdermabrasion to reduce the sebaceous plugs within the pores and home skin care programs that are medical grade will help perpetuate and protect your investment in your pore reduction strategies and treatments.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with SpaMedica to treat your enlarged pores, simply fill out the online consultation request form. A SpaMedica service professional will get back to you quickly. Or call SpaMedica now to ask for a consultation to reduce your pores.

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Over the past 20 years, SpaMedica has gained a reputation as being one of Canada’s oldest, most reputable, experienced and advanced cosmetic plastic surgery facilities, laser dermatology centres and medical spas.  Dr. Stephen Mulholland has gained an international reputation as an innovator, pioneer and leading expert in the non-surgical and non-invasive management of aesthetic skin disorders, such as unwanted wrinkles, laxity and enlarged pores.  In seeking out a consultation treatment with Dr. Mulholland, you will gain the advantage of having one of the world’s leading experts in the management of large pores in the centre with the widest array of efficacious and advanced technology for improvement and reduction of your aesthetic skin concerns, including enlarged pores.