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Loose Skin Treatments


SpaMedica offer an extensive range of laser treatment programs for loose skin that can help stimulate new collagen to form, smooth out textural irregularities and tighten the skin.

SpaMedica, Yorkville, Toronto, ON

Are You a Candidate?

Good candidates for nonsurgical skin tightening

  • Have mild to moderate loose skin on their face, neck, arms and abdomen.
  • Have residual skin laxity after a surgical procedure.
  • Would like an improvement in the quality of their skin.
  • Do not want an invasive surgical procedure to correct their skin laxity

Procedure Details

What is Loose Skin and what causes it?

Patients who suffer from loose skin on their body will start their body contouring journey with a complete consultation, which will explain loose skin, what it is and how to treat it. Loose skin is characterized by the skin looking less firm and taught as it once was. With age, the collagen that supports the skin breaks down leaving areas that were once taut looking a little saggy. Collagen loss can result from many factors such as the natural aging process, diet, general health, smoking, weight gain and loss, pregnancy and how you care for your skin. The good news is, SpaMedica laser treatment programs can help stimulate new collagen to form, smooth out textural irregularities and firm loose skin.

Can I treat my loose skin and if so, what treatment options do I have?

People with loose skin on their body can be treated with a variety of options at SpaMedica, both surgical and non-surgical. For surgical options for skin laxity and loose skin, click here to link automatically to our surgical information section. The goal of treating skin laxity and loose skin non-surgically is to build new collagen in the skin and tighten loose tissue. By resurfacing the skin, we can provide a firmer appearance to the skin. SpaMedica C02 skin resurfacing can provide complete smoothing of the skin and help stimulate new collagen formation in the skin. There is down time with SpaMedica C02 skin resurfacing however, there are less invasive SpaMedica laser treatments that can provide smoothing, increase collagen production and can help the skin appear tighter. SpaMedica fractional laser treatments help resurface skin imperfections and aid your skin with the production of new collagen, leaving it plumper and firmer. VelaShape treatments work by using radio frequency and infrared technology to “shrink” the tissue and create firmer looking skin. SpaMedica FotoFacial Skin Tightening increases collagen in the skin and helps to firm the existing tissue. Your SpaMedica treatment professional will recommend medical grade skin care to further enhance your treatment results for your skin laxity and loose skin.


Patients can help keep their skin laxity condition under control with regular SpaMedica maintenance programs. Monthly VelaShape and FotoFacial ST Treatments to keep the skin firm are recommended. Quarterly Fractional treatments are recommended to continue to stimulate new collagen formation.

Side Effects

Results are less extensive and dramatic than those obtained with a facelift or surgical body contouring procedures.

Multiple treatments are usually needed for optimal results

Skin redness, temporary swelling or numbness or volume loss around the treated area may occur


The benefits of nonsurgical skin tightening treatments are

  • They are a non-invasive, nonsurgical technique that tightens facial and/or body skin
  • Treatment is performed with no incisions, there is minimal discomfort and little to no downtime
  • Treatment can be performed on all skin types so darker skinned patients may avail of treatment.

Next Steps

If you are interested in seeking a consultation with SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland and his team of experts, simply fill out our online consultation request form or call 877-712-8367 now to schedule a consultation.

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SpaMedica has been serving Toronto skin care patients and Toronto skin laxity and loose skin patients since 1997. SpaMedica is Toronto’s and Canada’s oldest, most recognized and reputable Laser Skin Care and Cosmetic Dermatology center. Toronto skin laxity and loss of elasticity skin patients also have the advantage of seeing one of SpaMedica’s experienced cosmetic Dermatologists for some difficult to treat skin conditions.