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SpaMedica is Canada’s largest private cosmetic laser and dermatology centre, with over 20 years of reputable service performing cosmetic mole removal in Toronto.  SpaMedica’s dermatologists are world-recognized leaders in cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic laser treatment and removal of moles.

Where to get Moles removed?

Choosing SpaMedica means you have carefully selected a centre with nationally and internationally-renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons to best serve your needs with the widest range of laser and energy-based technologies to optimize your outcome and minimize the risks and complications of those treatments.

What is a mole?

A mole can be a dark (pigmented) or light-coloured, non-tumourous, non-cancerous growth of the skin.  The mole may be raised and/or flat in architecture. Generally, moles can be of hereditary origin or can develop as a result of aging, photo damage or even skin infections from viruses.  There may be suspicious features that would warrant seeing a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, such as itchiness, repetitive bleeding without trauma, increase in size and/or pain.

Can a Mole be removed?

Patients seeking mole removal will get expert care, attention and diagnostic skills of the SpaMedica cosmetic dermatology team.  Patients will undergo a consultation with one of SpaMedica’s cosmetic dermatologists or plastic surgeons, each of which is a recognized national and international expert in the field of diagnosis and treatment moles and other aesthetic skin concerns.  Your treatment options could include a surgical incision with sutures, specialized removal technologies such as liquid nitrogen or cold therapy – also called cryotherapy – and/or chemical peel and ablation.

However, the SpaMedica cosmetic dermatologists specialize in high-tech delivery of cosmetic laser skin treatments .  With over 40 specialized cosmetic skin lasers, your consultation and cosmetic dermatologic options will include the most up-to-date and appropriate laser for your specific mole.  The use of a laser generally involves the use of topical anesthetic cream and the selection of precisely the right wavelength and brand of laser to best treat your benign skin growth concerns.  After selection of the appropriate laser, your SpaMedica cosmetic dermatologist will treat your mole over one or several sessions, in order to optimize its complete removal (or as complete removal as possible) with the lowest possible risk of a visible mark, blemish or scar after its laser treatment.  The vast majority of benign skin growths can be removed with an imperceptible sequela or local evidence that the benign skin growth ever existed.  Due to the wide range of cosmetic skin lasers at SpaMedica, the post-operative course may also include additional and complementary laser treatment to reduce or minimize the risk of redness, hypopigmentation (loss of normal skin tone pigment) and other therapies to blend in and minimize or eliminate the visible location where the benign skin growth used to be.

Post procedure treatment?

Following your mole removal or laser mole removal treatment, follow-up care may be required to add additional lasers to optimize your aesthetic outcome.  Post-operative care instructions can generally include daily cleansing and/or topical antibiotic application, but specific instructions will be given on the day or your treatment and consultation.  In the majority of cases, the consultation can include treatment that day, with a follow-up treatment plan organized for you.

Mole Removal Toronto Cost

How much for mole removal?

The SpaMedica cosmetic dermatology consultation does require a consultation fee, as the SpaMedica cosmetic dermatologists are in high demand.  Due to the extremely high quality of their care and service and the large number of advanced technologies available to them, there will be a consultation fee, to ensure you can secure an appointment, but this consultation fee is applied against the cost of any treatment you may elect to sign up for.

How can I show the SpaMedica Team my concerns and see if I am a candidate?

Toronto mole removal patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for our expert Mole Removal team to review.

How do I schedule a consultation for mole removal?

The SpaMedica cosmetic dermatology and laser centre is one of Canada’s finest and most reputable centres in Canada, with the widest array of advanced modern laser mole removal devices.

 A Toronto Mole Removal consultation can be secured by submitting a consult request form. You can also schedule your mole removal consultation by us at 877-712-8367. 

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the gift and joy of beautiful skin.


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