Acne Treatment


Affected areas can be cleared of acne without the use of harsh ache treatment creams or ointments.  Acne laser treatment will smooth your skin, minimizing scars, uneven texture, and hyper-pigmentation. 

Length of Procedure

90 min


Starting at $581 per treatment

Recovery Time

4 to 7 days




SpaMedica clinic in Toronto, ON


Topical anesthetic and air cooling


Registered nurse or doctor



Are You a Candidate?


Individuals who have active acne or those who want to control acne prone skin can benefit from SpaMedica’s treatments.


Those with skin diseases and have control of their acute, inflammatory, eruptive, nodulocystic or papular acne should consult with their specialist for any precautions to take into consideration before your treatment. Anyone with ongoing medical illness should avoid acne scar treatment.

Patients who are on low-dose Accutane do not have to stop taking this oral Vitamin A, as they can still undergo their non-surgical acne scar treatment program.

Procedure Details

During your consultation, if active acne is still an ongoing issue, an active acne treatment program will be instituted, using blue light, photodynamic therapy SonoPeels and intense pulsed light photo facials, with or without topical or oral antibiotics and low-dose Accutane.

After Care Instructions

Your SpaMedica in office acne treatment program will be complimented with a recommendation for our medical grade Home Skin Care which will helps support and enhance your results.

Maintenance Required

SpaMedica acne maintenance treatments are recommended once every 4-6 weeks and can help control the number of acne outbreaks.

Side Effects

Most of the Acne treatments do not have significant discomfort. The blue light, microdermabrasion and ALA treatment have little to no discomfort. Some Acne treatments, using Radiofrequency or intensed pulse light may have some discomfort, but topical creams and cooling handpieces will minimize this.


The SpaMedica Acne Programs are effective in significantly reducing acne lesions in over 90% of all acne clients. After 4-6 weeks of treatments, an average 80% clearance of all acne lesions has been observed. These results are 3-4 times faster than standard antibiotic or Accutane therapy alone. FotoFacial RF treatments will improve most acne scar pigmentation by 70% and smooth the appearance of the acne scars by 30%-50%


Our acne treatment consultation and evaluation process is one of the most thorough skin health exams you will ever have and our Toronto acne specialists will formulate a customized acne treatment program designed for the individual needs of your skin. We want to ensure that you have the highest probability of controlling and conquering your acne problems. We offer only the best, most advanced and successful acne treatment equipment, therapies and home skin care.

Additional Procedures

Blue Light therapy is combined with microdermabrasion to attack bacteria from the “outside in” and “inside out”. An additional special chemical, called Aminoleuvlinic Acid (ALA) or leuvulan may be added to the skin to amplify the BlueLight’s ability to kill acne bacteria. ALA Leuvulan is a topical chemical painted on the skin 30 minutes before a Blue light treatment.


  • Basic acne treatment Program – $1550.00 (4 SonoSalic Peels, 8 Blue Light Therapy)
  • Mild acne treatment Program – $2550.00 (4 SonoSalic Peels, 8 Blue Light Therapy, 6 ALA)
  • Moderate acne treatment Program – $3330.00(4 SonoSalic Peels, 8 Blue Light Therapy, 6 SRA)
  • Advanced acne treatment Program – $4200.00(4 SonoSalic Peels, 8 Blue Light Therapy, 6 SRA, 6 ALA)
  • Single acne treatment – $580.00 (1 SonoSalic, 1 SRA , 1 ALA ,1 Blue Light Therapy)
  • Single Blue Light Therapy treatment – $129.00, pkg of 4 – $440.00 Additional ALA application – $150.00 each

Next steps

If you are interested in seeking a consultation with SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland and his team of experts, simply fill out our online consultation request form or call SpaMedica now at 877-712-8367 to schedule a consultation.