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Blue Light Therapy

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Developed to treat freckles, acne, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, varicose veins and rosacea, Blue Light Therapy offers advanced results with a non-invasive treatment.

Prior to your Blue Light Therapy experience, a photosensitive gel is applied to the skin.  The treatment will then begin with a series of intense blue lights applied to the area requiring treatment. Any spots or spotty tone, freckles, hyperpigmentation or age spots will be evaporated or absorbed by the heating light. Differing from laser treatment, Blue Light penetrates all layers of the skin, seeking out abnormally dilated blood vessels. Micro pores are created within the capillaries, causing them to shrink from the energy of the light. This treatment will be repeated over three to four week intervals.

An extremely safe procedure with zero downtime, Blue Light Therapy ensures amazing results. You may experience a low level of pain throughout the Blue Light Therapy treatment, often compared to the discomfort of a mild sunburn. Skin may become slightly red or pink. Some patients also experience slight swelling or discomfort following their procedure, however you can return to work and daily activities immediately following.

How can I show Dr. Mulholland my concerns and see if I am a candidate?

Toronto Blue Light Therapy patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

How do I Schedule a Consultation for Blue Light Therapy?

If you think you may be a candidate and are seeking Blue Light Therapy in the Toronto area, call SpaMedica today 877-712-8367 for your initial consultation. You can also book a consultation online by filling out the online form. Dr. Mulholland and his team look forward to helping you develop your ultimate skin care regimen.  Don’t hesitate to call our team of proven professionals, and schedule your consultation today!


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