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Acne Scar Treatment in Toronto

Acne Scar Treatment Before & After Photos

Starts from $1,999 for a 3 treatment package
Procedure Time
60-90 minutes
Recovery Time
4-7 days

How Much Does an Acne Scar Treatment Cost?

An acne scar package of treatments starts at $1,999 for a three treatment package and $3,499 for a six treatment package. 

How Long Does it Take to Recover From an Acne Scar Treatment?

The recovery time for an acne scar treatment is 4-7 days.

How Long Does an Acne Scar Treatment Take?

An acne scar treatment procedure takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

What is Acne Scar Treatment?

SpaMedica’s acne scar treatment program utilizes fractional laser resurfacing, radiofrequency energy, dermal fillers, chemical peels and various other methods to remove and reduce the signs of acne scarring on the body.

Combining Technology is The Key

SpaMedica has the best selection of acne reduction and acne scar removal devices and laser wavelengths in Canada. Each RF acne scar removal program is customized to include the best possible combination of lasers and radiofrequency (RF) technologies that will give the most effective and permanent acne scar reduction results. At the time of your consultation, your consult coordinator will review the best combination of lasers and RF technologies to provide the results you are looking for.

SpaMedica is Canada’s largest, oldest, and most respected private cosmetic laser center. Why are there so many laser and radiofrequency acne scar reduction devices available? The answer is simple: using only one laser or RF device will not give the best results. Superior acne scar removal results are only achieved by the customized combination of two or more of the following technologies that work in different, yet synergistic and summative ways to achieve the best results, including: 

● The new Evoke Cheek


Fractora Fractional Lux 1540 nm

● eMatrix and the Forma

Venus Freeze



● Pulsed dye laser

● Blue light therapy for acute acne eruptions

Who is an Acne Scar Treatment Candidate?

Those suffering from deep acne scars can benefit from SpaMedica’s acne scar treatment program.

Benefits of an Acne Scar Treatment

Long-Lasting Clear Skin

People who have undergone the acne scar treatment program can expect the results to be very long-lasting.

Boost in Confidence

Those suffering from acne scarring often feel self-conscious. With our best possible combination of state-of-the-art technologies and procedures, we’ll equip you with the confidence boost you’ve always dreamed of!

Even Skin Tone

Scarring can leave the skin red and hyperpigmented. The SpaMedica acne scarring treatment program will lessen the presence of uneven tones in and around the marks on your skin.


With this non-surgical approach to acne scar treatment, patients can expect between 30% and 70% reduction in the appearance of their acne scars.

Acne Scar Treatment Risks

  • Mild-moderate degree of redness and swelling
  • Discoloration (if hyperpigmentation has been treated)
  • Several days of swelling and bruising (severe acne scarring patients)

Why Choose SpaMedica for Acne Scar Treatment?

By choosing Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica, patients receive the highest grade of treatments and the best possible combination of technologies available to treat your acne scars. Only with multiple applicators and depths of treatments can deep acne scars show optimal improvement. While other centres will offer you one particular treatment, SpaMedica deploys the best combination of energy-assisted devices to significantly improve the overall collagen response and smoothness of your acne scars.

Different Types of Acne Scar Treatment

Fractional Laser Devices (CO2, Erbium, Pico fractional), Fractional Radiofrequency, Fractora, Morpheus, Intracel and skin tightening devices (Evoke, Forma, Venus freeze), IPL and Pulsed Dye lasers are some of the many devices that the SpaMedica team can use, or combine to improve your acne scars.

Non-Surgical Acne Scar Treatment Alternatives

Chemical peels, microdermabrasion or microneedling are less invasive, but less effective options for treating your acne scars.

How is an Acne Scar Treatment Performed by Dr. Mulholland?

During your consultation at SpaMedica in Toronto, if active acne is still an ongoing issue, an aggressive acne treatment program will be instituted. This program combines acne skincare,  blue light, photodynamic therapy, SonoSalic Peels and/or intense pulsed light photo facials, with or without topical or oral antibiotics and low-dose Accutane. Once this is complete, our acne scar treatment can begin.

Depending on your assessment, the acne scar treatment consists of fractional RF and laser devices, IPL and non-ablative RF. Each treatment time and amount of appointments will vary.

To protect your acne scar treatment, a single, multiple applicator treatment every 3 to 4 months will be administered. This simple maintenance program will ensure that you continue to protect the 25 to 50 percent more collagen, elastin and skin tightening and smoothening effect that the SpaMedica acne scar treatment program provided.

How to Prepare for an Acne Scar Treatment

Those wishing to undergo an acne scar treatment program at SpaMedica must consult with their specialist for any particular precautions to take into consideration. This is especially the case for those with acute, inflammatory, eruptive, nodulocystic, or papular acne. Dr. Cohen, the SpaMedica dermatologist, can provide this cosmetic medical acne service.

Anyone with ongoing medical illness should avoid acne scar treatment. Patients who are on low-dose Accutane or are taking oral Vitamin A do not have to stop medications as they can still undergo their non-surgical acne scar treatment program.

Patients also should:

  • Stop smoking at least two weeks before your treatment.
  • Refrain from taking aspirin, supplements, or medications that can slow healing.
  • Refrain from using skincare products containing retinol or glycolic acid 2-4 weeks before your procedure.
  • Wear sunblock.
  • During your first consultation, let the team at SpaMedica know if you are prone to cold sores.

What to Expect After an Acne Scar Treatment

There is a modest amount of recovery following acne scar treatment. The area of treatment is red and somewhat swollen and generally subsides, (depending upon the energies used) within 2-5 days. If you are prone to bruising, the Enerjet can leave some bruising and swelling for 4-7 days.

For your acne scar treatment, the fractional RF and laser devices leave skin dry and crusty for 4-7 days, while the IPL and non-ablative RF have virtually no downtime.  Most patients, with moderate acne scars, can go back to regular activities 2-7 days following each treatment, while those with severe acne may need 5-10 days off.

Acne Scar Treatment Recovery & Timeline

Day 2-3: resume regular activities

Day 2-5: red and swollen skin will subside

Day 4-7: bruising and swelling subside (Enerjet), skin is dry and crusty (fractional RF and laser devices)

Day 8-10: those with severe acne can resume activities

Best Procedures Paired with Acne Scar Treatment

Botox, Laser hair removal and soft tissue fillers can work well with acne scar treatments.

Acne Scar Treatment FAQ

How Painful is it to Get an Acne Scar Treatment?

The pain patients feel undergoing an acne scar treatment is minimal. Topical anesthetic and air cooling, as well as laughing gas (nitrous oxide) will be administered throughout the procedure.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments needed will greatly depend on the amount of acne scarring and the severity of the case. 

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