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Sculptra Toronto

Sculptra Summary

Sculptra® is a soft tissue filler used to create a more youthful appearance by replacing lost collagen to smooth out facial wrinkles and folds.

Length of Procedure
15 to 60 minutes
Sculptra Cost
Starts from $750 per syringe


SpaMedica Injectable Clinic, Yorkville, Toronto, ON
Lidocaine or local anesthetic
Doctor or registered nurse


Are You a Candidate for Sculptra Injections?

Candidates for Scupltra injections are individuals who have lost volume and shape with age, and do not want to have their procedure performed using invasive surgical techniques such as fat grafting, face lifts and mini facelifts.

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In order to minimize the Sculptra side effects risk of bruising and excessive swelling, it is wise, three weeks prior to treatment, to stay off aspirin, unless it’s medically indicated, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

In addition, some patients find the use of bromelain or arnica montana helps decrease the Sculptra side effects of bruising. These products can be purchased at any natural foods store.

Procedure Details

Sculptra® is injected with a microcannula technique and mixed with a local anesthesic. The microcannula has a blunt-nosed tip with no sharp edges, greatly minimizing the risk of bruising or intravascular injection – that is, injecting the Sculptra® into small veins and arteries which results in the product traveling where it should not go.  Thus, the Sculptra® injection is very comfortable and well-tolerated.

Sculptra Before and After Results

After Care Instructions

Massage the treatment area five times a day for five minutes for a week following your treatment. Keeping the area iced for five minutes per day will also help with any discomfort. Avoid drinking alcohol or any strenuous exercise for 24 hours after your procedure.

Maintenance Required

Sculptra, being a Bio-stimulatory agent, sometimes requires a second injection or third injection some months later to achieve the desired collagen stimulation result. This, however, is rare. Over time, different enzymes in the skin and soft tissue, such as collagenases and Hyaluronidases, will break down the collagen produced around the Sculptra®. Maintenance treatments, will be required every one to three years.

Sculptra Side Effects

As Sculptra® is injected with a microcannula technique, generally deep in the soft tissue to be corrected. Sculptra side effects include a little bruising and only a modest degree of swelling. Most Sculptra Toronto patients can return to work the following day. The more product injected, however, increases the probability of a modest to minor degree of bruising and swelling and, thus, one should anticipate, with larger-volume injections, taking one to two days off work or social activities.


Most patients who are soft tissue filler and dermal filler patients at SpaMedica and undergo soft tissue injectables with products like Sculptra® can expect an excellent result. Whether it’s correcting small lines, wrinkles or furrows or shaping the face, the injection specialists at SpaMedica – Dr. Mulholland, the other plastic surgeons, dermatologists, injection nurses – all have multiple years of injection experience. They have all been personally trained by Dr. Mulholland to achieve the kind of aesthetic results and contours you can see in the before-and-after photos and on the TV shows Dr. Mulholland has performed these techniques.


Unlike a soft tissue Hylauronic sugar gel, such as Juvéderm®, Restylane® or Perlane®, Sculptra does not merely occupy space, but actually stimulates the patient’s own collagen response.

Additional Procedures

Often Sculptra® is combined with other products such as Botox Injectables, fractional lasers, IPL PhotoFacial and Juvederm to achieve a one-time volume, shape and contour and smoothness that will last one or more years.

How Much Does Sculptra Cost in Toronto?

In general, soft tissue filler and dermal filler injections are charged by the syringe. Each syringe of Sculptra costs start at approximately $750 per syringe, but the more syringes you inject, the less it costs you per syringe.

As SpaMedica is one of Toronto’s and Canada’s largest injectable centres, we achieve good pricing from manufacturers. These beneficial volume prices are passed on to our patients, as the more syringes you inject, the less it costs you per syringe

Next steps

To schedule a Sculptra® soft tissue filler injection consultation, simply call 877-712-8367 or fill out consult request form and a SpaMedica representative will respond promptly. We look forward to seeing you to begin your dermal filler Sculptra treatment.