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5 Minute Nose Job

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The 5 Minute Nose Job is a nonsurgical Rhinoplasty procedure for people that are not looking for a permanent nose job. It is a wonderful temporary solution for patients looking for improved aesthetics changes that would look great for an upcoming wedding photo or graduation ceremony.

The 5 Minute Nose Job is often done by patients who are not ready to commit to a surgical Rhinoplasty. The patients will be injected with a gel-like solution that will fill the noses and do temporary reshaping.

Some might have the opportunity to do it on the day of the consultation and have it done in a short period of time. There is a fast recovery and minor swelling or bruising may occur, but it is short lasted.

5 Minute Nose Job Procedure

Dr. Mulholland’s highly-specialized and customized technique involves the use of hyaluronic acid “sugar gels” to restore and enhance nasal-facial disproportion.  The sugar gels deployed include the longest-lasting gel fillers on the market, including Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvéderm, Voluma®, Juvéderm® Volbella™, either alone or in combination to achieve the most beautiful correction and the longest-lasting result.

Following a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Mulholland about your aesthetic nose concerns and nasal-facial imbalance, Dr. Mulholland will propose an injection treatment that will optimize the aesthetic outcome and enhance the balance of your nose and face.  There are different types of nasal appearances that, over the years, Dr. Mulholland has found that he’s been able to correct and improve.  Some of these aesthetic nasal presentations include bumps on the bridge of the nose that can be corrected with injection rhinoplasties, deficiencies or “scoops” of the bridge of the nose, as well as plunging tips, crooked noses, indentations or irregularities of the nose, bulbous tips, some breathing obstructions, as well as asymmetric nose position, have all been improved considerably with Dr. Mulholland’s 5 minute nose job technique.

The procedure is performed in one of Dr. Mulholland’s injection rooms and does not require any kind of general anaesthesia, operation scar or significant recovery.  The procedure is performed with a blunt, non-sharp microcannula to minimize bruising and optimize safety of the treatment.  The various aesthetic concerns of the bridge and the tip can be addressed during the injection technique.  The injection materials always include local anaesthesia to minimize the discomfort.

Why choose SpaMedica for an injection rhinoplasty or 5 minute nose job?

For over 16 years SpaMedica has been one of Canada’s most reputable cosmetic plastic surgery, laser skin care and medical spas.  Dr. Mulholland has gained an international reputation as a top injector; skilled in the art of directing volume, shape, asymmetry and proportion in the face where none existed before.  Dr. Mulholland has pioneered the non-surgical injection rhinoplasty, also known as the 5 minute nose job.  Dr. Mulholland has appeared on major American and Canadian television shows demonstrating his technique and has trained thousands of physicians in performing this specialized procedure.

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What is the post operative recovery following an injection rhinoplasty or 5 minute nose job?

The recovery following an injection rhinoplasty with Dr. Mulholland or one of his expert Spamedica injection technicians includes a modest degree of swelling and a small risk of bruising.  Most patients find that their nose is improved almost instantly and may experience some three to seven days of mild to moderate swelling.  In general, the nose looks much improved after three to seven days.  Because of the long-lasting nature of the gels deployed, results may last one to two years.

Some patients would benefit from a true surgical rhinoplasty.  Dr. Mulholland will offer suggestions during the consultation if a more permanent solution in the way of a cosmetic nose job or rhinoplasty would be of benefit.  Before performing a surgical nose job, Dr. Mulholland spends time with his rhinoplasty patients doing computer imaging on their nose and face and outlining the kinds of outcomes and improvements that can be achieved with rhinoplasty and nose job surgery.

The injection rhinoplasty or 5 minute nose job can be performed on the day of consultation if the patient desires.  Patients can go out immediately, wearing foundation or powder.

How do I schedule a consultation for 5 minute nose job?

If you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Mulholland for a 5 minute nose job or injection rhinoplasty, or even a surgical rhinoplasty, simply fill out the form on this page and a SpaMedica service representative will get back to you within the day, or call 877-695-2835 and ask for a consultation with Dr. Mulholland for an injection rhinoplasty or surgical nose job.  You can also book an appointment online. Patients have been seeking out Dr. Mulholland’s services for over 16 years.  His dual training as a board-certified plastic surgeon and an ENT (ear, nose, throat) head-neck oncology certified surgeon makes Dr. Mulholland the only doubly-certified surgeon in Canada. He brings this unique set of skills to your aesthetic nasal-facial disproportion and concerns.

We look forward to celebrating the joy of nasal-facial harmony with you.

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