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Soft Tissue and Dermal Fillers Toronto

At SpaMedica we offer our patients the most effective soft tissue dermal fillers to enhance your appearance, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, while leaving you appearing youthful, refreshed SpaMedica Appand natural. Dr. Stephen Mulholland, is a well known and experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. His SpaMedica treatment team is dedicated to providing our dermal filler patients with the highest level of care using the most up to date, advanced and effective treatments and products. Dr. Stephen Mulholland, the cosmetic dermatologists and medical personnel at SpaMedica perform the latest procedure called microcannula voluma-lifting. The microcannula voluma lifting technique successfully delivers less risk of bruising and swelling and less risk of rare but serious complications like loss of skin or scarring after sharp needle injectables. Having your soft tissue fillers performed with a microcannula not only allows you to “go out” socially that night, but it is also the safest procedure to regain the fullness of youth.

If you are seeking a soft tissue and dermal fillers Toronto specialist, then Dr. Stephen Mulholland and SpaMedica would like to offer you some of the most advanced and effective dermal fillers and volume enhancement treatments available. SpaMedica is one of a kind medical spa facility that combines the very best high tech medical therapies with the service commitment and attention to detail of a day spa. At SpaMedica, helping you achieve the most attractive skin, soft tissue contours and best possible aesthetic appearance is our number one goal.

Dermal Fillers Before and After

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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers, also called Soft tissue fillers, are products that are injected under the skin to provide contour and shape, or directly within the skin to fill up and smoothen lines, wrinkles and furrows.  Soft Tissue fillers are quite different from BOTOX Injectable, which works, not by filling, but by relaxing over-animated facial muscles to soften animation.  Soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers work by occupying space in areas where the skin has become wrinkled or furrowed or the face or soft tissue has lost volume. Botox Injectable helps prevent recurrence of some lines after correction with soft tissue and dermal fillers, so the two are often used together in a complimentary fashion.  Dr. Mulholland is one of Canada’s pioneers in the deployment and use of soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers. Dermal filler Toronto patients can expect a high degree of expertise and artistry when selecting SpaMedica as their soft tissue filler and dermal filler centre.  Dr. Mulholland has pioneered the use of soft tissue and dermal fillers to reshape, rejuvenate and provide youth and shape to the aging face.

Why you should choose SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland for your soft tissue filler and dermal filler injections


– Dr. Mulholland has been performing soft tissue filler injections for over 20 years.

– Dr. Mulholland is widely recognized as Canada’s premier expert on the use of soft tissue fillers and shaping.

– He pioneered the use of strategic volumization, such as the VolumaLift, for natural looking facial rejuvenation.

Excellent soft tissue filler and dermal filler injection nurses

– SpaMedica injection nurses have been injecting soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers for several years. Dr. Mulholland has trained them personally.

– Audrey Kaufman RN and Terry Clarkson RN, each have over 10 years of soft tissue filler and dermal injection experience.

Micro-cannula injections and safety

– All of the SpaMedica nurse injection team are experts in using the micro-cannula.

– The micro-cannula technique uses a tiny, blunt-tipped needle with no sharp edges to inject soft tissue and dermal fillers in a low-trauma technique that Dr. Mulholland pioneered and teaches.


– Considering the national and international reputation of Dr. Mulholland SpaMedica, soft tissue and dermal filler injections are surprisingly affordable.

Combination therapy

– Dr. Mulholland or your SpaMedica injection nurse can advise you on other non-surgical techniques that can be combined with soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers to enhance your overall results.

– Combining laser, light-based, radiofrequency and focused ultrasound treatments allows you to affordably maintain a youthful, fresh appearance.

There are two types of soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers that are deployed at SpaMedica to smoothen wrinkles, furrows and shape areas of lost volume and contour. These are Hyaluronic acid gels and bio-stimulatory soft tissue fillers.

A.  Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, or “Sugar Gels”

Hyaluronic acid injections are the most commonly injected soft tissue filler and dermal fillers in the world.  The soft tissue “sugar gels”, as they are also known as, are very popular because they are made up of numerous small, highly crosslinked sugar molecules which are part of the normal constituents and make up of human cells and, thus, are not recognized by the body as foreign objects.  As they are not recognized by the body as foreign, they are generally very well-tolerated and do not require a skin test.  After injection, the hyaluronic acid filler gels occupy space and absorb normal human soft tissue fluid. They expand and act as a Jell-O® or gelatin in the soft tissue and within lines and wrinkles to provide correction.

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Figure 1.  Small particle of clear Hyaluronic Acid Filler

How Hyaluronic acid injections work

Figure 2.  A. Lines, wrinkles and loss of volume in the skin.   B.  Depth the Hyaluronic sugar get injection can be superficial, middle skin depth or deep under the skin and within the fat. C. Different levels of correction can be achieved with hyaluronic acid injections like Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Teosyal.

The hyaluronic acid sugar gels having specific cross linking that makes them long-lasting.  There are different types of hyaluronic acid fillers, each with its own specific properties and its own indications within the face, hands and body.  The most common hyaluronic acid injections or sugar gel injections at SpaMedica include the following:

1)        Juvéderm® Voluma™, Juvederm UltraPlus, Juvederm Plus and Juvederm Refine

2)         Restylane®

3)         Perlane®

4)         Teosyal®

Each of these hyaluronic acid fillers has different indications in different areas of the face and body. At SpaMedica, you will receive an expert combination of different products to achieve the best desired soft tissue and aesthetic effects.

B.  The Bio-Stimulatory Soft Tissue Fillers

The bio-stimulatory soft tissue fillers are polymers (microscopic chains of repeating molecules) of substances that elicit a small inflammatory response after injection which results in collagen production.  The collagen production provides scaffolding for support and improvement in loss of volume, lines or furrows.  The most common bio-stimulatory products used at SpaMedica include:

1)      Radiesse® Toronto

Radiesse® is a polymer, or chain of repeating poly-calcium-hydroxyapatite.  The calcium hydroxyapatite stimulates the production of collagen around the calcium hydroxyapatite molecules and results, after several injections, in a new collagen production and long-term soft tissue support.

Calcium hydroxapatite

Figure 3.   A. Microscopic suspension of calcium hydroxyapatite beads are injected in the soft tissue.  B. Over time, the small beads create collagen product around them for a lot term improvement using the bodies own collagen.

2)      Sculptra® Toronto

Sculptra® is a polymer, or series of repeating units of polygalactic acid, which is a form of a natural sugar molecule.  This same polygalactic acid is also used very often in surgery as it is used to make dissolving suture material.  Over time the little particles of  polygalactic acid will stimulate the production of the body’s own collagen which can provide modest volume correction and improvement and smoothening of lines and wrinkle improvement with the patient’s own tissue response.

Sculptra Toronto Soft Tissue Filler


Sculptra Dermal Filler Injected Into Soft Tissue in TorontoB.

Figure 4.  A.  bottle of Sculptra being opened.  The particles are mixed and diluted with fluid and then injected under the skin  B. Over time, the small Sculptra polygalactic acid molecules stimulate collagen production for long term correction.

At SpaMedica, the ideal combinations of these soft tissue sugar gels and bio-stimulatory products are combined to achieve the optimal aesthetic result.

Our SpaMedica treatment team may combine Botox Injectable with your Soft tissue and dermal filler treatment to enhance your treatment results. Botox Injectable is a safe, purified protein that when injected into the facial and neck muscles, will reduce the activity of overactive muscles that create lines, furrows and wrinkles, that detract from the appearance that you want to project and improve the look of these moderate-to-severe animation furrows and wrinkles. Botox Injectable must be administered by a healthcare professional and is a low discomfort, nonsurgical treatment. Botox Injectable safely blocks the nerve impulses to the injected muscles and its effect is localized to that particular muscle. Botox Injectable reduces muscle activity that causes persistent furrows, wrinkles and lines to form on the face and neck. Other therapies, such as FotoFacials, Fractional laser rejuvenation, peels and other cosmetic treatments are frequently combined with your Botox Injectable treatment to enhance and amplify your result.

Your SpaMedica in office dermal fillers treatment will be complimented with a recommendation for our medical grade Home Skin Care which will help support and enhance your dermal filler results. Home based Skin Care will help maintain your treatment results. Our SpaMedica Soft tissue filler Specialists will help formulate the best possible Home Skin Care Program for your skin type.

How are soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers injected and performed?

At SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland has pioneered the use of blunt, non-sharp-edged microcannulas.  The microcannulas greatly reduce the risk of bruising, greatly reduce the degree of pain and discomfort during the injection process. It is the safest way to inject any kind of soft tissue or dermal filler, with the lowest possible risk of the soft tissue filler getting inside the very small veins and arteries. The use of the microcannula has been pioneered and taught by Dr. Mulholland all over the world and his very experienced injection nurses are experts and trained in this special technique.  In general, individuals meet with Dr. Mulholland or the soft tissue and dermal filler injection nurse and decide the areas of the face, neck or hand that are devoid of volume or have lines and furrows.  The specific soft tissue filler product and dermal filler product that would be ideal for the indication is discussed with the dermal fillers Toronto patient and then the injection can be performed.

The modern soft tissue or dermal fillers that are used at SpaMedica have local anesthesia mixed in with the product. As such, the injection procedure is relatively comfortable and requires no supplementary local or topical anesthesia.  The procedure can take between 15 and 20 minutes to perform and, with the use of the microcannula, the risks of exaggerated swelling or excessive bruising are greatly minimized.


Figure 5.  Close-up view of a microcannula for the least traumatic injection of soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, Radieese or Sculptra.

Who is a candidate for soft tissue fillers or dermal fillers?

Good candidates for soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers are those soft tissue filler Toronto patients who have lines, wrinkles, furrows or lack of volume and are realistic about the results that can be achieved.  Generally, very noticeable contour and volume improvements can be made, as well as greatly softening the appearance of fine to moderate deep lines and furrows.  Contraindications include any patient who may be pregnant at the time of the injection, previous reactions to soft tissue filler agents or any evidence of inflammatory lesions, infective lesions or cancerous lesions in the area of injection.

What kind of anesthetic is used for dermal fillers?

The agents listed above, specifically Juvéderm® Voluma™, Juvederm®UltraPlus™, Juvéderm® Plus™, Restylane®, Perlane®, Teosyal® and the bio-stimulatories, Radiesse and Sculptra®, all have a local anesthesia already mixed within the product.  Thus, as the microcannula injection of soft tissue filler is progressing, the local anesthesia is infiltrating immediately. This greatly diminishes or eliminates much of the pain or discomfort that is typically associated with needle-based therapy.

Is the soft tissue and dermal filler procedure painful?

In general, most medical-based aesthetic interventions, such as fractional laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, Botox Injectable or even chemical peels have a very modest degree of discomfort.  In general, the dermal fillers, with the advent of the microcannula technique, have a great degree of patient tolerability and acceptance.  The microcannula combined with the admixture of the soft tissue filler that already have local anesthetic mixed in them, makes the procedure very acceptable.

How long does the soft tissue filler/dermal fillers procedure take?

To begin, a very careful and thorough assessment by our SpaMedica injection medical team. This is followed by a very methodical and precise injection technique means that the dermal filler procedure may take between 20 and 60 minutes. This is also dependent on the number of areas treated, the products used and the amount of product required.  Most patients should anticipate a one-hour experience and, in general, makeup can be applied immediately after and most patients can return to work the following day.

How long is the recovery following soft tissue fillers and dermal filler treatment? And are there any soft tissue filler or dermal fillers side effects?

The recovery following the injection of soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers varies depending on the patient. Factors such as the amount, the kind, the location of the injection and the number of products deployed determine the recovery time. Other patient factors, such as prior use of aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories also determine recovery time. In general, there is a modest degree of swelling following the soft tissue filler and dermal filler injection and immediate application of ice and cold compresses at the SpaMedica centre will be applied.  It is recommended that two to three hours of cold compresses be applied at home as well.  One of the most common dermal fillers side effects that occurs, although rarely, with the use of the microcannula – is bruising.  To minimize the risk of bruising, the SpaMedica injection physician and expert will deploy the microcannula technique.  In addition, it is important that if one can avoid aspirin-based products or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories three weeks prior to the injection technique, the risk of bruising can be diminished.  In addition, many patients find the use of arnica montana and bromelain, which can be procured from a natural foods store, can also diminish the risk of excessive bruising.  If bruising occurs, camouflage makeup can be applied immediately.  With volume shaping, with four, five or more syringes, in general it is recommended that the patient undergo the procedure on a Friday or Saturday so that they can have time for swelling to subside prior to returning to work on Monday.

What kind of dermal filler results can I expect following my soft tissue fillers and dermal filler treatment?

Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica are one of Canada’s most experienced and innovative leaders in the deployment of soft tissue and dermal fillers to provide aesthetic enhancement.  Dr. Mulholland has been injecting microfat grafting, Radiesse®, Sculptra®, Juvéderm, Restylane® and Perlane® for over 15 years. As a facelift surgeon, his skill and artistry is renowned and he has appeared on many television shows from Cityline, Global, CTV, ABC’s The Today Show, as well as The Doctor Show, demonstrating his VolumaLift™ for facial shaping technique.  In addition, his injection nurses have been trained personally by Dr. Mulholland and have multiple years of experience injecting soft tissue and dermal fillers. With SpaMedica, you can expect a high degree of expertise from our injection professionals.  Most patients are extremely happy with their SpaMedica soft tissue and dermal results. Deep lines and furrows and moderate lines and wrinkles are greatly improved. Volume and shaping results of the cheeks, undereye and facial areas can be quite remarkable.

Dermal Fillers Before and After

Figure 6.  Soft tissue and Dermal filler Toronto patient before and after injection of soft tissue fillers Juvederm Voluma and Restylane, Botox Injectable and Fractional lasers for the smoothening of deeper lines, furrows, wrinkles and , Juvederm Voluma  for the loss of volume. This patient looks natural and fresh, as well as 10 years younger.

Soft tissue fillers into the back of the hands can also provide a great rejuvenative results.  SpaMedica also combines soft tissue fillers together with BOTOX Injectable and fractional lasers to provide the optimal non-surgical rejuvenation opportunities.

Hand rejuvenation through dermal fillers

Figure 7.  A. Back of the hand with brown age spots, wrinkles and loss of volume and elasticity.   B. The same hand looking much more youthful after Juvederm Voluma was injected using a safe, a traumatic blunt microcannula in between the bones on the back of the hand. IPL Photofacial was applied to reduce the old age brown spots and then Fractional CO2 Resurfacing and Radiofrquency Needle resurfacing was performed to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.  The patient’s hands look about 15 years younger.

What are patients saying about their SpaMedica soft tissue filler and dermal filler results?

Most patients are extremely happy with the results of their soft tissue and dermal tissue filler treatments.  The results are long-lasting – often up to a year or more – and the aesthetic results can be very subtle and quite natural.  It is very important to avoid the dreaded “filler face” and Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica team are experts at injecting soft tissue and dermal fillers to provide a subtle but significant natural restoration of youth and beauty. You can also watch Dr. Mulholland perform the VolumaLift soft tissue filler injection procedure for non-surgical face-lifting on The Today Show Volumalift episode at the top of this page or The Doctor Show Volumalift episode and see the patients’ reactions for yourself!

How long do dermal fillers last?

The longevity following the injection of soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers depends upon the filler agent deployed, the quantity deployed, the area of the body injected and the age of the patient.  Despite all these variables, it is very common now for the results of the soft tissue filler procedures to last one year or more and, in the case of Juvederm Voluma, up to two years.  In general, however, injections around highly mobile areas, such as the lips, tend to last not as long as areas such as the temples, under the eyes, the cheek arch or jawline and nose.

Juvederm Voluma is one of the injectables used to give back volume to deflated areas of the face in a non-surgical facelift.

Figure 8.  Juvederm Voluma is one of the newest members of the Hyaluronic Acid sugar dermal and soft tissue fillers.  Voluma is popular as it will last up to 2 years, can be reversible and it forms the foundation of the Volumalift  facial reshaping.  Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has demonstrated his Volumalift on The Today Show and The Doctors Show.

Is there any maintenance treatment required following my soft tissue filler or dermal filler treatment?

The soft tissue and dermal filler experience is a one-time injection process to achieve the results you desire.  Often, patients will come back at two weeks to be assessed and any further enhancement can be performed at that time.  Once the optimal shape has been achieved, there is no specific maintenance requirement and patients may enjoy the benefits of their soft tissue filler and dermal filler rejuvenation until it has been depleted and requires reinjection therapy.  Generally, reinjection therapy is not maintenance treatment but a “top up” procedure. Reinjection therapy is when there has been a significant depletion of the hyaluronic acid fillers or the bio-stimulatory filler effect and this can occur anywhere from one to three years and repeat restoration of the aesthetic effects of the soft tissue fillers are then performed.

Is it possible that my soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers will shift or move?

There’s a lot of common misconceptions regarding the use of soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers, one of which is that the filler itself can shift or move.  With the special microcannula technique that Dr. Mulholland  has innovated and taught to all his injection technicians, the soft tissue filler is injected in multiple small soft tissue tunnels created by the blunt cannula. These tunnels are about the size of a toothpick, throughout the soft tissue.  Your own host tissue envelops these little toothpicks of sugar gel, or bio-stimulatory product. It is impossible for the soft tissue fillers to then migrate significantly or even noticeably throughout the facial architecture.

How much do dermal fillers cost?

The dermal fillers procedure is priced upon the amount of product used.  The amount of product is also priced depending upon its longevity.  Generally, the more syringes that a patient  uses, the less one pays per syringe. The common amounts of Juvéderm® Voluma™ or other sugar gels are between 2-3 syringes to fill lines, wrinkles and furrows. Up to 8-10 syringes are needed to achieve full face or dorsum of the hand volume replacement and facial shaping aesthetic results.  Generally the per-syringe pricing for Juvéderm® UltraPlus™ can start from $599 a syringe. Juvéderm® Voluma™ can start at $699 a syringe.  Volume discounting is applied with the more syringes that are deployed.

Dermal fillers or Hyaluronic Acid fillers costs (Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, Teosyal) ranges from $399 to $899 per syringe (RN)

The special volume discount for 2 – 4 syringes 1 ml each (with a nurse injector) is 10% off.

With 5 or more syringes 1 ml each (with a nurse injector) is 15% off.

Hyaluronic Acid injections ranges from $399 to $899 per syringe (MD). There are often special volume reductions when several syringes are deployed by a doctor.

Why choose SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland for my soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers?

There are many centres in Toronto that provide soft tissue and dermal fillers.  However, few, if any, centres possess the kind of experience and reputation, as Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica team have at achieving aesthetically beautiful shapes and forms as well as line and wrinkle reduction.  SpaMedica injectors are experts in combination therapy of BOTOX Injectable, soft tissue fillers and fractional rejuvenation, IPL Photofacial  and fractional lasers. The SpaMedica injection team is also one of the highest users of Juvéderm® Voluma™ and Restylane® in Canada. We are able to pass on these kinds of volume savings onto our patients. With SpaMedica you are able to afford what you need aesthetically and not the number of syringes you can afford.

How can I show Dr. Mulholland my concerns and see if I am a candidate?

Potential soft tissue and Dermal Fillers Toronto patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

Soft Tissue and Dermal Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for dermal fillers?

Clients who have indentations in the skin, depressed scars or deep wrinkles, grooves, folds or areas of soft tissue depression and also those who wish to enhance their lips may be good candidates for soft tissue filler enhancement. Excellent candidates for Soft Tissue fillers also include those with aesthetically displeasing loss of facial volume and deflation, who desire volume replacement, a VolumaLift and the restoration of the “fullness of youth”.

What are the names of some of the dermal fillers?

Some of the most common soft tissue filler names include the hyaluronic acid sugar gels, Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, Teosyal and Prevalle, as well other non-gel soft tissue fillers such as Radiesse, Sculptra, Evolence, Beautical, Outline and Collagen.

What happens during a dermal filler treatment?

Your SpaMedica soft tissue and dermal filler treatment professional injects the gel under the skin to instantly restore both your facial and skin volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds. After the treatment, you may resume your regular activities. There may be mild to moderate bruising and some swelling especially in the lips, for a few days following treatment with soft tissue and dermal filler injections.

Can I combine other treatments with dermal fillers to enhance my results?

There are additional procedures that could enhance the result of soft tissue fillers are other facial cosmetic procedures. For example; FotoFacials, Botox Injectable, fractional laser resurfacing, face lift, VolumaLift, eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, endoscopic brow lift and Pan G lift.

Did You Know……Dermal Filler Treatment Facts?

  • Hyaluronic acid sugar gels are a naturally occurring sugar type substances found in the cells of all mammals. They help to hydrate and add volume to your skin. As they are present in all human cells, there is no need for skin testing these gels, as immune reactions to these products are very uncommon. In addition to their use as an aesthetic treatment, hyaluronic acid gels have also been used for more than 20 years for injection into arthritic joints to aid movement as well as for eye surgeries and wound repair
  • Dr. Mulholland was the developer, pioneer and teacher of the procedure VolumaLift, which uses soft tissue fillers to product a non-surgical facelift like effect. Dr. Mulholland has performed the VolumaLift with soft tissue fillers on the Today Show, the Doctors Show, as well many Canadian TV programs with wonderful results and rave reviews
  • Several thousand physicians from around the world have taken Dr. Mulholland’s VolumaLift, soft tissue filler workshop and advanced training webinar
  • Soft Tissue and dermal fillers can be administered to all skin types and can treat a variety of textural issues such as scars and cellulite

How do I schedule a consultation for dermal soft tissue fillers in Toronto?

If you are interested in seeking a dermal filler consultation with Dr. Mulholland, and his expert team of dermal filler experts, simply fill out our online consultation request form or call SpaMedica now at 877-712-8367 to schedule your dermal filler consultation today.


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