Non Surgical Lip Augmentation
Non Surgical Lip Augmentation

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Why choose SpaMedica for your non surgical lip augmentation procedure?

SpaMedica is one of Canada’s oldest, most reputable and foremost cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic laser dermatology and medical spas.  Founded and directed by Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland, SpaMedica has developed and earned a reputation for natural and beautiful outcomes for its facial aesthetic clients.  With over 15 years in business, SpaMedica has continued to grow this reputation for beautiful, natural outcomes in all its facial enhancement procedures.  Toronto non surgical lip enhancement patients will find the service and procedural outcomes achieved at SpaMedica of the highest quality, utilizing the most up-to-date and current rejuvenation technologies.

What are the non surgical lip augmentation procedures offered?

Patients interested in non surgical lip augmentation seek the treatments at SpaMedica for the combination of high-tech laser and radiofrequency devices available and service providers with the training and skills that can achieve the most natural and beautiful results.  Non surgical lip augmentation concerns generally include a constellation of lack of volume of the upper and/or lower lip, with or without the presence of upper lip lines, wrinkles or downgoing corners of the mouth.  Many patients  present with one or more of these and seek the expertise of Dr. Stephen Mulholland, the SpaMedica cosmetic dermatologists and/or specialized injection nurses  to enhance and improve these concerns.

Unwanted lack of upper or lower lip volume is corrected with lip augmentation, using only the safest and longest-lasting hyaluronic acid sugar gels, such as Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvéderm® and/or patients’ own autogenous fat grafting.  The lip augmentation process involves a consultation discussing the optimal and idealized lip shape and contour that the patient desires.  It is important that the lip look natural after the injection and not “ducky” or protrusive.  Dr. Mulholland and those professionals that he has trained at SpaMedica are experts in achieving natural, attractive lip enhancement volumes that are perfect to the age and aesthetic outcome desires of the patient.  Dr. Mulholland’s specialized technique of using a non-sharp, blunt microcannula to inject the sugar gel has greatly minimized, reduced or even eliminated the risk of bruising.  New products such as Juvéderm® Volbella™ can be injected into the upper and/or lower lip – usually both – to achieve a very natural and beautiful increase in the vertical height of the red lip from the center of the upper and lower lip right to the corner of the mouth.  This increase in vertical height creates the natural and youthful proportion most patients are looking for, but does not increase projection or protrusion of the lip, avoiding the “ducky” appearance.  Specialized skill in the exact placement of the sugar gel and the precise quantities necessary to achieve the beautiful lips are learned skills and artistic decisions that only years of experience can deliver consistently.

Patients interested in lip augmentation or lip enhancement will often seek, in addition to lip volume and lip augmentation, ancillary procedures that will enhance the outcome and appearance of their lips.  These ancillary procedures will include treatments to minimize the appearance of smoker lines, also known as lip lines, that can develop from excessive corrugation or crunching and animation of the lips from everyday speech patterns and animation.  Dr. Mulholland and his team of trained SpaMedica professionals use a combination of low-volume dilute BOTOX Injectable, lip injection and augmentation and specialized fractional radiofrequency devices and lasers to minimize and nearly eliminate the appearance of upper lip lines, together with appropriate volumization of deflated or congenitally small lips. Furthermore, in selected patients, the white roll of the lip (the area where lip liner is applied) is often enhanced modestly, as well as providing injectable support to the corners of the mouth and commissures.

By combining these techniques – injection lip augmentation with a microcannula, fractional CO2 laser and radiofrequency needle – upper lip wrinkle reduction as well as removal of unwanted upper lip facial hair, white roll and commissure or corner of the mouth augmentation and correction, SpaMedica is able to achieve natural, beautiful lip enhancement procedures for Toronto lip augmentation patients.

How can I show Dr. Mulholland my concerns and see if I am a candidate?

Toronto non-surgical lip augmentation patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

How do I schedule a consultation for non-surgical lip augmentation?

Patients can schedule a consultation by filling out the online consultation request form or by calling SpaMedica at
to schedule a consultation.  Due to Dr. Mulholland’s popularity and success of his injection practice, consultation times are limited and a consultation fee will be required.  However, this consultation fee is applied against the cost of any treatment, should you decide to proceed.


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