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Votiva in Toronto

Starts at $899/treatment
Procedure Time
30-40 minutes
Recovery Time

How Much Does Votiva Cost?

A program of 3 treatments can start at $2,499, while a single treatment starts at $899.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Votiva?

A Votiva treatment comes with little to no downtime and patients are able to immediately return to regular activities.

How Long Does Votiva Take?

Depending on the type of treatment, sessions can last anywhere between 30-40 minutes. Most patients will require 2-3 sessions to achieve their goal, however, most will notice a difference after just 1 treatment.

What is Votiva

Votiva is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that improves the vaginal atrophy and menopausal symptoms of dryness, discharge, and pain. In addition, Votiva can also improve tightness, appearance, and sexual function.

The cutting-edge technology uses radiofrequency energy, the FormaV, to effectively address both internal and external health concerns such as stress incontinence, dryness and intercourse discomfort.

Votiva is known especially for its minimal downtime and gentle techniques in comparison to other vaginal rejuvenation treatments. The comfortable treatment provides immediate results with continued improvements over time.

Who is a Votiva Candidate?

Candidates include those patients with vaginal atrophy symptoms of menopause, dryness, discharge, and pain. Vaginal laxity, loss of tone after childbirth and stress urinary incontinence vaginal dryness are also improved with the Votiva.  Because the treatment is gentle and non-surgical, most women with these symptoms, who are interested in Votiva are good candidates.

6 Benefits of Votiva

Reduction in the Symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy and Menopause
Reduction in dryness, discharge, and pain.

Reduction in Stress Urinary Incontinence
Improve symptoms of incontinence, most patients achieve dryness.

Improvement in Vaginal Laxity
Tighten the tissue and rejuvenate the vaginal area.

Increased Sexual Satisfaction
Votiva patients will enjoy increased sensation and satisfaction during sexual activity.

Increased Confidence
Feel more confident and comfortable with intimacy – improving quality of life. 

No Downtime
Votiva is a pain-free procedure that requires little-to-no downtime.

Votiva Risks

Votiva treatments come with no known side effects or risks and patients are able to immediately return to daily activities.

Why Choose SpaMedica for Votiva?

SpaMedica offers the highest quality and most effective vaginal treatments in Toronto. Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk, who is the head of the SpaMedica Female Wellness and Vaginal Health Team, is a nationally recognized minimally-invasive gynecologist. SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland have been at the forefront of developing and defining vaginal rejuvenation technology. In addition to the Votiva, SpaMedica offers the Mona Lisa Touch and Core Intima fractional CO2 for properly selected patients, as well as the ThermiVA and Femme360.

During your consultation, you will be examined and the treatment programs available to achieve your goals will be discussed with you.

Non-Surgical Votiva Alternatives

At SpaMedica, we will match the right technology and device to your vaginal needs. In addition to the Votiva, SpaMedica offers the Mona Lisa Touch and Core Intima fractional CO2 for properly selected patients, as well as the ThermiVA and Femme360, to ensure you get the best possible results.

How is Votiva Performed by Dr. Mulholland?

Votiva is performed without anesthesia and uses 2 different handpieces: FormaV and FractoraV.

FormaV is a device that applies consistent temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to internal and external vaginal areas. This works to tighten the inner vaginal walls as well as the labia. The FractoraV is a resurfacing device that enhances the external skin tone and texture, with radiofrequency energy that stimulates collagen and elastin production. This works to correct signs of aging and laxity. 

These two devices can be used either separately or together during a single treatment session. Each session will last 30-40 minutes and, to ensure the best results, 2 to 3 treatments might be recommended.

How to Prepare for Votiva

Votiva treatments require little preparation from patients. However, it is advised that sexual intercourse be avoided 24 hours prior to treatment, anti-inflammatory drugs avoided for 3 days prior, and the treatment should be avoided during menstrual bleeding or just prior to.

What to Expect After Votiva

Redness and sensitivity may be felt after a Votiva treatment but this will subside after a few hours. As such, patients can resume daily activities straight away. 

Some women will notice immediate results following a Votiva session. However, because the treatment is designed to gradually build up collagen and elastin production, it can take several weeks for final results to show.

To ensure proper healing, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 1 week after treatment.

Votiva Recovery & Timeline

Each Votiva treatment has no significant recovery period. Patients may experience some sensitivity in the hours that follow, but patients can return to normal daily activities immediately.

Best Procedures Paired with Votiva

Labia minora and majora Votiva treatments, G-shot, laser hair removal and non-invasive fat reduction all combine well with the Votiva.

Votiva FAQ

How Painful is it to Get Votiva?

Most women find Votiva treatment extremely comfortable. Those with vaginal dryness may feel some discomfort but not pain. Pronox (nitrous oxide laughing gas) is deployed during the treatment, ensuring all patients are optimally comfortable.

Does Votiva Need Maintenance?

The post-menopausal symptoms corrected by the Votiva and the vaginal atrophy symptoms will tend to return, so we recommend a single maintenance treatment every 4-6 months.

Does Votiva Work on Stress Urinary Incontinence?

Yes, in properly selected patients with Stress Urinary Incontinence, the Votiva treatments can improve the incontinence by 90% or more.

Is Votiva Covered by Insurance?

All vaginal rejuvenation procedures are not generally covered by insurance as they are considered elective. The same can be said for procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction. However, if the patient has a medical vaginal diagnosis such as pelvic prolapse or stress urinary incontinence, insurance may cover the procedure if it is medically necessary.

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