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MonaLisa Touch in Toronto

Starts at $1,799/treatment
Procedure Time
5-10 minutes
Recovery Time

How Much Does MonaLisa Touch Cost?

While the cost of MonaLisa touch varies according to the extensiveness of the work required, on average, the cost of a single treatment starts at $1,799. However, patients can opt to buy a bundle of 3 treatments for the price of $3,299.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from MonaLisa Touch?

Impressively, MonaLisa Touch boasts a recovery period that is practically non-existent. Indeed, most patients can return to work immediately after the procedure.

How Long Does MonaLisa Touch Take?

At SpaMedica, It takes about 5-10 minutes for a gynecologic physician to perform a MonaLisa Touch.

What Is a MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch refers to a procedure that utilizes a carbon dioxide resurfacing laser to significantly improve the signs and symptoms of vaginal atrophy, laxity and stress urinary incontinence. As such, the procedure is ideal for treating the discomfort associated with a lack of vaginal moisture, severe inflammation, painful urination, and stress urinary incontinence. In addition, MonaLisa Touch is able to improve the painful symptoms experienced during sexual intercourse.

Who Is a Candidate for a MonaLisa Touch?

Fundamentally, a good candidate for MonaLisa Touch is someone who wishes to significantly improve their symptoms of vaginal atrophy, laxity, and stress urinary incontinence. As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, good candidates should have logical expectations concerning the risks and benefits of the procedure.

4 Benefits of a MonaLisa Touch

Fast Recovery
Unlike surgical procedures, MonaLisa Touch boasts little to no recovery. In fact, patients can return to standard daily activities immediately following the treatment.

Minimally Invasive
As a testament to their non-invasive nature, MonaLisa Touch treatments are anesthesia-free, needle-free, and incision-free.

Revitalize Vaginal Tissue
MonaLisa Touch can revitalize vaginal tissue by stimulating collagen production, thereby improving blood flow and lubrication. 

Improved Sexual Activity
MonaLisa Touch results in the improvement of vaginal looseness, mild urinary incontinence, and menopausal vaginal dryness.

Risks of a MonaLisa Touch

Like all procedures, MonaLisa Touch comes with the risk of potential complications. Dr. Sasha, SpaMedica’s cosmetic gynecologist has been performing MonaLisa Touch treatments for many years and, after this many procedures, the risk of a significant complication is extremely low. Although SpaMedica has not seen most of the risks listed below, these risks have been reported:

Mild Discomfort
While some patients describe mild discomfort during the treatment itself, the recovery period is known to be pain-free. Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) can be used to ensure the treatment is comfortable.

Vaginal Discharge
There may be slight vaginal discharge for 3 days following the procedure, but no special treatments or creams are required. 

While risks are minimal, a complication that can occur involves the infection of the skin. However, the gynecologists at SpaMedica take extra care to avoid the risk of infection.

In rare cases, the procedure may result in bruising that can last several days.

Why Choose SpaMedica for MonaLisa Touch?

The renowned Dr. Sasha Svystonyuk (Dr. Sasha) one of Canada’s leading minimally-invasive gynecologists, leads SpaMedica’s Female Health and Vaginal Wellness and Rejuvenation program. Dr. Sasha specializes in laparoscopic gynecologic procedures and minimally-invasive treatments of the vulvovaginal region, including the MonaLisa Touch. As such, you can be assured that you will only be treated by the most capable hands!

Non-Surgical MonaLisa Touch Alternatives

Bulk heating radiofrequency (RF) devices, such as the Votiva, ThermaVa and the Emsells are RF devices that can address vaginal atrophy, laxity and stress urinary incontinence.

How Is a MonaLisa Touch Performed by Dr. Syvstonyuk?

During MonaLisa Touch, Dr. Sasha gently inserts a fractional resurfacing probe into the vaginal canal. Upon slow withdrawal, the probe emits a comfortable beam of carbon dioxide into the vaginal tissue, heating the area in the process. In doing so, the lasers create new tissue with a firmer structure and better lubrication.

How to Prepare for a MonaLisa Touch

At the time of your consultation, a thorough examination is required by your SpaMedica gynecologist in our Toronto clinic. This examination is necessary to rule out other functional concerns, including signs and symptoms of cervical cancer or other inflammatory conditions.

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Sasha and his team will review your medications and medical history. Based on the scope of the procedure, SpaMedica doctors may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before the treatment.

What to Expect After a MonaLisa Touch

Following the procedure, patients will notice major improvements in the thinning, drying, inflammation of their vaginal tissue and urinary incontinence. Although the results of your MonaLisa Touch program will last for many months, vaginal atrophy and laxity are inevitable with aging. As such, maintenance is highly recommended. Indeed, maintenance treatments are recommended once every 4-6 months.

MonaLisa Touch Recovery & Timeline

Day 1: Patients can immediately return to normal activities (such as work) after undergoing a MonaLisa Touch.

Week 6: Patients can return to engaging in sexual activity.

Month 4: Patients should book an appointment for maintenance treatment.

Best Procedures Paired with a MonaLisa Touch

Fractora V, Syneron CORE Intima, Forma V, can all be combined with MonaLisa Touch to treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy and laxity.

MonaLisa Touch FAQ

How Painful Is It to Undergo a Monalisa Touch?

There is a minimal amount of discomfort involved in MonaLisa Touch. Still, while it is normal to experience mild discomfort during the treatment, the recovery period is completely painless.

Is MonaLisa Touch Covered by OHIP?

In Ontario, MonaLisa Touch treatments are not covered by provincial health care insurance. However, SpaMedica offers various options to help patients finance their MonaLisa Touch.

Can Monalisa Touch Help Me with Incontinence?

Absolutely! In fact, it has been clinically proven that MonaLisa Touch treatments are effective in treating mild urinary incontinence.

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