Stretch Marks
What are they? what causes them? and how can i treat them?
Stretch Marks

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What are Stretch Marks and what causes them?

Patients who suffer from stretch marks will start their body perfecting journey with a complete consultation, which will explain stretch marks, what they are how to treat them. Stretch marks are characterized by stiae, which initially appear red but gradually may fade to a silvery white colour. Commonly found around the breasts, hips, thighs, arms, abdomen buttocks and back, these stretch marks can be difficult to conceal. Stretch marks occur when the body’s elastic fibres become damaged and “tear”. Stretch marks are not only due to the skin stretching, it can be from hormonal changes such as pregnancy and puberty. Other causes can be rapid weight gain and muscle building. SpaMedica Toronto has several options to treat and reduce the visibility of your stretch marks.

Can I treat my stretch marks and if so, what treatment options do I have?

Stretch mark patients can be treated with a variety of options at SpaMedica’s Toronto treatment centre. The goal of treating stretch marks is to reduce the visible lesion and to help maintain a healthy skin tissue to prevent further lesion from appearing. By resurfacing the skin, we can provide a firmer appearance to the skin. SpaMedica’s PXL treatment works by creating small dermal injuries to the area, thus forcing the skin to produce new collagen in the area and form new skin cells. The result is less visible stretch marks. SpaMedica’s C02 skin resurfacing can provide complete smoothing of the skin and help stimulate new collagen formation in the skin. There is down time with SpaMedica C02 skin resurfacing, however, there are less invasive SpaMedica laser treatments that can provide smoothing, increase collagen production and help the skin appear tighter. SpaMedica fractional laser treatments help resurface skin imperfections and aids your skin with the production of new collagen, leaving it plumper and more firm. FotoFacial Treatmetns can reduce the colour in the lesions, making them less apparent. Your SpaMedica treatment professional will recommend medical grade skin care to further enhance your treatment results for your stretch marks.

How can I prevent my stretch marks from coming back?

Patients can help to keep their condition under control with regular SpaMedica maintenance programs, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the skin healthy and well hydrated. Fractional treatments and PXL treatments can be performed through out the year when necessary to keep the stretch marks under control and to continue to stimulate new collagen formation. Bi yearly Zerona laser slimming treatments will help assist you in keeping and maintaining a healthy weight.

Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has been treating patients with stretch marks at his Toronto SpaMedica cosmetic surgery centre since 1997. Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica will offer a wealth of experience and safety in the management of the cosmetic concerns of our patients.

SpaMedica is Toronto’s and Canada’s oldest, most recognized and reputable laser skin care and cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery center. Patients also have the advantage of seeing one of SpaMedica’s experienced cosmetic dermatologists for some difficult to treat skin conditions.

How can I show Dr. Mulholland my concerns and see if I am a candidate?

Toronto stretch mark patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

How do I schedule a consultation for stretch marks?

If you are interested in seeking a consultation with SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland and his team of experts, simply fill out our online consultation request form or call SpaMedica now at 877-712-8367 to schedule a consultation.

SpaMedica recommends the following treatments to patients suffering from stretch marks:


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