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Evolve in Toronto

Evolve Before & After Pictures

Starts at $1,999/zone
Procedure Time
30 min. - 1 hour
Recovery Time
No Downtime

How Much Does Evolve Cost?

Depending upon the tissues treated, a three-treatment Evolve treatment package starts at $1,999 per zone. However, a six-treatment package can be purchased for $2,999 per zone.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Evolve?

Evolve body contouring (both Evolve Tite, Evolve Trim and Evolve Tone) comes with no recovery period and patients can return to their daily activities right after a session.

How Long Does Evolve Take?

Evolve body sculpting treatments generally last 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the target area and the tissues being treated (skin, fat and/or muscle). Patients typically need 3 sessions (depending on the tissue) to achieve their goal and gradual improvements can be seen following the first few treatments.

What is Evolve

Evolve is an innovative contouring solution that uses safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to target skin tightening, permanent localized fat destruction and muscle building and toning for total tissue contouring and body shaping. The Evolve maximizes patient results by individually targeting all tissues and provides the highest quality of body contouring available. 

The ultimate in medical-grade technology from InMode, the most innovative company in medical aesthetic technology, ensures patients benefit from the high demand body sculpting trend. Three different Evolve handpieces and applications allow you to target different problems and concerns.

  • ● Evolve Tite: to tighten loose skin
  • ● Evolve Trim: to kill localized collections of fat
  • ● Evolve Tone: to build and tone underlying muscle.

Loose, sagging skin and stubborn pockets of fat that are not responding to an active lifestyle can be extremely demoralizing. Build up and tone the underlying muscle if you don’t have time from the gym to supplement what you and your personal trainer are doing. Whether it be on the arms, legs, belly, thighs, love handles or elsewhere, Evolve body contouring is a quick and easy non-surgical alternative that works to reshape all tissues and all areas of the body.

Combination is The Key

SpaMedica has the best selection of non-surgical liposuction technology in Canada. Each non-invasive liposuction program is customized to include the best possible combination of devices that will give the most effective permanent fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning results. At the time of your consultation, your consult coordinator will review the best combination of technologies to provide the results you are looking for.

SpaMedica is Canada’s largest, oldest, and most respected private cosmetic laser center. Why are there so many non-surgical liposuction device options? The answer is simple: using only one device will not give the best results. Superior non-surgical liposuction, permanent fat reduction, tightening and smoothing outcomes are only achieved by the customized combination of two or more of the following technologies that work in different, synergistic and summative ways to achieve the best results, including:

● SculpSure hyperthermic permanent fat removal

● CoolSculpting hypothermic permanent fat destruction

● UltraShape permanent ultrasonic fat reduction

● Vanquish hyperthermic microwave permanent fat reduction

● Venus Freeze

● BodyFX

● Exilis and Venus Legacy Radiofrequency skin tightening technologies

● Morpheus8 body fractional radiofrequency fat destruction

● VelaShape RF fat reduction

● Liposonix ultrasonic thermal fat destruction

● Zerona high fluence, low-level light laser

Simply put, the best results are achieved by combining the best technologies.

Who is an Evolve Candidate?

Just like any other non-surgical body contouring procedure, Evolve isn’t intended to be a weight loss solution, nor reduce and remove as much fat as liposuction, or tighten skin like a tummy tuck,  BUT, it is the next best thing to surgery. Candidates should be close to their desired weight and have pockets of fat and loose skin in the abdomen, waist, arms, hips or thighs, or weak underlying muscle tone that has been resistant to diet and exercise.

Benefits of Evolve

No Downtime
Patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after a session.

Evolve body contouring sessions come with very little pain.

Tighten Skin and Destroy Localized Fat
Works to reduce the unsightly appearance of loose sagging skin.

Improve Muscle Tone and Body Shape
Skin contraction and tissue reduction and/or building and toning underlying muscles reshape your body shape to improve your appearance.

Evolve Risks

Redness around the treatment will subside within a couple of hours.

Localized Bruising
Bruising is rare but usually clears after 24 hours.

Numbness is extremely rare and should only last for a couple of hours.

Unsatisfactory Results
An in-depth consultation and experienced surgeon ensures the results are exactly what you are seeking.

Why Choose SpaMedica for Evolve?

Our board-certified surgeons and SpaMedica Body Contouring treatment staff have vast experience using the Evolve technologies and have delivered outstanding results to many patients at our body contouring Toronto clinic. SpaMedica patients are also particularly satisfied with their soft tissue contraction results post fat removal, which ensures the best and tightest shapely figure enhancements.

Different Types of Evolve

Evolve TITE

Evolve Tite uses radio-frequency energy to heat, target, and remodel the skin. The technology uses 8 hands-free applicators to deliver uniform heating to the surface of the target area of skin and sub-dermal layer for a pain-free treatment.

Evolve TRIM

Evolve TRIM targets the layers of fat below the skin using radio-frequency energy and a negative tissue vacuum. The 6 hands-free applicators provide uniform subdermal heating to the deepest layers of fat to provide the maximum results.

Evolve TONE

Evolve TONE targets the underlying muscle and uses radio-frequency and electromagnetic energy to tone and/or build up the muscle to improve the underlying muscle contour and shape. The 6 hands-free applicators provide uniform subdermal heating to the deepest layers of fat to provide the maximum results.


Depending upon your specific concerns, underlying loose skin, localized collection of fat or weak muscles, your SpaMedica non-invasive Body Contouring team can create a customized Evolve treatment program for you, combining one or more of the Tite, Trim and/or Tone for Total Tissue Body contouring. The 6 hands-free applicators provide uniform subdermal heating to the deepest layers of fat destruction and muscle shaping to provide the maximum results, all non-invasively, comfortably and with no downtime.

Non-Surgical Evolve Alternatives

SpaMedica is Canada’s largest non-invasive laser and energy-based device centre. The SpaMedica non-surgical body contouring program combines the best technologies, like the  Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, Vanquish, EMsculpt, Venus Freeze, and many others in a combined program to ensure you get the best possible outcome, guaranteed!

How is Evolve Performed by Dr. Mulholland?

Evolve technology uses radio-frequency (RF) and electromagnetic energy to tighten skin, reduce fat permanently and/or build-up underlying muscle. The revolutionary applicator technologies (Tite, Trim or Tone) are fastened to the patient’s target area and automatically adjusts the RF, Electromagnetic energy and/or thermal heat emitted to provide superior results.

A warm sensation is experienced and the vast majority of patients find Evolve treatments extremely comfortable. Evolve technology is hands-free, meaning patients can relax comfortably while the device gets to work. With the Evolve Tone, muscle building application, the patients feel a strong but tolerable sense of muscle contraction.

How to Prepare for Evolve

Body contouring treatments including Evolve require little prep work for patients. Before the appointment, patients should avoid getting sunburned and not apply lotions or creams to the target area on the day of the procedure.

The surgeon may also advise that you avoid medications like aspirin to reduce the likelihood of bruising post-treatment.

What to Expect After Evolve

Depending upon the number of tissues (skin, fat or muscle) and Evolve applications (Tite, Trim or Tone) you select, in order to achieve optimal results, most patients need 1 treatment per week for 3-6 weeks. A customized plan will be created for your specific desired goals and noticeable improvements will be seen in the target area(s) after a couple of treatments.

Evolve Recovery & Timeline

Evolve body contouring comes with no recovery period or downtime. The non-surgical, hands-free, treatment is as quick as it is painless and can even be performed in a lunch break. Mild redness and warmth following the treatment may be noticed in the targeted area but it will subside after a few hours.

Evolve FAQ

How Painful is it to Get Evolve?

Each Evolve treatment comes with little pain and is completed within an hour. The little discomfort and downtime mean patients can resume daily activities immediately after.

Will I Need Evolve Maintenance Treatments?

Evolve Trim treatment for the permanent destruction of fat, requires no maintenance treatments as the fat is gone. However, it does require weight neutrality as the increased weight will expand fat cells left behind. Evolve Tite, for skin tightening and Evolve Tone for muscle building will, like botox injections or other treatments, require a single maintenance treatment each, once every 3 months to maintain the skin tightening and muscle building.

Verified for Accuracy
The medical information on this page has been reviewed and verified for accuracy by Dr. Stephen Mulholland.

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