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Vanquish (Fat Reduction) in Toronto

Starts at $2,999/4 treatment package
Procedure Time
45 min. per session
Recovery Time
No Downtime

How Much Does the Vanquish Procedure Cost?

While the cost of a Vanquish procedure varies according to the amount of fat that the patient would like to remove, in general, pricing starts at $2,999 for a four treatment package. It takes about 4-6 sessions for patients to achieve the best results. Most patients purchase a combination technology package with the Vanquish procedure to ensure the best non-surgical fat reduction and receive very favorable client value package pricing.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Vanquish Procedure?

Unlike a traditional liposuction procedure, a Vanquish procedure boasts a very quick recovery process. In fact, due to the procedure’s non-invasive approach, there is little to no recovery time, and patients tend to return to work the day after their procedure.

How Long Does a Vanquish Procedure Take?

On average, a Vanquish procedure takes 45 minutes per session. There is one session per week, for a total of 4-6 weeks. Other fat destruction technologies, if combined, are most often performed on the same visit.

What is a Vanquish Procedure?

A Vanquish procedure represents an innovative, gentle way to permanently remove fat – without actually undergoing surgery! By utilizing state-of-the-art radiofrequency and microwave technology, the Vanquish procedure selectively heats unwanted fat cells, resulting in a noticeable body contour that preserves the skin and muscle. The areas that are typically targeted by the radiofrequency- microwave device are the tummy, hips, and thighs.

In short, with respect to the Vanquish procedure, there’s no anesthesia, no pain, and no recovery process! And since Toronto’s SpaMedica boasts the largest collection of effective body sculpting devices in the country, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in safe hands!

While the radiofrequency-microwave technology used in the Vanquish procedure works wonders for permanent fat reduction, it can be combined with other devices to achieve the best possible results. Indeed, CoolSculpting, SculpSure, Evolve, BodyFX EMSculpt, and Ultrashape can all be combined with the Vanquish procedure to optimize fat reduction.

Combination is The Key

SpaMedica has the best selection of non-surgical liposuction technology in Canada. Each non-invasive liposuction program is customized to include the best possible combination of devices that will give the most effective permanent fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning results. At the time of your consultation, your consult coordinator will review the best combination of technologies to provide the results you are looking for.

SpaMedica is Canada’s largest, oldest, and most respected private cosmetic laser center. Why are there so many non-surgical liposuction device options? The answer is simple: using only one device will not give the best results. Superior non-surgical liposuction, permanent fat reduction, tightening and smoothing outcomes are only achieved by the customized combination of two or more of the following technologies that work in different, synergistic and summative ways to achieve the best results, including:

● The new Evolve Tite Trim and Tone total tissue contouring

● SculpSure hyperthermic permanent fat removal

● CoolSculpting hypothermic permanent fat destruction

● UltraShape permanent ultrasonic fat reduction

● Venus Freeze

● BodyFX

● Exilis and Venus Legacy Radiofrequency skin tightening technologies

● Morpheus8 body fractional radiofrequency fat destruction

● VelaShape RF fat reduction

● Liposonix ultrasonic thermal fat destruction

● Zerona high fluence, low-level light laser

Simply put, the best results are achieved by combining the best technologies.

Who is a Candidate for a Vanquish Procedure?

In truth, there is no particular age restriction for a Vanquish procedure, and there is no specific trait that defines a “good” candidate. Fundamentally, good candidates are patients who are seeking a nonsurgical body sculpting option for the localized destruction of fat that will permanently kill fat and improve shape.  

While there are no specific traits that dictate candidacy, there are certain conditions that can make the process more seamless:

Proper Physical Health
Good health and a lack of serious medical conditions are vital for a Vanquish procedure. For patients who are looking for more extensive work regarding their fat deposits, SpaMedica recommends selecting a more thorough liposuction procedure.

Realistic Expectations
As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, good Vanquish candidates have realistic expectations concerning the risks and benefits of the procedure.

What are the Benefits of a Vanquish Procedure?

Fast Recovery
Unlike traditional liposuction, a Vanquish procedure has no recovery.

Predictable Results
The state-of-the-art technology involved in a Vanquish procedure makes it easy to predict the results of the body contouring process.

Minimally Invasive
As the fat deposits are broken down using non-invasive radiofrequency technology, a Vanquish procedure is completely hands-free and anesthesia-free.

Durable Results
If your weight does not fluctuate much following the procedure, the results of a Vanquish procedure can last for the rest of your life.

What are the Risks of a Vanquish Procedure?

Like all procedures, a Vanquish procedure comes with the risk of potential complications. Dr. Mulholland has been performing Vanquish procedures for over 20 years and, with this much expertise the risk of a significant complication is extremely low. Although Dr. Mulholland has not seen most of the risks listed below, these Vanquish risks have been reported:

The affected area may feel numb following the procedure, but this side effect is typically temporary.

Compromised Weight
If you put on weight after your Vanquish procedure, the calories will go to the remaining fat cells and increase in size, compromising your shape results. 

Difficulty Sleeping
After the surgery, it is possible that patients will have difficulty sleeping. However, this should only last a night or two. 

Skin Burn
In extreme cases, the radiofrequency-microwave technology involved in the procedure can rarely burn the skin superficially. However, the experienced doctors at SpaMedica take extra care to ensure that the procedure is performed smoothly and seamlessly.

Why Choose SpaMedica for a Vanquish Procedure?

Led by the incomparable Dr. Mulholland, the skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons at SpaMedica combine technical proficiency and unparalleled precision with an individualized approach that puts the patient first. By using advanced plastic surgery techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, the SpaMedica team is capable of producing incredible results while also reducing the risk of complications.

The SpaMedica Fat Destruction Guarantee!

SpaMedica combines the very best in fat destruction technology and feels so confident in the program that we will guarantee you get a visible result, or you get a free treatment(s).

Non-Surgical Vanquish Procedure Alternatives

Other non-invasive technologies, such as Coolsculpting, SculpSure, Evolve, BodyFX, Ultrashape EMSculpt, Venus Legacy, Excilis and others are all available at SpaMedica and the best combination will be selected for your individual concerns.

How is a Vanquish Procedure Performed by SpaMedica?

During the procedure, the patient is positioned in a comfortable treatment bed, as large Vanquish applicators target the treatment area on both sides of the body. After the appropriate setting and parameters have been selected, the treatment begins. The fat is heated to the desired temperature over 45 minutes, as physicians ensure there is no overheating or discomfort. This process is gentle, with no discomfort or pain.

How to Prepare for a Vanquish Procedure

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Mulholland and his team will review your medications and medical history. Based on the scope of the surgery, SpaMedica doctors may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before the surgery. It is also recommended that you consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of liquids before your surgery.

What to Expect After a Vanquish Procedure

There is no recovery following a Vanquish procedure. While the skin is initially somewhat warm and red, things will return to normal within an hour following the procedure. After the sessions have been completed, patients can expect at least 1 cm of circumferential fat reduction. Overall, patients can also expect a permanent reduction of fat, as well as an improvement in shape and contour.

Vanquish FAQ

How Painful Is It to Get a Vanquish Procedure?

As patients make no contact with the radiofrequency-microwave device, the procedure is gentle, warm and reasonably comfortable. In fact, a Vanquish procedure is widely recognized for its pain-free approach.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

At SpaMedica, physicians recommend undergoing one treatment per week, for a total of 4-6 treatments to achieve the best results. For best results, combination packages with other, non-surgical fat destruction are common and, can commonly be performed on the same visit.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The results of a Vanquish procedure are permanent, providing that the patient’s weight does not fluctuate much following their last session. 

To schedule a consultation at SpaMedica, simply call a SpaMedica customer service representative at 1-877-211-7505. Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica team look forward to helping you achieve significant body contouring and permanent fat reduction!

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