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Vanquish Fat Reduction in Toronto


Vanquish fat reduction is a procedure that eliminates fat permanently using state-of-the-art high frequency radiofrequency technology.





Nonsurgical Department at SpaMedica in Toronto

Are you a candidate?

Candidates are healthy individuals that are seeking a nonsurgical fat reduction or body sculpting option that will permanently kill fat.

What is it?

The Vanquish is a new and innovative technology used at SpaMedica.  The Vanquish is a noninvasive, permanent nonsurgical fat reduction solution for patients in Toronto.  The Vanquish is a no touch, hands free device that selectively heats area of unwanted fat with high frequency radiofrequency microwave like device that can heat large areas of fat of the tummy, hips and flanks.

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What is the Vanquish?

The Vanquish has the largest spot size in industry and can selectively and safely heat the unwanted layer of fat, while preserving the skin and muscle. The Vanquish is optimal for larger and normal BMI patients and can also be used pre and post liposuction. The Vanquish can be a stand-alone SpaMedica permanent fat reduction technology, or, it can added to be one of the integrated permanent fat reduction, body sculpting technologies may be integrated during your comprehensive, “best in class”, permanent fat reduction program, together with Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, EMsculpt, BodyFX and Ultrashape.

Vanquish device used at SpaMedica Toronto

Figure 1.  The Vanquish emits energy waves (RF and microwave) that can kill subcutaneous fat cells, while leaving the skin and muscle uninjured.  The large applicator allow the entire abdomen and both flanks to be treated at once.

How does the Vanquish work?

The Vanquish device used at SpaMedica in Toronto is the world’s largest, non-contact, hands-free permanent reduction body sculpting device. The large and adjustable applicators can be positioned such that the entire abdomen in both flanks can be treated simultaneously. In addition, adjustable Vanquish applicators can also be deployed to then treat both inner and outer thighs simultaneously.

Vanquish device for fat reduction used at SpaMedica Toronto

Figure 2.  The Vanquish applicator can be applied to the entire abdomen and flank and, can then be adjusted to treat the outer and inner thigh at the same time.

How does the Vanquish Kill fat cells?

The Vanquish consists of a multiple array of positive and negative electrodes. The electrode containing applicators are positioned in close proximity, but not touching the skin. Gentle heating radiofrequency energy is emitted from the positive electrodes in one large applicator in the energy and heat flows through the skin across the unwanted fat to be destroyed and treated and exits on the opposite side of the anatomic area and is received by the negative electrodes on the other applicator. Radiofrequency energy targets only the Fat, heating gently the adipocytes up to 45° Celsius and sustaining this temperature for 20, or more minutes This Vanquish hyperthermia, can result in up to a 500% increase in the conversion of live fat cells to dead, apoptotic fat cells. This process is gentle, with minimal to no pain and little to no risk or recovery.

How Vanquish works for reducing fat at our SpaMedica clinic in Toronto

Figure 3.  The RF/Microwave energy flows safely from the positive applicator through the fat (avoiding what is inside the abdomen) to the other, negatively charged applicator, and then back again. The RF/microwave energy caused micro-oscillations in the subcutaneous fat, leading to micro-motion, kinetic energy and heat. The Software in the Vanquish maintains this adipose heating at a very safe 45 degrees Celsius.

How's the Vanquish treatment performed?

Patients at our medspa in Toronto are typically positioned in a comfortable flat treatment bed.  The areas targeted for permanent fat reduction (tummy, hips and inner and outer thighs) are identified. The large Vanquish applicators are positioned close to the treatment area on one side of the body and close to treatment area on the other side of the body. Appropriate settings and parameters are selected, and the treatment begins. The fat is heated to the desired temperature over several minutes and then sustained through a high-tech, software impedance monitored feedback loop to ensure no overheating or pain. The treatment time for these large areas is only 45 minutes.

There one treatment per week, for a total of 4-6 treatments are required to achieve the best results.  Patients typically prefer to book treatments in advance at our clinic in Toronto.

Vanquish uniform heating performed at SpaMedica Toronto

Figure 4.  Safe, effective, uniform heating of the entire abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs occurs. The Red areas correspond to the skin, which is heated and tighten at the same time the fat is destroyed.

Is the Vanquish treatment painful?

SpaMedica patients in Toronto make no contact with the device making the treatment very comfortable. The adipose temperature is maintained at 45 degrees Celsius for the entire treatment cycle.

How many treatments are suggested?

A treatment is performed every week for four weeks and is often combined with the other SpaMedica Toronto permanent fat reduction body sculpting technologies such as CoolSculpting, SculpSure, EMSculpt and BodyFX.  The Cellutone gentle shock wave device is often applied after to help remove edema and waste products.

What is recovery like following the Vanquish?

There is no recovery following the Vanquish. The skin is somewhat warm and red but returns to normal within an hour. Patients can go back to activities of normal living after leaving SpaMedica Toronto, including exercise immediately.

What kind of results can I expect?

A noticeable and pinchable reduction of fat will occur. We believe in our SpaMedica Toronto noninvasive fat reduction programs enough and will guaranteed at least 1 cm of circumferential reduction, or you will receive a complimentary treatment(s).

Vanquish Before and After at SpaMedica in Toronto 1

nd After at SpaMedica in Toronto 2

Figure 5.  A patient who underwent a combined Vanquish program (Vanquish, Sculpsure and EMsculpt) with a pleasing and  noticeable permanent reduction of fat, tightening of the skin and improvement in shape and contour.


Can the Vanquish be combined with CoolSculpting, SculpSure and other Body sculpting devices to optimize the outcome?

Yes. The Vanquish program is a good permeant fat reduction technology on its own, but to optimize the results, it can be combined with other fat destruction devices. The Vanquish can often combined with other body sculpting technologies to achieve the best possible fat reduction results in the industry. CoolSculpting, SculpSure, BodyFX EMSculpt and Ultrashape, can all be combined with Vanquish. Generally, Coolsculpting or SculpSure programs are 2 treatments, 6 weeks apart and the Vanquish in performed during the weeks in between the first and second Coolsculpting and/or SculpSure treatments. The EMSculpt with build underlying muscle while reducing fat can also be performed at our Toronto clinic during the same weeks at the Vanquish.

What is the EMSculpt and how does it work with Vanquish?

EMsculpt is a new and innovative, noninvasive, high-intensity, focused electromagnetic energy technologies that can significantly build up and tone muscle mass, while destroying overlying fat in 4 treatments over two weeks. The technique is painless and noninvasive and can be combined with the Vanquish, no touch, external fat reduction programs to reduce fat and trim and tone a more muscular athletic shape.

Will the Vanquish tighten skin?

Because the Vanquish does heat the skin to at least 40 degrees, for 30-45 minutes over several sessions, there will be some skin tightening, in addition, to fat destruction.

Can I add skin tightening technology to the Vanquish treatments?

The Vanquish itself will tighten the skin modestly, but you can also add a dedicated skin tightening technology to your Vanquish program to get the best possible results.  Devices such as the Venus Freeze, Forma Plus, Excilis or Velashape 3 are well known bulk heating RF skin tightening devices that can be added to your Vanquish fat destruction program.

Are the fat reduction results of the Vanquish permanent?

Yes! Studies show that the sustained hypothermia (increase temperatures around the fat cells) delivered by the Vanquish over several sessions will result in a significant number of fat cells undergoing apoptosis and fat cell death.

Is the Vanquish and permanent fat cell destruction safe?

The Vanquish is a very elegant and impedance-controlled delivery of sustained heat, that is a very safe and proven non-invasive technology. Just like other safe thermal treatments like laser hair removal and photo rejuvenation, there is very little risk of a skin burn and the radiofrequency/microwave Vanquish energy does not affect deeper tissue in the abdomen or organs, only the skin and fat.  The Vanquish induced death of fat cells, is easily managed by the bodies drainage systems and there is not risk of heart or vascular disease.

What if I put on weight after the Vanquish?

If you put on weight after your Vanquish fat reduction program, the calories will go to the fat cells remaining in the treatment area and increase in size, compromising your shape results. The added calories will go elsewhere, as well, and can result in their expansion, which can ruin your shape in other, none treated areas.  Take home message therefore is, maintain your treatment weight for a long term, stable permanent fat reduction and shape and contour improvement.

How do I schedule a SpaMedica Vanquish consultation?
To schedule a permanent fat reduction body sculpting consultation in Toronto, at SpaMedica, simply fill out one of the on page forms, use the live chat text function, or call a SpaMedica customer service representative at the number provided on the content page. Dr. Mulholland and his SpaMedica team look forward to helping you achieve significant permanent fat reduction body sculpting noninvasively.