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Exilis Toronto


The Exilis treatment is a temperature-monitored, radio frequency soft tissue heating device that reduces fat and tightens skin.

Length of Procedure
20-30 minutes per treatment zone
Recovery Time
No downtime
SpaMedica Clinic, Yorkville, Toronto, ON
None required
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Are You a Candidate?

Good candidates for Exilis treatment are those individuals that are looking for fat reduction and skin tightening treatments but don’t want to undergo invasive surgical fat reduction treatments such as liposuction.

Procedure Details

What is the Exilis fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction procedure?

The Exilis is a radio frequency emitting device that heats the skin and soft tissue, resulting in skin tightening and circumferential fat reduction.

Exilis machine used SpaMedica in Toronto
Figure 1. 
The Exilis radio frequency skin tightening and circumferential fat reduction machine

How is the Exilis fat reduction procedure performed at SpaMedica Toronto?

Exilis is a non-surgical, skin-tightening, cellulite-improving and fat reduction radio frequency technology. The external radio frequency applicator is applied to the contour area of concern and moved back and forth slowly over top of a small layer of ultrasound gel. The oscillating electrical current heats up the skin and soft tissue, stimulating collagen and reducing the fat cell content in the region.

Exilis applicator used at SpaMedica in Toronto
Figure 2.
 The Exilis applicator is applied to skin with a very thin layer of ultrasound gel on the surface. The applicator is passed in slow moving directions over the zone to be treated. The Radio frequency energy heats the skin and the fat. When the temperature gets to the therapeutic end point it is maintained for 20-30 minutes. After a series of treatments there will be a modest Fat Reduction, an improvement in cellulite and/or skin tightening.

How long does the Exilis radio frequency fat reduction program take?

Non-ablative radiofrequency bulk heating soft tissue and fat reduction treatments, including Exilis, BodyFx™, Venus Freeze, Accent®, VelaSmooth™, VelaShape™ and other non-ablative radiofrequency devices that have been developed and perfected by SpaMedica take approximately 20 minutes per zone each treatment will generally require a series of radiofrequency treatments once a week for four to six weeks to achieve the ultimate improvement in body contouring, skin tightening, fat reduction and cellulite removal.

What kind of anesthetic is used during Exilis radio frequency body contouring, skin tightening treatments?

The Exilis radio frequency treatments are not painful and are well-tolerated and therefore do not require any local anesthesia or topical anesthesia to be performed.

Is the Exilis radio frequency fat reduction and skin tightening treatment painful?

Radio frequency, non-ablative skin tightening, fat reduction and body contouring and cellulite improvements are not painful; they are reasonably well-tolerated and therefore do not require any local anesthesia or topical anesthesia.


There is no specific maintenance required once you’ve finished your Exilis radio frequency fat reduction contouring program at SpaMedica Toronto. Radio frequency fat contouring, using devices that permanently kill the fat cell do not require maintenance, as the fat cell has already undergone a death cycle. However, the skin tightening improvement, with 25% increase in dermal thickness and the inelasticity improvement does require maintenance. As we age, the skin gets lax and loses its elasticity. The improvements achieved with cellulite reduction and skin tightening does require a single maintenance treatment once every three to four months to maintain the improved appearance and texture of the skin that has been achieved.

Exilis Side Effects

Contraindications for Exilis and non-ablative radiofrequency bulk heating devices include pregnancy and any inflammatory, infected or cancerous lesions on the area of treatment.

How long is the recovery period following Exilis therapy?

There is no recovery following Exilis and other radio frequency treatment devices.

What are the side effects of Exilis fat reduction and skin tightening treatment?

There may be some mild swelling and redness, or erythema, but patients leaving SpaMedica Toronto can return to activities of daily living immediately, including high-impact aerobic activity.

Exilis Results

What kind of results can I expect from an Exilis fat reduction program?

Patients who have undergone a SpaMedica Exilis treatment at our clinic in Toronto can expect a significant and noticeable circumferential reduction in body contour. In general, between two and six centimetres of circumferential reduction can be achieved or approximately one dress or pants size. Additional benefits of the SpaMedica Exilis body contouring programs include enhanced skin tightening and improvement in appearance of cellulite (lumpy, bumpy, cottage cheese skin).

Exilis Before and After at SpaMedica in Toronto
Figure 3. Exilis Before and After fat reduction patient. The patient’s abdomen was treated with the Exilis applicator once weekly for 6 treatments with a fat reduction off the middle section.

How long will my fat reduction results last?

SpaMedica’s non-surgical liposuction programs for fat reduction are designed to kill the fat and tighten skin. The dead fat cells do not return and therefore any body contouring improvement is thereby permanent. However, this does demand patients to be disciplined in weight loss or weight gain following their SpaMedica non-surgical liposuction and fat reduction program and any weight gain will be manifested in excess carbohydrates being deposited in other body contouring areas outside of the treatment zone, which will compromise appearance. Patients are generally very happy as long as they are realistic – realistic meaning that the body contouring improvement achieved with non-surgical liposuction techniques will be the best that can be achieved without liposuction surgery but minimally-invasive SmartLipo and BodyTite or VASERLipo are still the best opportunities for contour improvement.

Additional Procedures

Patients can undergo SpaMedica’s combination body contouring program using Exilis in combination with other energy sources such as UltraShape high-frequency focused ultrasound and/or Zerona low-energy laser level therapy at our clinic in Toronto. You can expect a further significant and noticeable circumferential reduction in body contour by combining these treatments.

Exilis Cost

The cost of the SpaMedica non-surgical liposuction fat reduction and cellulite improvement program is related to the size of the zone and the number of zones treated. In general, each zone is treated for 20 minutes, once a week for approximately four to six weeks, depending on the combination technologies deployed. The total cost is generally under $2,000 or roughly one-third the price of liposuction for that treatment zone. SpaMedica Toronto also offers patient financing and the cost of your non-surgical liposuction program can be financed over several years.

Next Steps

To schedule a consultation for your SpaMedica Exilis non-surgical liposuction program simply call 877-712-8367. Or fill out and submit the online consultation request form by clicking the "Book a consultation" button and a SpaMedica client service representative will contact you promptly to schedule your consultation.

About Us

SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland have been pioneers and at the forefront of the innovation and development of non-surgical liposuction fat reduction technology. Starting with the VelaSmooth, the VelaShape, the UltraShape high-frequency focused ultrasound, Zerona, Venus Freeze and BodyFx, Dr. Mulholland has taught internationally for years on the combinations of various technologies that lead to the best possible non-surgical elimination of fat cells and fat reduction. Dr. Mulholland’s combination body contouring program at SpaMedica represents the state-of-the-art combination of fat reduction and skin tightening technologies that result in permanent elimination of fat cells. In addition, Dr. Mulholland allows his Toronto non-surgical liposuction patients to one day apply a significant proportion of their cost to the procedure against any minimally-invasive liposuction techniques, such as BodyTite, SmartLipo or VASERLipo to achieve the ultimate body contour possible.