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SculpSure Toronto

SculpSure Summary

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA approved laser treatment for non-invasive treatment for getting rid of stubborn fat.

Length of Procedure
20-25 minutes per treatment zone
Recovery Time
No downtime
SpaMedica Clinic, Yorkville, Toronto, ON
Before & After Gallery

Are You A Candidate?

If you are looking nonsurgical alternative to liposuction then SculpSure treatment could be what you are looking for – it is one of the most effective non-invasive fat reducing devices currently available. It is perfect for treating troublesome areas of the body that are resistant to dieting and exercise.

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What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-invasive permanent fat reduction technology and also one of the most effective of the nonsurgical liposuction devices.

Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Mulholland and his medspa and surgical center SpaMedica have been at the leading edge of nonsurgical liposuction techniques for years.

Dr. Mulholland was the first to treat nonsurgical liposuction patients in Toronto with Velasmooth, VelashapeVenus FreezeUltraShapeBodyFX and CoolSculpting

It is SpaMedica’s unique combination of the various non surgical liposuction devices in a coordinate non-invasive permanent fat reduction program that makes SpaMedica the first choice for nonsurgical liposuction patients.

Before and After Gallery

SculpSure Before and After Toronto 1
SculpSure Before and After Toronto 2
SculpSure Before and After Toronto 3
SculpSure Before and After Toronto 4
SculpSure Before and After Toronto 5

Procedure Details

SculpSure machine used at SpaMedica in Toronto
Figure 1. Common areas treated for SculpSure Toronto patients include the lower abdominal pot, hips, outer thigh, inner thigh, and most commonly the inner knees, arms and bra line area.

How is SculpSure Nonsurgical Liposuction performed?

It is performed as an outpatient treatment and requires no topical or local anesthesia. SculpSure works by the application of multiple, adjustable laser applicators over the area of unwanted fat.  Up to four applicators can be applied, side by side in areas of unwanted fat (figure 2). Common treatment areas include  the lower tummy, hips, outer thighs, inner thighs, arms or inner knees.

Once applied, these SculpSure applicators then emit painless low-level 1060nm laser energy, providing a thermal treatment heating up the fat and subcutaneous tissue to a critical temperature of 45-47 degrees. 

Through skin cooling and a special proprietary algorithm of turning on and off the laser energy and varying the pulse duration, the treatment is very comfortable. 

The elevated temperature is sustained in the area for 25 minutes.  During this period of time, the temperature elevation will induce a non-inflammatory, apoptotic death of the fat cell (accelerated natural cell death).  The fat cells that die will be carried away by the body’s immune system. The overall measurement, both circumferentially and in thickness of the area treated will be reduced.

3-4 zones can be treated in approximately one hour. This is the same amount of time it would take to do CoolSculpting using hypothermic cryolipolysis (freezing the fat) to treat just one zone. SculpSure is a hands free treatment and several areas can be treated in one visit because each zone is treated for only 20 minutes for a successful result.

SculpSure Nonsurgical Liposuction in Toronto
Figure 2.

Is the SculpSure Nonsurgical Liposuction technique painful?

No, it is not a painful technique.  Any amount of discomfort is controlled by the precise thermal regulation of pulse duration and patients find the procedure quite comfortable.  Unlike other techniques such as CoolSculpting, where up to 10% of patients may have a significant post treatment neurogenic pain (hypersensitivity) that can last for many weeks, there is no such post-procedure pain or discomfort. Patients can return to normal activities immediately.

Does SculpSure work and is the fat reduction permanent?

Yes. Studies have shown that by sustaining the fat temperature at 42-47 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes, permanent death of fat cells occurs. The sustained temperature leads to an apoptosis, or non necrotic fat cell death where the nucleus just stops functioning and dies. However, there is no inflammation with this treatment.  SculpSure can result in 24% permanent reduction in stubborn fat. Over 90% patient satisfaction is reported after SculpSure treatments.

Is the SculpSure treatment painful either during the treatment or after?

Most nonsurgical liposuction patients at our clinic in Toronto have SculpSure performed with a mild non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or nothing at all. 

Can darker skin patients undergo SculpSure treatment?

Patients that have darker skin are good candidates for the SculpSure procedure. The 1060 nm laser does not interact with melanin in the skin.

How long does the treatment take?

The “hand’s free” SculpSure procedure itself takes 25 minutes per zone.  Two to three zones can be easily treated within an hour. This makes SculpSure one of the most efficient nonsurgical liposuction technologies in the marketplace.

How do I tighten my skin after the procedure?

We offer combination therapy of multiple fat reduction technologies and add the skin tightening devices like Venus Freeze, FORMA plus, Exilis-like devices, Velashape 3. These are the best Radiofrequency bulk heating skin tightening devices in the industry. By combining skin tightening with permanent fat reduction technologies like SculpSure, patients end up with better contours, thinner zones and avoid loose skin.

SculpSure applicator used at SpaMedica in Toronto
Figure 4. SculpSure applicator emits the 1060nm laser wavelength with targets and gently heats the unwanted fat tissue. Skin cooling keeps the patient comfortable, while energy modulation maintains the temperature around the fat cells at 42-47 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. This results in non-surgical liposuction patients at SpaMedica Toronto getting a 24% permanent fat reduction in the treated area.
SculpSure permanent fat reduction up close
Figure 3. SculpSure permanent fat reduction device. Toronto non-surgical liposuction patients who want the best possible non-surgical liposuction result will visit SpaMedica for its coordinated non-invasive permanent liposuction program that will include SculpSure. Sculpsure consists of 2 applicators that are applied to the area of fat excess through an adjustable and customized attachment system that allows treatment of different areas of the Sculpsure patient. Commonly treated SculpSure areas include the abdomen, hips, outer and inner thighs. Other non-surgical liposuction technology that can be employed at SpaMedica to reduce your fat include CoolSculpting, Ultrashape, BodyFX, Venus Freeze, VelaShape 3 and Exilis.


Patients do require some maintenance after their nonsurgical liposuction program at SpaMedica in Toronto.  Whether they’re treated with CoolSculpting, SculpSure, BodyFx or UltraShape, the fat reduction is permanent. However, skin laxity will only get worse with age. Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments are required, on average, once every 2-3 months to maintain the excellent results you achieved. SpaMedica offers a “pay as you play” singles treatment sessions, or 4-5 treatment packages that you require with bulk heating radio frequency treatments every 2-3 months to maintain taut skin tone and to achieve the best long-term results.  An affordable maintenance program will be provided for you. 85-90% of our patients go with this program to maintain the best possible results.

Side Effects

Patients with pacemakers, patients with unstable medical diseases or pregnancy are not good candidates for SculpSure and non-surgical liposuction techniques.

Are there any side effects and how long is recovery following the procedure?

The SculpSure procedure has no significant recovery. There are some minor side effects such as a mild redness, erythema and swelling, but patients can return to normal daily activities immediately.  There is no exercise restriction.  Most significantly, there is no post-procedure neurogenic pain. Up to 10% of patients have quite a debilitating pain following the treatment.

SculpSure Results

SculpSure Before and After at SpaMedica in Toronto 1
Figure 5.   SculpSure permanent fat reduction before and after results.

How will I look after the SculpSure treatment?

Most patients will not be able to tell that they had the treatment done other than a temporary erythema and swelling, which resolves within a few hours.  The area may have a mild degree of swelling and very slight sensitivity for several hours, but should return to normal by the next day.  

SculpSure Results:

With a series of 1 to 3 treatments,  patients can expect a permanent 24% reduction of fat, or a 2-3 cm of circumferential reduction in the areas treated.  This means that most patients can achieve a noticeable reduction. SpaMedica is so confident in our nonsurgical liposuction program, that if a result is not achieved, a complimentary treatment is provided.  Most patients can reduce their waistline by a dress size or pant size.

SculpSure Before and After at SpaMedica in Toronto 2
Figure 6. SculpSure Before and After Results.  A patient 6 weeks following one treatment on their abdomen. The fat reduction is permanent and so are the results, as long as weight neutrality is maintained

Will I have loose skin after the SculpSure treatment?

Patients often worry that after SculpSure the fat will be removed but the skin will look loose and unattractive. By adding SculpSure to the non-surgical skin tightening treatment programs we can control the skin laxity and destroy the fat at the same time. At SpaMedica we add BodyFx, which is a radio frequency treatment device or Venus Freeze or Forma Plus together with UltraShape and/or CoolSculpting to ensure that you get synchronous skin contraction of 20-25% at the same time as permanent fat reduction, for the best possible results.

How long will my results last?

The reduction of fat is permanent.  The fat cells that die following the SculpSure will never return.  Your job as a patient is to maintain weight neutrality, that is do not gain weight following the procedure and your results should be long-term.  If you have a modest to moderate degree of weight loss your results will only improve.

Benefits of SculpSure

  • Effective in diminishing stubborn areas of unwanted body fat.
  • Procedure only takes 20-25 minutes and there is little to no downtime and minimal discomfort.
  • No incision required

Additional Procedures

Body sculpting machines used at SpaMedica Toronto
Figure 7.  BodyFx which electroporates fat, UltraShape which cavitates fat and CoolSculpting which freezes fat. By combining different ways to nonsurgically kill fat, SpaMedica can achieve the best permanent fat reduction and body contouring.

Can I combine a SculpSure treatment with other treatments?

Absolutely you can. It is recommended that you should combine different nonsurgical liposuction treatments to get the best results. Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica have Canada’s widest selection of proven permanent fat reduction devices and nonsurgical liposuction “fat killers”. While most clinics will offer you a single modality such as SculpSure, CoolSculpting, UltraShape or BodyFX and will undoubtedly achieve some noticeable reduction in localized fat. At SpaMedica you will achieve the best possible localized fat reduction through combination therapy.  This combination can include heating the fat (SculpSure), freezing the fat (CoolSculpting), cavitating the fat with high frequency focused ultrasound (Ultrashape) or killing the  fat cell membrane with Electroporation (BodyFX).

At SpaMedica, we will design a customized localized fat reduction program by combining SculpSure with other nonsurgical liposuction techniques for the best possible fat reduction results.  Generally, we’ll combine SculpSure, with BodyFx, which is a radio frequency electrical permanent reduction of fat plus skin tightening (electroporates the fat cell) together with UltraShape, which is ultrasound painless reduction of fat (cavitates the fat cell).

How Much Does SculpSure Cost?

SculpSure starts from $499 per “PAC” 

Next Steps

To schedule a SculpSure consultation simply fill out this consult request form and a client service representative at SpaMedica will be with you shortly. A nonsurgical liposuction consult has no cost associated with it and you get a very comprehensive assessment of your individual needs. The program can begin immediately following your consultation if you so desire. Simply let the client service representative know when you want to start and they will schedule that together with your consultation. You can also call 877-712-8365 to schedule your procedure.

Why Choose SpaMedica?

Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica are constantly at the leading edge of nonsurgical liposuction programs.  Every significant nonsurgical permanent fat reduction technology is available to you at SpaMedica. Which means you will get the right technology for your permanent fat reduction needs.  During your consultation, your consult coordinator will customize your treatment with the best combination of treatments available, to give you the best possible results. We at SpaMedica look forward to meeting with you and helping you with your non-invasive liposuction body contouring goals.