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SpaMedica Delivers The Best Laser Hair Removal Results in Toronto, Guaranteed!

SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland have been at the very forefront of Laser Hair Removal in Toronto since 1997 with the introduction of the very first laser hair removal system, the EpiLaser. SpaMedica has strategically acquired every laser wavelength and energy device that causes  permanent hair removal. As there is no one laser that will consistently deliver 100% complete, permanent hair removal, the combination of different systems will give Laser hair removal Toronto patients the best laser hair removal results. Depending upon the skin type of the patient, several of the leading laser wavelengths and devices will be selected and deployed during a 6 treatment package to ensure the best possible permanent results. SpaMedica is so confident in the multiple laser, multiple wavelength approach to laser hair removal that we will provide a guarantee of permanent hair reduction optimization. Using a computer digital densitometer, the SpaMedica team can determine the number of hairs per cm2. We can then numerically calculate the permanent hair removal achieved at the end of the program.  Any patient with Dark Hair and light or dark skin should be able to achieve 75% reduction or better, or will receive 1 or more complimentary treatments.

Common-Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the use of laser energy to permanently remove, eliminate and reduce the growth of unwanted hair.  There are various lasers used to optimize the success and permanent reduction of hair growth from areas of unwanted hair. At SpaMedica, we deploy a number of different lasers, all with the best possible wavelengths used in combination to optimize the success and degree of permanent hair removal. When patients are looking for the best permanent laser hair reduction, at competitive prices, they come to SpaMedica. We are the most experienced laser hair removal experts in Toronto and offer the best possible lasers and combination wavelengths with the best possible permanent hair removal results.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos

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How is laser hair removal performed?

At SpaMedica, treatment starts with a consultation with a very experienced laser nurse technician. SpaMedica is Canada’s pioneer in laser hair removal, having been performing this procedure since 1997.  Dr. Mulholland has been personally involved in the development of every major laser and wavelength of laser energy used for permanent laser hair removal.  As previously mentioned, at SpaMedica, you will not receive just one laser but a multiple of laser wavelengths and well-known laser systems to optimize the highest possible degree of permanent hair removal available.

Does laser hair removal work?

Yes laser hair removal works but there is no ONE SINGLE laser that will give you the best possible laser hair removal permanency. At SpaMedica, we offer patients the most effective multiple lasers and wavelengths to optimize permanent hair removal. Most other clinics will offer you a single wavelength of laser.  This single wavelength may be moderately successful, but will not give you the highest possible permanent reduction that you can  achieve with SpaMedica. We use multiple lasers and wavelengths during your series of treatments. The best possible laser hair removal programs offer multiple lasers and wavelengths during your series of treatments to optimize the number of hair follicles that are permanently disabled and killed. This gives you the best possible permanent reduction of hair growth in the unwanted hair growth region.

What do I do on the day of my laser hair removal?

Once the right wavelengths and combination of wavelengths have been selected for you, the SpaMedica laser hair removal treatment program is very simply performed.  The area is shaved quite short, so only stubble is emerging from the skin. It is important you come to the clinic with stubble so the laser professional can see the full extent of your unwanted hair in the area you want it removed from.

How does laser hair removal work?

Once the right wavelengths and combination of wavelengths have been selected for you, the treatment program can commence. The area is shaved quite short, so only stubble is emerging from the skin. The laser applicator is then applied over the area and the laser energy delivered. The laser energy travels down the hair shaft, heating up the hair shaft. The hair shaft acts as a lightning rod for absorption of the light-based energy from the laser. The absorption of the laser energy results in heat and the heat spreads out from the hair shaft, up to the cells called the internal and external root sheath around the bulb, which produce the hair shaft, and the bulge, where the primordial cells that lead to new hair during the telogen (sleeping) and anagen (growing) phases of hair growth. The treatment is fairly quick and after a successful treatment, you will notice the smell of photocoagulation (which is the smell of burnt hair shafts) as well as little red bumps and swellings around the hair shafts. You will notice extrusion of dead hair shafts over the first 7 to 21 days following your treatment.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair Removal Diagram

Figure 1. The laser energy is attracted to the melanin in the hair shaft and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The heat then travels from the hair shaft out to the stem cells in the bulge near the top of the hair shaft and the bulb cells at the bottom of the hair shaft. If the wavelength is correct, the energy and pulse duration and spot size optimized, there will be enough heat to kill the actively growing hair bulbs and lead to permanent reduction. Over a series of treatments most of the hair bulbs will be treated in active Anagen or growth phase.

How Laser Hair Removal Toronto Works

Figure 2. The heat from the laser energy being absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft radiated out to the Bulge Cells, which lead to the new bulb during the next Anagen cycle, and the Bulb cells at the base of the hair shaft, which make the hair shaft. By destroying the cells in these two regions, permanent hair reduction can be achieved.

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

Good Toronto Laser Hair Removal candidates for treatment are realistic patients who understand  the risks, side effects and benefits of recovery of the procedure.  In general, there are very few risks but the application of any laser can result in a thermal injury, pigmentation abnormalities and a scar. Unless you select a center, like SpaMedica,  that has a high degree of experience in the application of laser energy to reduce these risks as much as possible.  Some clinics will decrease the fluence or use low fluence, long pulse durations, or high-repetition laser systems that lower the risk but also the efficacy.  Often these kinds of laser systems will result in 10, 12 or 14 treatments and you will find 50% or less of the hair follicles have been permanently reduced.  Good candidates have realistic expectations with the amount of hair that never grows back. SpaMedica being between 50% – 80% of all hair can be permanently reduced in most individuals after a series of treatments, using combinations of different wavelengths.  Most commonly, 6 treatments will be required to optimize permanent hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Expert, Dr Stephen Mulholland performing laser hair removal on a patient

Dr. Stephen Mulholland Performing Laser Hair Removal on a Patient

Contraindications to permanent laser hair removal include those individuals who may be pregnant at the time of the procedure or individuals with an inflammatory, infectious or cancerous growth in the region of treatment. At SpaMedica individuals with dark skin are still good candidates for laser hair removal, as the correct wavelength, the Nd YAG (Neodymium YAG, 1064nm wavelength laser) is used.

What are the specific Laser hair Removal Machines and Lasers that SpaMedica will use to get me the best permanent hair removal?

At SpaMedica, we can deploy 14 different lasers in your customized program, ensuring you have the best possible permanent hair removal and the fewest possible unresponsive hairs.

SpaMedica Diode 810 nm Hair Removal Lasers
Vectus (Cynosure, Palomar)
Light Sheer (Lumenis)
DioLaze (Inmode Invasix

SpaMedica Diode 810 nm + Radiofrequency Hair Removal Lasers
Motif (Syneron Candela)
Comet (Syneron Candela)
ELaser (Syneron Candela)

SpaMedica Nd YAG 1064 nm Lasers
GentleYAG (Syneron Candela)
GentleMAX PRO (Syneron Candela)
Elite (Cynosure)

SpaMedica Alexandrite 755 nm Hair Removal Lasers
GentleLAZ (Syneron Candela)
Elite (Cynosure)

SpaMedica IPL Hair Removal Lasers
BBL (Sciton)
Max R (Cynosure Palomar)
LR-RF Emax and E Plus (Syneron Canadela)

At SpaMedica our laser technicians will ensure that the right lasers and laser wavelengths are combined over your multiple treatment programs to ensure you get the best possible permanent hair reduction. The lasers used will includes combinations of:

Vectus 810nm Diode Laserthe 810 nm wavelength is excellent for light, medium and darker skin type patients with dark hair. The Vectus (Cynosure) is very fast, able to complete an entire back, chest or lower leg in less than 10 minutes and is very well cooled to minimize discomfort. The Vectus Diode Laser is manufactured by the well known laser company Palomar-Cynosure. The Vectus is the faster Diode Laser Hair removal system on the planet, at 9 cm2 per second.

Vectus 810 nm Diode laser hair removal Toronto machine

Figure 3. The Vectus 810 nm Diode high speed laser machine. Patients can expect a very effective permanent reduction and a very fast treatment with little discomfort.

LightSheer Duet 810 nm Diode Laser:  the 810 nm wavelength, like the Vectus, is also excellent for patients with light, medium and darker skin with dark hair. The Lightsheer Duet (Lumenis) also has a suction coupled hand piece which greatly reduces pain and enhances efficacy. The LightSheer is manufactured by the well know laser company Lumenis. The LightSheer Duet is also very fast at 6.75 cm2 per second.

LightSheer Duet 810nm diode hair removal laser machine

Figure 4. The LightSheer Duet 810nm diode hair removal Laser. The LightSheer is one of the best known and successful lasers and like the Vectus, is very fast, efficacious and painless. Patients can expect good permanent reduction with this duet as part of their program.

DioLaze 810nm Diode:

The DioLaze (Inmode, Invasix) is another high speed, pain reduced 810 nm diode laser hair removal machine. At 4.75 cm2/second, the DioLaze is the fastest High fluence laser diode hair removal machine on the planet. The Diolaze uses a scanned diode laser that is able to maintain high fluence’s of 30-40 J/cm2 and very short pulse durations of 30 milliseconds while with high speeds but still keeping the treatment comfortable. It is able to be a high fluence, short pulse duration high speed diode by having extremely efficient water cooler sapphire cooling. Patients will find, the Diolaze 810 nm diode system delivers high permanent hair removal, comfortably and at high speeds. The Diolaze is manufactured by InModeMD, an Israeli company and by the same physicists that developed the Lumenis Lightsheer and the Syneron ELOS.

Diolaze 810 nm Laser hair removal machine

Figure 5. The Diolaze 810 nm high speed, scanned laser diode permanent hair removal machine with “3P” cooling that is a cooling plate that cools the skin before, during and after the laser fires, so that the high fluence and short pulse duration is not painful or as dangerous.


The GentleMax Pro:  GentleLaze 755nm Alexandrite and GentleYAG 1064 nm Nd YAG laser hair removal machine

The Syneron-Candela GentleMax Pro combines two of the “gold standard” laser hair removal wavelengths in one device. The GentleLAZ 755 nm Alexandrite device is the optimal permanent hair removal machine of patients with lighter color skin and brown or dark hair. For years the GentleLaz has been winning awards as one of the industry’s best systems. The GentleMax Pro also has the GentleYAG, as Nd YAG 1064 nm wavelength laser that has, for years, been one of the best permanent laser hair removal systems for darker skin patients with dark hair. The combination of these two wavelengths allows us to treat all skin types from light to very dark with brown, black or dark hair with optimal destruction of the hair follicles (the production site for your hair)

The GentleMax Pro. Alexandrite laser hair removal Toronto

Figure 6. The GentleMax Pro combines the world famous GentleLaze 755 nm Alexandrite and the GentleYAG, 1064 nm NdYAG facilitating the treatment of both light and dark skin with brown, black or dark hair.

The GentleLaz and GentleYAG have very large spot sizes for optimal penetration and high energy fluence parameters to facilitate “best in class” destruction of hair follicles. What allows high energy and effective treatment is the use of a proprietary topical cryogen spray the strikes the skin just before the laser beam completely numbing and anesthetizing the skin to remove pain and discomfort. If that were not enough, the detachable air Nozzle provides directed cooling for additional comfort and skin safety. The large spot sizes, include the 20, 22 and 24 mm spot sizes that can deliver optimal energy at up to 3 pulses per second for very fast and comfortable treatments.

Best Laser Hair Removal Toronto dynamic cryogen spray and air nozzle

Figure 7. The GentleMax Pro will treat the skin with cryogen spray just before the laser energy providing strong numbing to the skin so the laser energy does not hurt, thus providing painless hair removal for all skin types and body or face hair treatment zones.

Elite Alexandrite and Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal System: The Cynosure Elite, 755 nm Alexandrite and the Elite1064nm NdYAG is a dual wavelength laser from the laser company cynosure. The Elite has been one of the most popular laser hair removal devices in North America, as it is very versatile and gives great permanent reduction. The Elite laser has two wavelengths, the 755nm Alexandrite and the 1064 NdYAG. The 755nm is very good for lighter skin types with dark hair and the NdYAG 1064nm is very effective and safe for darker skin types. The Elite is very specialized and allows the physician/technicians to blend both the 755nm alexandrite/ 1064 nm NdYAG, in varying degrees within the same pulse configurations.  The ability to kill more hair with two laser wavelengths fired at the same time, ensures more follicles and bulbs will be killed.

Best Laser Hair Removal Toronto

Figure 8. The Elite 755 nm Alexandrite and the 1064 nm Nd YAG . Pain and discomfort is reduced with forced air cooling and both the 755nm and 1064nm can be fired and mixed in the same pulse, a proprietary process called MultiPlexing. Dr. Mulholland is shown working with the Elite 755nm and 1064nm dual wavelength laser removal system.


nd yag laser toronto

Figure 9. The Elite allows the SpaMedica Hair removal technician the opportunity to blend both the 755nm Alexandrite and the 1064nm Nd YAG wavelengths in the same pulse, a process called MultiPlexing, for better permanent reduction.

ipl hair removal

Figure 10. The ICON Max R from Palomar-Cynosure. The IPL  laser (intense pulsed light) can help kill finer and lighter color hair.

Syeron-Candela Comet Laser Hair Removal Machine

Figure 11. A. The Comet from Syeron-Candela that combines the ELOS 810nm diode and Bipolar RF (Comet) and B. The ELSO combination energy IPL and Bipolar RF Emax, also manufactured by Syneron -Candela

The MOTIF Vantage:  The Motif Vantage is another new Syneron Candela Laser hair removal machine that combines the 810 nm diode laser with pulsed bipolar radiofrequency energy (BRF). The combination of the 810 diode with bipolar RF means that darker skin can be treated with less 810 energy by bundling the bipolar RF electrical energy to attack the hair bulb with less risk of injury to the dark skin with the more melanin concentration. The impedance in the skin can be monitored to turn the RF energy off when temperatures get potentially dangerous. The large spot size, slide and glide technique and repetition rate of the Syneron Candela Motif make the treatment extremely quick. The strong chill tip makes the MOTIF treatment very comfortable.

MOTIF Syneron Candela 810 nm diode and bipolar RF laser hair removal machine

Figure 12. The MOTIF Syneron Candela 810 nm diode and bipolar RF allows less optical energy and compensates with strong bipolar RF energy to effectively treat hair follicles with less laser optical energy making this device very safe on darker skin types. At 10 Hertz (10 pulses per second) with strong dynamic cooling large zones can be treated very quickly and comfortably.

The MOTIF, like the Comet sends the optical 810 nm diode laser energy into the skin to pre heat the bulb, damaging it. The pre-heating decreases the impedance in the dermis and the RF (radiofrequency energy), which travels the path of least resistance, then flows through the blub providing additional thermal energy to completely kill the hair bulb without potentially heating of the skin. This interaction of laser and RF is called ELOS, or electro-optical synergy and is an elegant way of treating darker skin in addition to the GentleYAG 1064nm and Elite 1064 nm Nd YAG lasers. The addition of the strong chill tip, pushed the bipolar RF energy deeper into the skin.

how the Motif Vantage targets hair for laser hair removal work

Figure 13. The MOTIF delivers ELOS energy to the hair bulb. Less aggressive amounts of diode laser energy is emitted first, pre-heating and injuring the bulb. As temperature rises, the dermal tissue impedance around the bulb drops and bi-polar RF, which travels the path of least resistance then travels preferentially through the bulb providing additional selective and destructive thermal injury to the bulb. The ELOS mechanism minimizes the aggressive laser optical energy on the skin, which in darker skin types, with more melanin can lead to complications. Thus the MOTIF is another laser SpaMedica can use on darker skin patients, together with the NdAYG 1064 nm lasers to ensure safe and optimal permanent hair reduction

The ICON Max R, the Comet and the Emax: Other systems that may be deployed in your SpaMedica treatment program include the ICON,  Max R IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal and the Syneron Comet. The ICON Max R, manufactured by Palomar-Cynosure uses Intense Pulsed Light, that can be a valuable adjunct in treating finer, smaller hair that can be difficult to kill with a true laser hair removal device.  The Comet, manufactured by Syneron-Candela, blends together an 810nm diode together with bipolar Radiofrequency energy in the same pule. This unique combination of laser and bipolar RF can help kill finer and lighter colored hair.  The Emax is another Syneron-Candela Hair removal device that combines IPL (intense pulsed light) and bipolar Radiofrequency or RF in the same pulse form. The Emax Hair removal applicator is also good in helping to kill finer hairs and hair with less pigment.

With all these excellent Laser Hair Removal machines, how do you combine them in a Laser Hair Removal treatment program?

One of the many reasons the SpaMedica Laser Hair removal program is so popular is that we combine the best lasers and wavelengths over the course of your treatments to ensue the best possible permanent hair removal treatment. As each laser and laser wavelength will have a permanent reduction impact on some hair follicles or bulges, but not on others. So combining different wavelengths during your program will increase and optimize the number of hairs that can be permanently killed.

In general, the SpaMedica Laser Hair Removal program is a series of 6 treatments, performed as new hair grows after the last treatment. The concept is using the right wavelength, pulse duration and energy to kill as many hair bulbs as possible. Which means switching wavelengths and switching pulse durations energies to ensure many “stubborn” and difficult to kill bulbs are treated. For larger hair removal zones, the high speed, 810nm diodes are used, the Vectus, Diolaze and/or LightSheer Duet for the first three-four treatment sessions. For the last two treatments, a specific laser such as the Elite, with the 755nm Alexandrite and the 1064nm NdYAG, or the GentleMAX PRO GentleLAZ 755 nm Alex and the 1064 nm GentleYAG laser are used, often in combination. If there are resistant, finer, lighter hairs, then the MOTIF Vantage, ICON Max R IPL, the Comet 810nm diode-RF or Max G IPL-RF may be deployed. By deploying this unique combination of laser, light and RF energy, SpaMedica Toronto Laser Hair Removal patients can enjoy the Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Canada.

What kind of anesthetic is used for laser hair removal?

The SpaMedica laser systems have built-in cooling systems; cold air systems or water cooled tips that greatly reduce the discomfort during laser hair removal.  In addition, topical anesthetic cream is usually deployed to minimize pain and discomfort. For the most part, Laser Hair Removal treatments has become very, very comfortable. The GentleMAX Pro laser uses a spray of cryogen to cool and freeze the skin, just prior to the laser beam is released.

Is laser hair removal painful?

There’s always a degree of discomfort following any aesthetic treatment that has long-term results such as BOTOX®, soft tissue fillers and photo-rejuvenation. As such, laser hair removal treatment can be associate with some discomfort.  In general, however, with topical anesthesia and the dynamic cooling tips, cryogen spray and air coolers deployed with modern laser systems, laser hair removal treatment is very tolerable and comfortable.

How long does the laser hair removal procedure take?

A single treatment takes approximately 5-10 minutes for a small-to-medium zone.  For larger zones, such as lower leg, full leg or a man’s back, high-speed efficacious 810 nm, laser diode systems are deployed such that the treatment can be done in the same 15 to 20 minutes’ period.  Very small zones, such as the upper lip, chin or sideburns can be performed in two minutes.  In general, most patients should anticipate 30 to 60 minutes when coming for their treatment. As they often need to put the numbing cream on, be prepared, have the area exposed, undergo the treatment, be cleaned up and then re-clothe.

It is important to remember that laser hair removal is a program of a series of treatments, and not a single treatment.  The reason that a series of treatments is required is that we must deliver the laser at the time of active growth of the hair bulb and hair shaft.  Those hair bulbs that happen to be in the sleeping face, also called telogen, are not susceptible to the permanent injury that permanent hair removal delivers. We need to ensure that a series of treatments are performed over a period of time so that all hair bulbs are in the active growing phase and eventually get exposed to the laser.  For the face and the neck region, treatments are usually performed when there is re-growth after the previous session,  every four to six weeks. Generally six treatments will result in 80% permanent hair reduction in approximately 50% of all patients.  For the underarms and bikini, treatments are performed, in general, every eight to ten weeks and a series of six treatments are usually required to optimize permanent hair reduction.  For large zones, such as half legs, full legs or entire backs, five or six treatments are required, every eight to 12 weeks, and each treatment takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

SpaMedica, because of its high-tech, high-speed combination of lasers that are very efficacious, also offers a full body laser hair removal program that can be performed in approximately 45 minutes.  Full body hair removal generally involves the removal of two large zones combinations such as full leg or a full back with a bikini, underarm and facial hair.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects and Recovery

In general, individuals that have been treated with adequate energy in the right wavelength will have some redness and small bumpy swellings in the areas of the hair shaft for four to eight hours following treatment.  In unexposed areas, such as the legs, bikini and underarm or back and legs, this is not generally a concern.  However, when treating facial area, it may mean that individuals may have to wait till the following day to return to work.

laser hair removal side effects

Figure 14. The inner thigh of a diode patient immediately after treatment. There can be redness and bumps that can last several hours to several days. Occasionally there can be ingrown hairs that take several days to express. Most patients can go back to regular activities that same day. Sun tanning should be avoided for 10 days to 2 weeks following a laser hair removal session.

What kind of results can I expect following my SpaMedica laser hair removal program?

As previously mentioned, we combine the most efficacious wavelengths of laser light for your skin type and hair type. With this many hair removal systems available at SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland can give you the guarantee of the highest possible permanent hair removal in Toronto. We expect to be able to achieve 75% reduction or better, or you will receive 1 or more complimentary treatments.

Sciton BBL Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

Figure 15. The Sciton BBL Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System. The BBL 755nm cut off IPL filter can be very helpful to kill resistant coarsers, darker hairs that are resistant to the Vectus, LIghtsheer Duet, LightSheer XC, Diolaze, Elite 755nm and 1064nm and Comet, Icon Max R and Emax.

See our amazing laser hair removal before and after results photos below.


laser hair removal before and after man's back

Figure 16. Man’s back hair removal Before and After. Patients can generally expect 50-80% or more permanent hair reduction after a series of SpaMedica Multiple wavelength, multiple laser treatments.

laser hair removal before and after

Figure 17. Patients will commonly treat Small zone body hair removal areas like the armpit (above) and the bikini zone. With over 80% permanent reduction common in these areas, most patients rarely have to shave again.

Women's laser facial hair removal before and after

Figure 18. Two female patients with darker skin types, who often present for facial hair removal. Small Zone facial hair removal is quite common. For Darker skin types, this will require special lasers and special laser wavelengths. Patients with darker skin will be able to safely and effectively treat their hair at SpaMedica, with the wide array of lasers that Dr. Mulholland can bring to bear upon your darker skin type and unwanted hair.

How long will the results of my SpaMedica laser hair removal program last?

After a series of six treatments, most SpaMedica permanent hair removal patients will notice between 50% and 80% permanent reduction.  Those hairs that are not permanently reduced will be made smaller (micronization), will grow hair that is finer and not as dark and will also synchronize growth cycles.  Synchronization of the hair growth cycles after 6 treatments and after 70% or 80% reduction, is generally desirable because we also prolong telogen, or the sleeping phase.  So, most patients will experience hairlessness for many months in each area following a SpaMedica laser hair removal program and when the hair that did not get killed gets regrowth, they’re able to join the SpaMedica hair removal “Club”.  The SpaMedica hair removal club allows a patient to come in any time when there’s been regrowth for a very, very low-priced maintenance treatment for the small percentage of hairs that have been resistant to every wavelength of laser hair removal known to man.

Is there any maintenance or after care required following my SpaMedica laser hair removal program?

Most patients who complete the program using multiple laser wavelengths will achieve up to 80% or more permanent hair reduction.  However, there’s 20% of the hair that will still grow.  This resistant hair, that has been resistant to three or four wavelengths of light and multiple treatments, will generally be fine, wispy, less coarse, lighter and all the hairs will be synchronized into the same growth cycle with a prolongation of the sleeping phase, or telogen phase.  Thus, many SpaMedica laser hair removal Toronto program patients join the SpaMedica hair removal club.  These are patients who have completed the SpaMedica six-treatment package hair removal program and then can come back anytime when there is regrowth of resistant hair for a low-cost, fast laser removal. Which will again provide a prolonged sleeping (telogen) phase of months in duration. The use of a laser in the SpaMedica Laser Hair Removal club is faster, more effective and efficient than waxing, shaving or electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal Prices: How much does laser hair removal cost?

SpaMedica has the widest array of laser hair removal machines and the best possible technology available on the market today. As such, we can generally do a full body hair removal in approximately 30 minutes.  We’re able to then pass on some cost savings because of our speed and laser efficacy.  In general, small-zone laser hair removal costs can be a pay-as-you-play treatment from $99 and up, depending on the size of the area, to a large-zone hair removal that can also be several hundred dollars and very affordable.  One of the most popular packages is the six-pack laser hair removal program.  With the six pack program, you get the best cost savings and cost reduction for paying for your 6 treatment sessions up front.  Full body hair removal performed for under $2,000.00, a series of six treatments and you can have excellent permanent reduction of all unwanted body hair.

Here is a full breakdown of SpaMedica’s Laser Hair Removal Prices

  • EXTRA SMALL ZONE (e.g. upper lip) – $99 each, or a package of 5 for $399
  • SMALL ZONE (e.g. underarm) – $199 each, or a package of 5 for $799
  • MEDIUM ZONE (e.g. forearms) $299 each, or a package of 5 for $1199
  • LARGE ZONE (e.g. ½ legs) $399, or a package of 5 for $1599
  • EXTRA LARGE ZONE (e.g. Back) $499 each, or a package of 5 for $1999

We also offer our repeat customers special laser hair removal deals after 5 treatments. With these incredible deals can save up to 50% on small and medium zone treatments.

Hair Club price* (effective after five full treatments of the same area)

  • EXTRA SMALL ZONE – $49 per treatment
  • SMALL ZONE – $99 per treatment
  • MEDIUM ZONE – $199 per treatment
  • LARGE ZONE – $299 per treatment
  • EXTRA LARGE ZONE – $399 per treatment


Why choose SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland for my laser hair removal Toronto program?

SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland have been pioneers in laser hair removal and continue to be at the forefront of the development of new high-speed and efficacious technology. By selecting SpaMedica, you will be assured that you get the best possible experience to minimize any risks or complications.  In addition, you will also get the best possible wavelengths of light to ensure the highest possible permanent reduction available. 

Many of our Toronto Hair Removal patients have gone to other laser hair clinics that are extremely low cost, but are usually far less experienced and generally, only one type of laser wavelength of energy has been deployed.  These patients treated at other clinics often become frustrated as they may have 8, 10, 12, even 16 or more treatments, but they don’t see a tremendous permanent reduction after the first two or three sessions.  The reason for this is because some of the follicles are going to be deeper making it more difficult to access with the wavelength of light, lower energy, or longer pulse duration that has been selected.  When there are no other wavelengths of laser energy or no other lasers are available, you can’t expect to get enhanced permanent reduction.  Thus, most SpaMedica patients have done their research and they realize that at SpaMedica, they get a very affordable laser hair removal program, considering that they get far better permanent reduction with multiple industry leading lasers.  They also get the experience of our expert technicians that have been performing this procedure for many, many years and have a lower risk of adverse effects.

Check out other common questions for laser hair removal asked by Sarah Koonar from 29secrets.

How can I show SpaMedica my concerns and see if I am a suitable candidate?

Toronto laser hair removal patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for the SpaMedica team and Dr Mulholland to review.

How do I schedule a SpaMedica laser hair removal Toronto program?

To schedule a consultation for a SpaMedica laser hair removal treatment, simply call 877-712-8367 or submit a consultation request form. A SpaMedica client service representative will respond promptly once the form has been complete. Smooth, hairless skin is just a phone call away.

Did You Know……Laser Hair Removal Treatment Facts?

  • Epilation by laser was performed experimentally for about 20 years before it became commercially available in the mid 1970s
  • SpaMedica uses 5 different wavelengths of lasers to target all skin types and hair types
  • SpaMedica uses one particular laser wavelength, YAG, which allows for treatment of chronically tanned, discolored and undamaged skin



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