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Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis?

Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis?

Today we’re exploring one of the questions we are asked most often: what is the difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis? And how do I know which is right for me?

Below we break down and compare the two procedures.

What is it? How Does It Work?


Electrolysis uses an electric current to destroy the hair follicles. A needle is inserted into the individual hair follicle and delivers electric energy in order to destroy it. The individual hair is then removed (plucked out) using tweezers. Every hair in the area being worked on needs to be treated individually.

Laser Hair Removal

A specific laser and wavelength is selected for you by your technician based on your skin and hair type. You should make sure the clinic you visit has a selection of lasers. This will ensure you have the correct options available to achieve meaningful results. Light-based energy is then applied over the treatment area with the use of the medical-grade hair removal laser.

The hair shaft absorbs the energy from the laser which travels down to the internal and external root sheath and neutralizes the hair bulb. This bulb produces the hair shaft and the primordial cells that lead to new hair. Damaging it means that hair will no longer grow from the shaft.

Laser hair devices are able to treat many hairs in an area within a short session.

What Are The Benefits and Side Effects?


Because each hair is treated individually the results are sometimes considered more permanent compared to laser hair removal. However, this also means that treatment sessions are quite long.

Sometimes the hair root is only damaged and not destroyed which can lead to ingrown hairs, particularly on patients already prone to them.

Patients with darker skin also often have more side effects with electrolysis. The process can lead to patchy areas of discolouration and scarring, particularly if performed improperly.

Laser Hair Removal

Many hairs within an area can be treated simultaneously, meaning treatment length can be quite short. Patients are often treated over their lunch breaks with no down time.

SpaMedica prides itself on having and maintaining the best lasers with the best wavelengths. This means we have the ability to treat all hair and skin types, including darker skin.

We also expect you to have 75-80% reduction in hair after 6 treatments. The resistant hair remaining after these treatments tends to be fine and wispy. This is why clients join our hair removal club after completing their six sessions; they can return anytime for quick, low-cost touch-ups.

How Much Do They Cost?


The average cost of electrolysis in Toronto is $449 per session, according to data and reviews compiled by Real Self.

Laser Hair Removal

At SpaMedica, our laser hair removal starts at $59 per session for an extra small zone (like an upper lip) up to $479 per session for an extra large zone (such as the back). We also offer discounts for booking a full package of sessions.

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