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BTL Emsella in Toronto

Starts at $2,999/6 Treatments
Procedure Time
30 minutes
Recovery Time

How Much Does a BTL Emsella Procedure Cost?

A package of Emsella urinary incontinence treatments starts at $2,999 for a 6 treatment package. 

How Long Does it Take to Recover From BTL Emsella?

You can resume all of your normal activities immediately after your noninvasive BTL Emsella treatment.

How Long Does a BTL Emsella Appointment Take?

Each BTL Emsella treatment is just 30 minutes long. Patients typically require 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks to achieve optimal results.

What is BTL Emsella

BTL Emsella is a breakthrough procedure that works to relieve incontinence in women by stimulating and strengthening the underlying muscles of the pelvic floor using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to rehabilitate neuromuscular control. With a stronger pelvic floor muscle, stress urinary incontinence will be eliminated or improved.

Who is a Candidate for BTL Emsella?

Candidates for BTL Emsella are for healthy women of all ages who suffer from:

  • Incontinence
  • Lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation
  • Weakness in the pelvic floor muscles
  • Vaginal Laxity syndrome

4 Benefits of BTL Emsella

Strengthen Pelvic Floor
BTL Emsella uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor contractions during the treatment to strengthen the muscles, elevate the bladder and urethra and eliminate or significantly improve incontinence.

Superior to Kegel Exercises
A typical Emsella treatment takes about 30 minutes and stimulates 11,200 contractions, equivalent to 11,200 kegel exercises!

Completely Noninvasive
Patients remain fully clothed throughout the entire BTL Emsella procedure.

Enhance Self Confidence
Accurate analysis has determined that 95% of clients described a notable improvement in their quality of life, including a marked decline in frustration, stress, embarrassment, and even social anxiety.

BTL Emsella Risks

There are almost no side effects associated with BTL Emsella. It is perfectly normal to resume daily activities immediately after treatment.

Non-Surgical BTL Emsella Alternatives

If BTL Emsella is unable to achieve the degree of SUI improvement you are seeking, SpaMedica can offer other alternatives. These include treatments such as temperature-controlled intravaginal, non-ablative RF technologies, like the Votvia, Femme 360 and ThermiVa.

How is BTL Emsella Performed by Dr. Mulholland?

At SpaMedica in Toronto, we offer patients game-changing BTL Emsella treatments that address the root cause of incontinence: weak pelvic floor muscles and strengthening these.

The BTL Emsella procedure effectively stimulates the pelvic floor using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) for the rehabilitation of neuromuscular control. One single treatment in a BTL Emsella chair at SpaMedica in Toronto incites thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions—the key to muscle re-education and stronger pelvic floor muscles prevent leaking of urine.

Patients remain fully clothed and sit in the middle of the Emsella chair, where painless pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic waves of energy are directed to the pelvic floor. Over 30 minutes, tens of thousands of supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor are induced, leading to a “bodybuilding effect” of the muscles of the pelvic floor, which allows the bladder to close off and prevent urinary leaking under stressors, like exercise, laughing, coughing and straining.

How to Prepare for a BTL Emsella Appointment

No pre-procedure preparation is needed! Simply have a seat in the ergonomic BTL Emsella chair fully clothed and bring some good reading material with you.

What to Expect After a BTL Emsella Appointment

After a series of 6 treatments over 3 weeks, the muscles can better support the bladder and the symptoms of SUI often disappear. After a BTL Emsella program, there has been a 75% less pad usage, along with a 95% reduction in stress urinary incontinence.

Best Procedures Paired with BTL Emsella

Intravaginal ablative CO2 laser technologies such as the MonaLisa Touch and Core Intima can be paired with BTL Emsella if rejuvenation of the lining of the vaginal canal is desired. The Votiva, ThermiVa and Femme 360 are other SpaMedica non-ablative RF devices that can be additive to the BTL Emsella treatment.

BTL Emsella FAQ

How Painful is it to undergo BTL Emsella?

BTL Emsella is 100% pain-free. Patients may experience some tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions during the procedure. 

Does BTL Emsella Help Incontinence in Men?

BTL Emsella is FDA and Health Canada approved for men. However, they may experience different results than those of female patients. In our experience, we have seen reassuring results.

How Often Do I Need to go for Treatment?

Dr. Mulholland and the team at SpaMedica recommend to those wishing to receive the most out of their BTL Emsella program to come in for 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks, to get the best improvement in Stress Urinary Incontinence.

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