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Why Undergo Cosmetic Arm & Leg Procedures

Arms & Legs

We can aid in the reduction of unwanted or excessive hair, unsightly leg veins, and inner thigh fat to give you the defined and self-assured look you seek.

SpaMedica clinic in Toronto, ON
Local or general anesthetic, as required
Doctor or registered nurse

Are You A Candidate?

Those interested in improving the appearance of their arms or legs can seek the expertise of Dr. Mulholland and the SpaMedica team to help address their concerns.

Excess Fat

SpaMedica offers a variety of non-invasive techniques and procedures to treat excess fat accumulation using non-surgical devices such as the UltraShape, VelaShape, and VelaSmooth, TiteFX, Thermage Body, Zerona, and TriActive.

Loose Thigh Skin

The main cause of wrinkles and loose skin is the progressive degradation of collagen content as you age. At SpaMedica, there are many surgical and non-surgical procedures available for the treatment of loose or sagging skin. We offer everything from fractional laser technology, SmartLipo, BodyTite, FaceTite, NeckTite, and many others.

Inner Thigh Fat

Excess inner thigh fat can be easily treated by our expert staff at SpaMedica in Toronto. We offer a wide range of innovative surgical and non-surgical options including UltraShape, VelaShape, TiteFX, Venus Freeze, TriActive, SmartLipo, BodyTite, Vaser Ultrasonic, and many more.

Old Looking Hands

This is a very common condition that our professionals at SpaMedica are very comfortable with treating. Offering a variety of treatment options, you can rest easy knowing that our staff has the expertise and knowledge necessary to bring your hands back to their youthful appearance.

Red Spots on Skin:

SpaMedica offers many treatment options for those that are suffering from red spots on their skin, including laser treatment and injection needle chemical sclerotherapy. SpaMedica boasts the widest array of red spot lasers in Canada, allowing us to serve our patients best.


Determining what kind of leg vein therapy you require will allow us to choose the best option for your treatment. Combining needle injection, multiple wavelength lasers, intense pulsed light, and radio frequency energy allows us to achieve optimal results when treating those who are suffering from leg veins.

Bat Wings:

Extra fat and loose skin accumulate to create a cosmetically unappealing thickness of the upper arms. Typically a hereditary condition, we have many treatment options that can improve the appearance of bat wings including liposuction and brachioplasty.

Excessive & Unwanted Hair Removal:

Spearheading Canada’s most reputable laser dermatology clinic, Dr. Mulholland has personally pioneered many of the technologies available today for laser hair removal. Our seasoned staff can treat your excessive body hair with an extremely high success rate.

Spider Veins:

SpaMedica offers many treatment options for those suffering for spider veins, including high-frictation, electrical cautery, or injection needle chemical sclerotherapy, and laser technology. Consulting with one of our specialists will give you a good understanding of the best treatment available for you.


People suffering from cellulite can rest easy knowing that a large range of treatments are available, both surgical and non-surgical. Our treatment procedures and can greatly improve the appearance of cellulite, giving you the firm and smooth skin you’ve always dreamed of.


Create a shapely sculpted silhouette that increases your confidence and self-esteem. Many of our solutions are minimally invasive and allow you to get back to everyday life quickly.

About Us:

SpaMedica Toronto Plastic Surgery Centre and Dr. Stephen Mulholland have been treating the residents of Greater Toronto since 1997 and are one of Canada’s oldest, most experienced and reputable cosmetic plastic surgery centers and cosmetic plastic surgeons.

Next Steps

Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica team by filling out the online consultation request form, or by calling SpaMedica at 877-695-2835.