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Procedure to Treat Loose Bra Line Skin


People with excess bra line fat suffer from a relatively common area of focal lipodystrophy or localized fat collection, called the bra line. Extra fat of the upper back and upper flank can lead to bulging and irregularity around a tight bra or bathing suit wear. The most common cause of this is a hereditary predisposition to collections of fat in this region, although being overweight or obese can also be contributing factors.

Recurrence of bra line fat after surgical removal through a liposuction procedure is very uncommon as long as adherence to weight maintenance, diet and exercise are important. Stay healthy and stick within the advisable weight range for your health.



A nonsurgical fat reduction device that uses ultrasound waves to target and remove areas of excess fat and tighten the skin.


A non-invasive, suction-coupled infrared and radiofrequency heating device that reduces fat, tightens the skin and contours the body.


A non-invasive body sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery, pain or needles.

Vaser Liposuction

A procedure that uses ultrasound-assisted energy to soften and gently loosen up the fat cells.


Utilizing a probe that is designed to deliver energy or heat to the underlying fat layer while performing a liposuction procedure.


A revolutionary technology that is designed to provide fat-dissolving results through a minimally invasive procedure.

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