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Procedures to Treat Bra Line Fat

People with excess bra line fat suffer from a relatively common area of focal lipo dystrophy or localized fat collection, called the bra line. Extra fat of the upper back and upper flank can lead to bulging and irregularity around a tight bra or bathing suit wear. The most common cause of this is hereditary predisposition to collections of fat in this region, although being overweight or obese can also be contributing factors.


Patients can have their bra line fat treated in a variety of techniques. Non invasive treatments which measurably shrink some centimeters of bra line fat include ultrasound (the UltraShape), radiofrequency energy suction (the VelaShape), non invasive laser treatment (Zerona laser slimming device and Triactive) as well as radio frequency systems such as Thermage Body.

These non invasive treatments, although posing no risk to the patient, may have a pleasing and moderate improvement using multiple treatments, but still leave a degree of fat present in the bra line area. The most effective way to ensure optimized body contouring of bra line fat is through some form of more modern liposuction, called Energy Assisted Liposuction.

SpaMedica Toronto offers a number of different liposuction technologies including ultrasound equipped with suction, or Vaser Lipo, SmartLipo laser-assisted liposuction, Radiofrequency energy assisted liposuction or BodyTite™, as well as traditional liposuction and Water Assisted liposuction.

The technologies will remove or reduce the excess fat from the bra line so you can have breasts that look more attractive and appealing.


Recurrence of bra line fat after surgical removal through a liposuction procedure is very uncommon as long as adherence to weight maintenance, diet and exercise is important. Stay healthy and stick within the advisable weight range for your health. 


Patients can secure a consultation with Dr. Mulholland to reduce or remove excess fat around the bra line by filling out the online consultation request form or call SpaMedica Toronto now at 1-877-712-8367 to schedule a consultation and treatment today.