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Hair Loss Restoration Treatment Toronto


Both male and female can experience bald patterns, usually much later in their lives because of aging and genetics. SpaMedica’s hair loss clinic is looking to offer you the cure to baldness with our variety of hair loss treatments. Patients have seen exceptional results after a year. There are a variety of hair loss treatments available, including grafting, FUE and PRP for hair.

Causes of Hair Loss and Balding

Patients showing signs of hair loss and baldness are suffering from a very common condition, specifically the lack in numbers, density and volume of hair shafts resulting in thinning of the hair or even baldness. The most common causes of thinning and balding hair are hereditary in that there’s a predisposition passed on from one generation to the next for thin, receding hair, generalized hair thinning, as well as baldness.


Males are more commonly affected than females, as there are specific testosterone related factors in the local environment of the scalp that contribute to this occurring. The attractive qualities of males are numerous, but one of the more main ones is usually a thick, full head of hair which indicates youth, virility and vitality. Partial loss of hair and thinning of hair can be very distressing and aesthetically displeasing.

Procedure Details

SpaMedica offers hair growth treatments for hair loss and baldness. SpaMedica’s Toronto Hair Loss Centre recommends the following treatments for patients suffering from hair loss and baldness:

  • FUE Hair Transplantation
  • Artas Robotic FUE Hair Transplants
  • NeoGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplants
  • Improving a Strip Graft Scar


Patients who are not interested in strip grafting would be pleased to know that is not the only hair loss treatment available for patterned baldness.


Hair transplant procedures have evolved over the past ten years, going from unattractive, obvious clumps of hair bolted into the scalp, into effective treatments yielding natural looking and very aesthetically pleasing results. This state-of-the-art in hair transplantation occurs with the transfer of mono follicular units. Mono follicular unit hair transplantation means the transfer of one hair at a time. When done well, follicular unit transfers or single hair graft transfers can result in a very natural, “non-operated upon” look and an increase in the thickness, fullness and lusciousness of the hair pattern.


The Artas Robotic FUE is a robotic machine that randomly selects hair follicles that will be harvested and implanted onto the bald spots of the head where thinning has started to happen.

Other hair loss treatments include PRP for hair loss, which is even less invasive, and requires only the patient’s blood to be injected onto the scalp. The PRP is a component of the blood (after it is centrifuged) that contains growth and stem cells for hair rejuvenation.


The most common non surgical, topical hair loss treatment applied today is Propecia. Patients with thinning hair and early signs of baldness can be evaluated by one of the SpaMedica’s cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic plastic surgeons to see if they are a candidate for the Propecia treatment or other topical hair growth enhancers.


Have fuller and richer hair that will increase your self-confidence and aesthetic appeal.

About Us

Dr. Stephen Mulholland and his medical team have been treating hair loss and baldness in his Toronto SpaMedica clinic since 1997. SpaMedica is one of Canada’s most reputable and experienced hair restoration centers, combining the most advanced, cutting edge technology with the superior skills and expertise of our hair loss treatment team.

Our hair specialists are experienced in treatments for hair loss and helpful to people who are seeking cures to baldness. Don’t worry about bald spots anymore! Speak to our specialists in Toronto to learn more about your options for hair growth and restoration.

Next Steps

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